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If you’re looking for “hotdesking Leeds” then you’ll be pleased to know you’re in the right place. At Wizu, Hotdesking is our bread and butter. We believe that when you’re happy, you work better and grow faster. This is why we continuously do everything we can to develop a business community that works for you, engages you and inspires you to enjoy your working life. We don’t do long contracts and everything that we provide is through a single monthly fee. No hidden costs or tie ins.

Why choose Wizu for your Hotdesking in Leeds

There’s loads of reasons you should choose Wizu for your Leeds hotdesking needs.

– Flexible: All of our hotdesking packages are flexible in the amount of time you spend with us as well as if you need to cancel at short notice. Our terms are short and once you’re a member you can use any of our locations.

– Discounted use of other services: If you need a business address that’s no problem, we offer discounted virtual office space services to all of our coworking members. Need a place to meet potential clients? That’s fine also – all of our members get use of any of our meeting rooms for a discounted rate

– Brilliant spaces: All of our spaces have been custom designed to fill you with energy and be the best possible environments to spend your day.

– Affordable: Hotdesking is much cheaper than getting a traditional office. All of your internet usage, bills, cleaning, rent and maintenance is wrapped up into one small monthly fee.

– All the added benefits: Fully stocked kitchen and unlimited supply of high quality coffee and so much more!


hotdesking leeds
leeds hotdesking

What are your hotdesking options?

We currently offer two vibrant locations for hotdesking services in Leeds. With a single co-working you gain access to both locations.


Park Cross Street

Centrally located not far from the Headrow and The Light, Park Cross Street is a bright, vibrant and engaging hotdesking space. Fully equipped with the latest tech, super fast wifi and all of the free coffee you can drink, we’re sure you’ll enjoy Number 32.


The Leeming Building

Only 10 minutes walk from Leeds City Centre train station, the Leeming Building is located above the iconic corn exchange. Refurbished and custom designed, the Leeming building boasts multiple meeting rooms, a light airy hotdesking space as well as all the tech you could ask for.

Park Place

The heart of the city and one of Leeds most iconic addresses. This well connected workspace is right next to the main transport links, for easy access to the train station and beyond. The boutique style interior design is sleek, elegant and clean.


Park Cross Street Co-Working

FOR working BETTER

Unlimited La Bottega Milanese Coffee

Comfortable hot desking spaces

Superfast, rock solid WiFi

Private phone booths

Discounted meeting rooms and printing

Networking events and skill sharing

Access to our business community



A space where you can feel at home

A dedicated team who know your name

Breakfast on us throughout the week

Discounts with local businesses

Beer and pizza nights

Access to our curated event series

Monthly treat days


Why use hotdesking services?

Hotdesking beats working from home or a coffee shop every time. There’s loads of reasons why it’s better to work in a shared space (although we’re a little biased!)

Combat the isolation: Working from home on your own can get lonely very quickly. The life of an entrepreneur is often a lonely one, so why make it worse by not leaving the house? Our communities are just that, a thriving space filled with likeminded people allowing you the social interaction you miss when working by yourself.

Networking opportunities: Since you’re in the same space as many other freelancers and small business owners, you’re bound to come across opportunities for collaboration through the networking that comes with it. Experience business networking in a relaxed atmosphere that feels natural.

Productivity: If you’re working from home it’s quite tempting to go back to bed for just a little while, or stare at your pets for hours. As well as giving you a structured environment that creates an effective work/personal life divide, you’ll find you work much better and grow faster in a distraction free environment.

These are just a few of the reasons why we think hotdesking if perfect for freelancers, small business owners and entrepreneurs.



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