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Are you looking for event spaces in Sheffield? Then you’ve come to the right place! We offer an event space that’s just right for a range of different types of events—from training events to a conference. Not only that, but you’ll find our event space is affordable, fully customizable to the needs of your specific event. Our space offers a well-designed area perfect for collaboration and productivity, with the energy you need to get things done.

More About Us

With Wizu you can count on us to give you the best experience every time. Whether you’ve chosen to use our serviced office, a meeting room, virtual office or our event space, we’ll make sure you’re taken care of all the way. Experience no worries with our hassle-free services.

We take care of everything, so you don’t have to. You can focus on your event—from planning to implementation. We’ll even promote your event and ensure our space is ready to accommodate your attendees. We’re ready to help with your next event in Sheffield.

Tips for Hosting a Successful Event

Are you getting ready to host an event? If so, then it’s imperative to ensure your event is successful! We’ve put some tips together to help you plan your next successful event!


1. Set a Clear Objective

One of the first things you can do to ensure a successful event is to set a clear objective. Your attendees will leave frustrated and annoyed if they don’t understand the reason for the event. They’ll be unhappy at the waste of time the event’s caused them.

Your objective must be clear, and it must be something achievable. All this means it’s crucial to determine the goal you hope to achieve by hosting the event.

2. Set an Event Budget

Set a budget from the beginning and stick with it. Knowing how much you can spend and not going over budget are essential to hosting a successful event. Plus, you’ll avoid unwanted surprises that may come up during the planning phase or during the actual event itself.

The key is to make sure the budget is realistic. Ask yourself if the budget can realistically achieve your event goals.

If you’re unsure how much the event may cost, do your best to determine the realistic minimum and maximum costs. Then you’ll at least have an idea of how much things will cost.

3. Find the Right Venue

As you’re planning the event, ensure you’re looking to hire a venue that offers everything needed for the event. For instance, is the space large (or small) enough? Is your seating arrangement suitable for the space? Is there an outdoor area that would be better suited for the event?

Another important consideration is venue accessibility. Here, it’s crucial to find a location that’s easy for attendees and guests to find. Look for a venue that’s near major transportation links, including easy access by motorway, public transport, driving, and more.

And remember to ensure the venue is easily accessible for anyone who has physical challenges. The venue should be comfortable and easy for them to get around.

hether these services are included in the venue rental or not. If not, then how much is each service you’ll need?

4. Consider Content for the Event

Now you have the venue down; it’s time to consider the content for your event. Here is when you start to draft an event schedule. Each minute of the event needs to be accounted for in order to keep everything moving smoothly throughout the event.

5. What Does the Venue Supply for the Event?

Each venue operator has a list of services they provide for their events. For instance, some may include audiovisual equipment for speakers. They may also be able to arrange catering services and more.

Learn what each venue has to offer and whether these services are included in the venue rental or not. If not, then how much is each service you’ll need?

6. Send Reminders to Attendees

Finally, once everything has been decided for the event, it’s time to send out a reminder to attendees. Each person should receive a reminder so they don’t miss any part of the event.

You can easily email attendees with instructions on how to get to the event, how to check in, and more. Don’t forget to remind speakers, suppliers, and anyone involved with providing services for the event. Everyone needs a reminder!

Where is our Sheffield Event space?

Come and see our available spaces!


Eyre street

32 Eyre St, Sheffield, S1 4QZ

Right in the city centre of Sheffield. A prominent landmark has been completely redeveloped to provide a full and brand new beautifully designed iconic workspace. The workspace has been designed to reflect Sheffield’s rich heritage and is set to become a major asset and hub for business and enterprise in the City.

Looking for somewhere a bit more permanent? Check out our serviced offices and coworking spaces in Sheffield.


We love being part of the Wizu Community. The team always meet our needs to make sure we have a pleasant working environment, we are very happy.

Deborah De-Vittoris, Hairy Lemon
At Wizu Leeming Building

What Amenities are Included?

You’ll find a well-appointed and equipped event space—we provide the following amenities:

event space sheffield

Plasma Screens and Flip Charts

sheffield event space

Telephones and the fastest Wifi

event space climate control

Climate control in every room!

catering for your event

Full catering and refreshments

Making life simple

Everything included in one simple monthly fee

Stocked Kitchens
24 Hour Access
Speciality Coffee
Bicycle Storage

Why choose a Wizu event space?

Complete flexibility

We can customise your event space to fit your specific requirements. We help you setup the event by altering the space to fit the number of people and we rearrange the furniture, too. You can rest assured our space will fit your event size and other requirements.

Latest technology

We provide the latest in technology, so you’ll have a successful event. We have plasma screens, superfast WiFi and other ways to connect devices. We’re able to provide the tech you need for your next networking event, training or presentation.

Reception Services

We provide a super friendly team, which will be available when you need them. Our team can greet your guests and guide them through to your event when you’re ready. The team is also available to help you with anything else you may need.

Climate Control

We’ve made sure your event will be comfortable, whether you prefer it warm or cold. All of our event spaces include climate control, so you and your guests can enjoy your event in comfort.

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What We Love About Sheffield

While many people think of Sheffield as a city based on the steel industry, there’s much more to this beautiful city that we love. In fact, here are some reasons we love Sheffield!

1). The dialect: Sheffield has its own dialect. It may sound alien, but it’s truly English and is poetic in its own way. Here are a couple of examples of words and phrases you may here in the city:

  • Ey up: this translates to “How are you?” or can also mean “Are you alright?”
  • Nah then: is used to start conversations either in the pub or when they have something important to discuss.
  • Reyt: means “Really.” This word is used to put emphasis on how bad or good something is. Use this and you’ll sound like one of the locals!
  • While: means “until.” People don’t use the world “until,” and so use “while” in its place. For instance, if you’re working from 8 to 6, then you’ll need to say, “I’m working 8 while six.”

2). The Peak District: when you’re in Sheffield it’s only a short trip over to Peak District National Park. In fact, it’s easy to walk there from the city. This is a nature preserve that immediate envelopes you with serene vistas and green spaces. When you need a break from work and the city, then why not consider a trip over to this beautiful area? You won’t be disappointed.

3). The Parks: speaking of green spaces, Sheffield is said to be one of the greenest cities. In fact, it’s said the city has more trees than people. You and your family can enjoy a fun at Graves Park & Animal farm. Here you can enjoy children’s playgrounds, hiking nature trails, and more. And don’t forget about the animal farm! This is a huge hit with people of all ages. You’ll find all kinds of farm animals to interact with, as you enjoy a relaxing time. There many more parks in the city where you can enjoy nature and activities. If you need a short break, then visit one of Sheffield’s beautiful green spaces!

4). Excellent public transport: Sheffield has an amazing public transport system, which includes buses, trains, and trams. They’ll take you everywhere you need to go in the city, and trains and buses can even take you out to the Peak District. And the city also has Uber. You’ll have many ways to get around the city!

5). Everyone is friendly: when you visit Sheffield, you’ll be welcomed to one of the friendliest cities around. In fact, the Steel City was named the UK’s friendliest city back in 2017. It’s a fact that everyone is included as part of the community, and if you need help, you’ll find it here.

6). Bars, pubs & restaurants: you’ll find a wealth of bars, pubs, and restaurants in the city. There’s something for everyone, whether you prefer trendy bars, hipster and rock bars, and more. One more note—there’s a lively beer scene in Sheffield.

These are only a few things we love about this beautiful city. There’s more—but you’ll have to come for a visit and find out what a great place Sheffield is!

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