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Make Your Office Space More Creative

By wizu | 20 May 2020

Have you thought about making your office space more creative? Does your office seem a bit drab and uninspiring?

Studies have shown that designing a creative office space can improve employees’ attitudes, productivity and even make them happier. But why?

What are Creative Workspaces?

A creative workspace is not a traditional office space. Instead, they’re places that make collaboration easier, use natural elements and designs that are aesthetically pleasing. The goal of the creative office space is to be a place where creativity, productivity, emotional and physical wellbeing all come together.

What makes these spaces creative? It’s more than just the way the desks are positioned, or the room is laid out. Instead, creative spaces make use of these elements, but also include colour, art, and lighting to bring a creative essence to an office space.

How to Make an Office Space More Creative?

Here are some ways to help make your office more creative:

1). Bring in the light & add natural touches: nothing makes an area more creative than by incorporating the light. In fact, natural light is one of the best ways to improve creativity and wellbeing. This can be done by allowing available natural light into the room. You don’t have to flood the room with natural light; this can be counterproductive. Instead, allow in just the right amount of light to keep the area bright. You can control the amount of natural light with creative window treatments such as blinds or curtains. This not only controls the light, but also makes the room cooler in the summer when the sun is especially bright.

In addition to bringing in more natural light, adding a touch of nature to a workspace can also make the atmosphere more creative. Plants, for instance, add an instant touch of the outdoors. These help to lessen stress, while increasing wellbeing. Plus, if you have a serviced office and aren’t able to change the décor, then adding a few plants is a way to bring the space to life. If your office has low-light, then opt for plants that thrive in this type of condition.

2). Reduce clutter: clutter has a way of sapping the life and creativity from any space, including an office. Nothing is more depressing than walking into a drab office filled to overflowing with piles of folders, papers and other types of clutter. Clutter also creates stress, which is sure to zap creativity.

Instead, do away with the clutter. Clear it right out by getting rid of anything that’s not necessary. Next, put everything that’s left in a designated spot. This would mean filing all those folders, finding storage for office equipment that’s not used daily, and more.

Not only will cleaning out the clutter ease everyone’s stress, the environment will seem larger and brighter, which has the effect of increasing both productivity and creativity.

3). Create flexible spaces & common areas: gone are the days of the traditional office, where everyone sat at their desk and worked straight through the day. These days, it’s more common for employees to walk around, gather together and work collaboratively on projects. This is what has made coworking spaces so popular.

It’s possible to create flexible spaces in your own office space. You might consider adding alternative work environments such as large tables, couches, break out spaces, moveable desks/chairs and more. These areas are sure to make you and your employees more creative.

4). Create a playroom: this may seem like a strange idea, but many companies are finding their employees love to have a dedicated place where they can relax and have fun. This is a great way to ease the stress of the day, where employees can get their minds off work. At the same time, they can have fun interacting with team members. A quick game has been known to unleash some highly creative ideas.

5). Use colour: this is a great way to make any space more creative; however, bringing in colour needs to be carefully considered and then applied. Colours affect our behaviour—this has been proven over and over by researchers. For instance, many people believe blue is the colour to choose when you want to be creative. It’s true that blue stimulates thinking, yellow is the colour that stimulates creativity.

You might consider painting your office walls a pale blue and adding touches of yellow for interest. Or you could choose a light shade of yellow for the walls. Yellow has been shown to live the spirits, stimulate the ego and more.

6). Furniture & art: along with colour, consider using furniture and pieces of art to stimulate creativity in the office. Furniture can include the colour scheme you’ve chosen for the workspace. For instance, you can choose a neutral coloured couch and then add splashes of colour with throw pillows.

Storage can also add some interest to a room and contribute to a more creative atmosphere. Consider adding shelves that include cabinets and drawers. And on some shelves, rather than storing old papers and files, choose a lovely vase or a piece of art to display.

Works of art, such as paintings, also help to liven up a drab office environment. You can even use paintings in a small office, just make sure it’s something interesting that fits in with the size of the room. It’s best to avoid a large piece of art in a small office—the artwork could overwhelm and disrupt the environment, rather than making it more creative.

7). Serve snacks: this is another wonderful way to get a jump on creativity at the office, even if you don’t have the space for a fully stocked kitchen. Instead, have healthy snacks placed around the office. A bowl of granola snacks can be placed on a table, for instance. Other healthy snacks include veggies and fruits. It’s a fact that having a small, healthy snack can get the creative juices flowing again, especially in the middle of the afternoon.

Adding a creative atmosphere to your office doesn’t have to be expensive, and it doesn’t necessarily require a complete redesign of your workspace. Instead, use light, natural touches such as plants, and use colour strategically to bring that creative spirit to your office workspaces.

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