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Workplace Amenities That Increase Productivity

By wizu | 23 January 2022

Workplace amenities have changed quite a bit in recent years. They’ve become more advanced, offering value and comfort to help employees relax from their work. Some of the most common amenities include coffee bars, game rooms, chair massages, and more. While these are highly valuable to employees, there are amenities that can help increase employee productivity, too.


Workplace Amenities Supporting Work Habits

Research has shown that effective amenities are the type that directly supports employees and teams and their work habits. So, which amenities can provide workers with the support they need?


1. Dedicated Spaces for Creativity & Brainstorming

Many jobs require focus and creative energy. When working in a place that’s distracting, employees can find it difficult to gain the focus and environment they need. Some companies have begun offering brainstorm spaces, which are rooms featuring walls covered with whiteboards. The spaces are a great way to get the creativity flowing without the usual distractions of a busy office.

Other businesses have even added video game systems, hammocks, and more. Employees have the opportunity to take a break and refresh their minds with other activities.


2. Rooftop Lounges and Outdoor Areas

Studies have shown that staying too long in an office can affect employee wellbeing. Employees who have access to natural spaces tend to have a higher rate of wellbeing and increased productivity.

Companies have turned to creating rooftop spaces and other outdoor areas. The areas are created to provide a place where employees can be closer to nature and relax from their jobs.


3. Innovation Hubs

Innovation hubs are communal workspaces that are geared to provide a collaborative environment, conversation, and team spirit. These are great for companies that are focused on tech or employees who are creatives.

The spaces are open and create a space that allows for impromptu meetings, brainstorming sessions, or simply relaxing for a few minutes with team members.

The area features a mix of tables and chairs, creating a more relaxed area, which more resembles a lounge. The goal of these spaces is to bring colleagues together and make them more productive.


4. Focus Rooms

Many employees enjoy working in an open office; however, there are others who require quiet and a space free of distractions. They may also need more privacy to work without distractions and interruptions common in an open-plan office.

Focus rooms create the quiet spaces these employees need. They can work in small groups or individually and find the quiet they need to focus and get things done.


5. Phone Booths

Phone Booths are another way to provide more privacy and quiet spaces for those who need to focus and avoid distractions. Today’s phone booths have power, ventilation, and are soundproofed, making them great places to avoid interruptions and find privacy.

The booths are made for individuals rather than groups. They’re great places to conduct virtual meetings and phone calls. And they provide the confidentiality that is sometimes needed.


6. Lounges

Areas that offer a place to get away from the work routine are also highly sought by employees. Lounges have a significant impact on employees.

Lounges are a place to relax and find calmness in the midst of a busy office. These spaces are designed with comfortable sofas and chairs, accent tables, plants, and more. The idea is to create an inviting space where everyone can find relief from their busy work days.


7. Outdoor Workspaces

Studies have shown employees benefit from being in contact with nature at work. Sunshine, fresh air, plants, and water can increase productivity, creativity, and wellbeing. For this reason, some companies are creating spaces that make it easy for employees to get outside and relax.

These include rooftop areas (as noted previously), café-style tables in a patio area, a covered picnic table, which blocks the sun and inclement weather, and more. These spaces are an alternative to sitting in a stuffy, drab office all day.

Providing outdoor spaces, where employees can work, has a drastic effect on productivity.


8. Work Cafes

Cafes have become extremely popular in recent years. They’ve become amazing places to work. It’s for this reason many companies are considering adding work cafes, which double as break rooms. Employees can drink some coffee to gain more energy. Plus, they have a chance to leave their desk for a while, without leaving the office.


9. Libraries

An office library is another valuable amenity. The library may be furnished with a conference table, comfy chairs, and space for drinks and snacks. They also provide plenty of outlets for employees to plug in. These spaces even offer tech to facilitate the meeting, whether in-person or virtual.


10. Storefront

A storefront is a physical space that’s created to encourage collaboration between employees and the community. The spaces can be designed as a sheltered space or a hub for networking.

The purpose of the storefront is to remove the barriers that sometimes grow between a company and the city.


11. Onsite Gym & Showers

Nothing is more refreshing than being able to get up from your desk for some exercise. For this reason, creating an onsite gym is a beneficial amenity.

When employees have access to a gym, they can go to work out and stay in shape. The workout provides natural endorphins, relief of stress and anxiety, and more. Exercise can also energise a person, leading to increased wellbeing and productivity.


12. Wellness Care

Another valuable amenity to employees is wellness care. This can include health care, mental health assistance, and more. Nothing is worse than being at work and getting sick. Heading to the doctor’s office is time-consuming, at best.


Summing It Up

Workplace amenities continue to be valuable for employees. However, it’s now possible to provide even better amenities, which ultimately increase productivity and wellbeing.

Consider adding amenities that support your employee’s work and increase focus. The effect will be that employees feel better and are able to focus on the task at hand.

At all of our Wizu Workspace locations we have a great selection of amenities on offer, contact us to find out more.

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