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Have you been searching for an office space in Sheffield? You may have found us by tying something like “office space Sheffield” into the search engine. If you’re searching for just the right office space, we’re here and think we have what you’re looking for.

We have years of experience when it comes to office spaces and have several sites across West Yorkshire. Our specialty is offering attractive spaces without all the hassle of a traditional office. Our spaces are perfect for businesses of all sizes and types, and you can expect us to work with you in honesty and passion, giving you a flexible office space solution for your business. While we’re probably biased, we’re sure that you’ll enjoy working with us in our office spaces.

office space sheffield
sheffield office space

who are we?

After being founded in 2015, we wanted to provide office spaces without the experiences of horrible landlords and long contracts that offered no flexibility. Right from the start, we decided to create intentionally designed workspaces, delivered to meet our clients’ highest specifications. We wanted to ensure only the best amenities and service were on offer in our workspaces.

These days, we offer several office space solutions including coworking, virtual offices, meeting works and more in Sheffield, Leeds and Bradford. Our intent is that our spaces will infuse you with creativity and energy to focus and raise your productivity to new levels. You’ll have the energy and inspiration to build and grow your business, all while accessing our great community of business professionals.

Where are we based?

You can find us at 32 Eyre Street, which is a prominent landmark in the very heart of Sheffield. We took the space and completely redeveloped it to give it more beauty, creating iconic workspaces. Our offices are located with in the ring road, and only a short distance from other major transportation links. You’ll also find some great amenities including Moor Markets and New Era Square.

Our office spaces are unique and modern, with a mix of bespoke private offices, coworking spaces that everything you need, and meeting rooms with all the latest tech. You’ll also find a great community, fully stocked kitchens fitted out with everything need to make breakfast! And we can’t forget the premium coffee and tea that’s ready when you need it. Our Eyre Street office spaces will be just the right fit for your business. Oh, and did we mention that state of the art fitness boutique on the ground floor? You can increase your business productivity and stay healthy at the same time, in the same beautiful facility.

office space in sheffield

What do you get with our Sheffield Office spaces?

All of our office spaces include some great perks. You’ll have a completely furnished and equipped office space with some great perks—and no hassle. The best part? You won’t have to pay anything upfront and you’ll have a flexible contract and all the perks—more than you’ll find in other office spaces.

Superfast Internet

We like to boast about our Internet—it’s the fastest available in Sheffield. You’ll have the option to connect via WiFi or a wire connection—with the fastest speeds. No more waiting for those slow Internet connections.

Availability for 1-60 people

Our office spaces can accommodate from 1-60 people, and we can ensure our spaces are fitted out and arranged as you need. Your team will have a beautiful, comfortable workspace. No matter what type of business you have, we’re the best option for freelancers all the way up to corporate businesses, and we have the flexibility you need.

VOIP telephony

You’ll have access to VOIP (Voice Over Internet). Our services are reliable and include various features such as voice mail, hold music, call forwarding, diverting and even more. This is all include in our office spaces packages.

Stocked Kitchens

You’ll have free access to completely stocked kitchens. Want a quick breakfast? You’ll find fruit, cereal and unlimited tea and coffee ready when you need them. And no one will forget the milk—it’s already there for you!

24/7 access

You’ll have 24/7 access, so you’ll be able to work when you want. No more 9-5; our office spaces will fit your schedule—whenever you want to you, just come in. We’re here for you.


Did we mention there’s also onsite storage available? And we also have secure bike storage, too!

Why choose wizu?

Why choose us? Here are some great reasons to choose our offices spaces in Sheffield:



We promise to always work with you in full honesty and transparency. We’ll do what it takes to make sure things are right for you in our office spaces. If things are right the first time, we’ll do everything possible to make it right.


The tech

You’ll find all the tech necessary for your business. Everything from fast broadband, great connectivity and more are ready and waiting for you.



We hope you’ll be happy and stay with us for a long time. To this purpose, we offer flexible contracts, which include everything in one monthly payment. And we means the monthly payment includes everything. You won’t have to worry about hidden fees or paying separately for services such as maintenance, cleaning, or utilities.


The spaces

Our offices spaces are designed with purpose to provide just the right environment and atmosphere to help you get work done. Come and check out our spaces to find out for yourself!

Get in touch for a viewing!

With all this on offer in our office spaces Sheffield, what more could you want? If you’re interested, give us a call. We’re looking forward to working with you!