Why Consider a Creative Office Space for Your Business? 

By wizu | 12 November 2020

Creative office spaces have become highly popular with many companies, across a wide range of industries. The office of today has a few things in common with the traditional office; however, the movement is away from a workspace that’s imposed on to employees, to one that’s more flexible and appealing. 

Gone are the days when employees showed up to work, completed their tasks at their desks and went home. Now, the goal is to shake up the work environment with a creative vibe. When someone gets ready to head into the office, the goal is to make it an exciting prospect rather than one full of dread. Not only that, but the modern office needs to accommodate a wide range of ages, personalities and work styles.

Making the change from traditional office spaces to those that are creative and inspiring for everyone is not easy. In fact, moving from the traditional to an inspiring office on your own can lead to downtime, disruption of workflows, and more that can hurt the business. Not only that, this level of renovation can also take a huge bite out of the company budget.

This is where Wizu comes in to help. We offer beautiful, creative, inspiring office spaces that can accommodate all your employees comfortably. Each person will find a place where they can work and focus, with the ability to get work done in a way that suits their needs. We’ll take your business to new levels. 

Enjoy this post on the benefits of making the move to a creative workspace, and all the benefits that has to offer your business. 

Empowering People to Be Creative

The right office environment is one that empowers employees and provides a space where they’re able to work, think and collaborate. A creative office space is able to accommodate personalities, work styles, and more, giving employees the freedom to use their imagination to solve problems. 

When employees work in an environment that is creative, they have the freedom and flexibility to work in a way that’s best for them. For instance, some people tend to feel more comfortable working at an assigned desk in a specific area. On the other hand, other employees may need space to move around during the workday. How can you accommodate both of these work styles in an open plan office? A creative office space solves these problems. 

A creative space offers the freedom and flexibility to care for each employee’s needs and work styles. This leads to happier, more comfortable people. People who feel that their best interests are cared for in turn become empowered to be more productive and creative. 

At Wizu you’ll find our office spaces provide the flexibility and freedom your employees need. Our offices are beautifully designed to be uplifting, airy, and filled with natural light. You won’t find any drab, traditional office furniture or those worn out motivational cliches, either. Everything is modern, comfortable and sure to empower your employees with the creative energy your business needs.

Increase Productivity

Back in the day traditional offices included a few private offices for executives, while everyone else was in a large area, which was divided by cubicles. Cubicles were thought to increase productivity by giving everyone their own space, where they were able to better focus. However, these days, cubicles have been found to decrease productivity. 

On the other hand, creative spaces accommodate the needs of your business and employees. Creative spaces include areas for collaboration, and yet have space where those who need more privacy can work effectively, too. The result are spaces that offer the flexibility your employees need to be more productive, whatever their preferred work styles. 

If you have teams that need to work together, then an open plan office is the best answer. On the other hand, there will be others who work better in more private settings, and they can also be accommodated. Here, at Wizu, we’ve got you covered with flexible, accommodating office spaces to help increase your employees’ productivity.

Increases Wellbeing at Work

A company’s work environment can determine the rate of employee turnover, and even to attract and retain top talent. While it’s true there are employees who are always attracted by greener fields, one of the largest determiners of a high rate of employee turnover is the work environment. 

Consider the normal workday for many office employees. They arrive to work in the morning and then stay at their desks or workspaces throughout most of the day. The fact is that other than lunch and breaks, employees are stuck in one place for the majority of the day. This is not the way to care for and retain employees. 

With a creative workspace, your business is able to provide employees with a work environment that fits their needs and comfort level. Not only do employees have the ability to move around as they work, but creative workspaces also provide the backdrop that relieves stress, creates a vibrant environment and more. This is all done through the use of colours, artwork, and the large open spaces of a creative office environment. 

In this type of workspace, employees feel better, stay engaged and get more done. The reason is that they are more comfortable and content, which leads to higher rates of engagement and productivity. 

You’ll find our office spaces are especially created to make employees feel happy and content. For example, we offer fully stocked kitchens and other amenities to fit your employees’ needs. It’s all provided in an upbeat, nurturing and inspiring environment. 

You and your employees will feel happy working in one of our creative workspaces. We’re dedicated to providing our clients with zero hassles, where everything is included in one monthly fee. We take care of everything, so you can focus on scaling your business. 

If you’re looking for a new creative office space, why not consider Wizu? We have the creative office space you need that includes everything in one monthly fee. You and your employees will enjoy working in our beautiful work environment, which is sure to expand your business as a result.

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