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Coworking spaces Leeds

The environment for success

Vibrant and uplifting Coworking Spaces in Leeds

We exist to provide coworking spaces Leeds that inspire you to succeed. We offer coworking spaces across Leeds in airy open spaces and lounge-style rooms with unlimited coffee and seriously fast connectivity. Our uplifting, vibrant spaces are perfect if you’re just starting up and don’t enjoy working from home.

Wizu Workspace Leeds coworking spaces are the most flexible way to get stuff done, network with other likeminded people and boost your productivity while keeping your costs down.

We offer hot desking and named desk options to suit your circumstances. Either pick a spot and start working or have a specific desk that is always reserved for you. We’re certain that our coworking space in Leeds will be central to your wellbeing – both personally and professionally.

Who are we?

At Wizu we specialise in providing purposefully designed, vibrant and interesting spaces. Environments which inject you with energy and say all the right things about your business. We do this without sacrificing honesty, flexibility, reliability or integrity. We promise you’ll enjoy working with us and love our coworking spaces in Leeds even more.

Wizu Workspace gives you total credibility… but with a wink! A flexible contract and one fee covers everything. You are free of all hassles like rates, cleaning and bills. You will be 100% focussed on your business from the outset.


coworking spaces leeds

What do you get with a Wizu Coworking space in Leeds?

The answer: so much!


Unlimited Premium Coffee

A constant supply of premium coffee as well as the other essentials like juice, milk, tea and more. Stay hydrated and alert for no extra cost!

Superfast Internet

Some of the fastest speeds in Leeds to ensure you are always connected. Don’t waste time waiting for things to load on your slow home wifi. Available in both wired and wireless varieties.

Cycle Store

Plenty of secure storage for your bike. No longer do you have to risk chaining it outside.

Connect with others

We’re here to help each other grow. Our Leeds coworking spaces are perfect environments to link up with other professionals. Share advice, find new clients and be supported by our friendly communities.

FOR working BETTER

Unlimited La Bottega Milanese Coffee

Comfortable hot desking spaces

Superfast, rock solid WiFi

Private phone booths

Discounted meeting rooms and printing

Networking events and skill sharing

Access to our business community



A space where you can feel at home

A dedicated team who know your name

Breakfast on us throughout the week

Discounts with local businesses

Beer and pizza nights

Access to our curated event series

Monthly treat days


Where are our Leeds Coworking spaces?

One membership that extends across all Wizu locations. Come and see our Leeds coworking space!



Number 32 (Park Cross Street)

Centrally located in Leeds. From our spacious reception to our glass-walled conference rooms to our airy climate-controlled individual offices. Our vibrant coworking space is sure to bring a smile to your face every day.

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The Leeming Building

Second of our serviced offices Leeds. Located in the thriving Victoria Gate area just a few mins walk from Leeds train station.

Landmark domes and large period windows flood the building with natural light and character. A multi million pound development with original detailing seamlessly mixed with sleek, contemporary design style.

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What are the benefits of a coworking space?

Coworking spaces are workspaces that you can visit daily, sit at a desk and work with people with similar attitudes in an atmosphere that is productive and structured. Coworking spaces offer an alternative to the traditional office and offer better flexibility, are more affordable and beat working from home. Have you considered the benefits of using a coworking space?

Structure – When you work from home, even in a home office, the environment offers so many distractions. It’s quite difficult to work effectively with the TV on in the background, family members or pets wandering around and close to your comfy bed. Coworking spaces allow you to implement much needed structure in your day and can effectively segregate your work and home life – something you get by default when working for a company rather than yourself. Above all, coworking spaces give you a reason to leave the house everyday.

Being more productive – Similar to the above, coworking spaces offer far less distractions than working at home or holed up at a coffee shop. Vibrant spaces like ours also inject you with energy and the mindset to be productive and grow. Studies show that coworking spaces make over 70% of users more productive, more confident and more focussed. This energy will help you grow your business or venture far quicker and more efficiently than if you worked from home.

Networking and opportunities – Since your surrounded by likeminded individuals, it’s inevitable that you quickly pick up new opportunities through your conversations and working side by side by many other small business owners. These are all opportunities that you will miss whilst working in a cafe or on the couch.

Avoiding loneliness – Working alone is not good for your mental health but it is a path that many entrepreneurs have to take. If you miss the social side of working in an office, then a coworking space is the perfect alternative. We work hard to host social events including free lunches, networking events and more to ensure that our community remain happy and healthy. Happy people work better!

Flexibility and affordability – If you know that you need to find somewhere to work, then you’ll probably have realised all of the baggage that comes along with traditional office space. With coworking spaces, you pay a simple monthly fee and never have to worry about paying utilities, installing your own equipment, employing cleaners or any of the other hassles.

Free coffee – Quite simply, you get free high quality coffee when using a Wizu coworking space. What more could you want?

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