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Spaces That Support Creativity & Innovation

By wizu | 14 June 2022

Businesses are changing so that the world of modern business is almost unrecognisable these days. Along with advancements in technology, companies are beginning to understand there’s value in creativity. They also realise it’s necessary to create spaces that support creativity and innovation.

But where can employees go to be inspired? This is a question that’s starting to be asked across a wide swath of businesses and industries. They are trying to learn what spaces employees need to be inspired and creative.


What is a Creative Space? 

A creative space is a space designed to support the creative process. Many creative spaces use immersive environments that offer employees the tools, technology, and resources needed to generate new ideas and concepts.

Creative spaces also allow employees to do multiple types of work. For instance, they may have space for collaborative team projects, individual tasks, and more. It’s also necessary to create spaces of different sizes, so employees can choose where and how they work. The goal is to make creative spaces comfortable and fitted out in a style that enables creativity.


Examples of Creative Spaces

Here are some examples of creative spaces that can be useful in the office and foster creativity.


1. A Water Environment

For many people, taking a shower or a bath can cause ideas to spring to mind! Water running and the sensation of running water create a relaxing environment that allows the mind to wander. Thoughts can hover over problem-solving or developing innovative ideas.

Why does a water environment work? Because there are no distractions or problems like there are in the office. The office is filled with noise from office equipment, people talking and moving around, and more. All the many distractions make it difficult to focus. Plus, each day brings many tasks that must be completed. So, there’s no room for creative thinking.

However, in a water environment, the noise and distractions of the office are left behind. Here, in the quiet with water falling, your mind is calm and relaxed. Now your brain has the ability to access the subconscious and has the freedom to allow for creative, innovative thinking to come forward.

No wonder Archimedes’ eureka moment happened in the tub!

So, creating a water environment can be helpful in fostering creative thinking at the office. This could be a space that’s painted a dark colour and includes comfortable places to lie and think. You could include water fountains, aquariums, and use water sounds to allow employees the freedom to think and come up with creative solutions and ideas.


2. Nature

Speaking of a water environment brings to mind nature and its soothing effect on the mind. Nature has always had a huge impact on humans. We are creatures of nature and long for touches of nature around us every day. Elements of nature such as natural light from the sun, fresh air, and other natural elements create a positive environment where people can feel calm and happy.

Views of nature can also have a powerful impact on us. Studies have shown that hospital patients who have a window overlooking trees and parks have a faster recovery and lower pain perception than those who only have a wall or no window to look at. Research has also shown that office workers experience lower mental fatigue and stress when natural elements are present in the office.

Bringing the outdoors into the office can help create an environment that fosters creativity and wellbeing. When employees feel happy and rested, they’re more apt to be more creative.

Natural elements in the office can be achieved through biophilic design, which incorporates natural elements in the office setting. For instance, bringing plants into the office and using them to create walls of plants and even screens between different sections of the office can help.

Adding more natural light to the office space also helps make the space more inviting. Studies have shown that natural light can have a huge impact on employee wellbeing and productivity. Employees have more energy, too, when natural light is used in the office.

And don’t forget to make use of outdoor areas. If your company has an outdoor space or even a rooftop, these can be used to create a natural setting. Employees can use these areas to get fresh air, relax, eat lunch, and even socialise on breaks.

Adding natural elements to the office also helps. Here, wood and stone can go a long way to bring natural textures into the office, mimicking the outdoors.


3. Activity & Movement

Activity and movement can also help some employees to become more creative. Physical activity increases blood flow and oxygen to the brain. What’s more, physical exercise is also known to increase the health of nerve cells and improve mental functioning in humans.

In addition, repetitive actions can also move the brain into an “alpha” state, where it’s allowed to daydream or relax a bit. This is the best state for the brain to solve problems and develop creative ideas.

Here, you may want to consider a place within the office where employees can move around and relax to achieve the “alpha” brain state. This space may include some fun games, exercise equipment, dance classes, and more.

The key is to get employees up and away from their desks to move around more. They’re sure to become more creative when not tied to their desk or cubicles for many hours a day.


Social Spaces

This leads us to the fourth type of space that can foster creativity, social space. Here, people can sit and relax with colleagues and have the freedom to develop innovative solutions. Nothing gets the brain flowing more than interacting with others to develop creative, innovative ideas.


Summing It Up

These are a few ideas for office spaces that can help employees relax and develop creative ideas and solutions. The key is to create places where employees feel happy and at ease. Allowing them time away from tedious tasks may be all that’s needed to help your team become more creative than ever!

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