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Inspiring coworking spaces Newcastle. Join our dynamic coworking community in Newcastle, where you’ll collaborate with professionals who share your vision. Whether you prefer an open-plan hot-desking setup or a dedicated desk in a shared office, we have the perfect space for you.

Looking for an coworking spaces in Newcastle? Look no further! Our spaces are modern and equipped with everything essential for your business. You can also indulge in unlimited access to some of the city’s finest specialty coffee!

Our spaces boast exquisite design aimed at boosting productivity and providing the perfect setting to grow your business. Experience lightning-fast Internet, a fantastic collaborative ambiance, and more.

Choose between flexible hot-desking or personalised desk options that suit your preferences. Simply pick your spot and dive into work or claim your reserved space. We’re confident you’ll have an exceptional experience in our Newcastle coworking space.

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Who Are We?

At Wizu, we specialise in creating vibrant and stimulating work environments. We recognise the profound impact your workspace has on your productivity. That’s why our spaces are meticulously crafted to inspire and invigorate, equipped with all the essentials for your business operations.

Our commitment revolves around honesty, flexibility, reliability, and integrity. We steer clear of lengthy contracts and instead offer a flexible arrangement with an all-inclusive monthly fee, ensuring you have everything you need without any hidden costs. Our goal is for you to stay because you choose to, not because you’re bound to.

At Wizu Workspace, we prioritise providing your business with the credibility it deserves. Forget about managing separate bills, cleaning, maintenance, and other hassles. Focus solely on your business while we take care of the rest.

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Why Choose Us?

Experience one of the finest coworking spaces available with us. Irrespective of your business type, we provide comprehensive support for scaling up. Our spaces offer a flexible lease, eliminating concerns about being stuck in a collaborative setting that doesn’t suit your needs.

When we say everything is covered, we mean it! Our flexible lease includes an all-inclusive monthly fee granting access to crucial amenities every business requires. Enjoy a comfortable hot-desking setup (choose any spot or reserve a dedicated space), a lively collaborative atmosphere, and more. Not to forget, access our robust network with the fastest Internet available, take your pick between wired and wireless connectivity!

At Wizu, navigating our workspace is hassle-free. With our coworking spaces in Newcastle, count on us to handle everything. We aim to deliver the professional services your business needs, backed by a dedicated business team ready to assist when required. Should anything go amiss, just inform us, and we’ll swiftly resolve it.

Lease a coworking space from Wizu, and expect us to operate with utmost honesty and integrity. Your needs take precedence, ensuring we equip your business to flourish and expand.

Interested in exploring our coworking spaces Newcastle and its benefits for your business? Get in touch today! We’re delighted to address queries, arrange facility tours, and support your business growth in any way we can!

What Comes With Your Coworking  Space in Newcastle?

The answer is obvious – everything you need! Your flexible lease and all-inclusive payment provide access to the valuable amenities below:

Unlimited Specialist Coffee

When you’re working hard, there comes a time when you need a little perking up. So, we offer free access to unlimited amounts of specialist coffee. Not a coffee drinker? That’s OK, because we also offer free access to tea, milk, and juice at no additional cost. We make sure to keep you energised and hydrated as you work.

Superfast Internet

We have some of the fastest Internet in Newcastle and offer just the right backup solutions through our network. You can choose between wired or wireless connectivity and have Internet service that’s always up and running. With our superfast Internet, you’ll never have to worry about a slow connection again!

Cycle Store

Do you bike to the office? Then you’ll be happy to learn that we also offer plenty of storage for your bicycle. Our storage is secure, so your bicycle will stay safe and will be ready when you head home again.
We also offer the following perks, which are included in your monthly fee:

Collaborative Environment

Coworking spaces are all about making important connections and collaborating with others. We’re here to help each business grow and work together. Our coworking spaces in Newcastle are the very place you need to easily network with other business professionals. We make it easy, too! You can attend our curated business events and be supported by our friendly community. What a great way to find and build new connections!

We also offer the following perks, which are included in your monthly fee:

aircon icon
Climate control
desk icon
Comfortable hot desking spaces
telephone icon
Private phone booths
calendar icon
Networking events & skill sharing
A dedicated team who knows your name


Our Location

Imagine working in the vibrant heart of Newcastle nestled within a stunning coworking space at Portland house, New Bridge St W, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 8AL

Portland House is an Iconic Building in an Ideal Location, It’s a meticulously refurbished heritage building, now modernised and situated in a prime central spot. Explore cutting-edge workspace technology, from effortless access control to outstanding video conferencing and coffee machines controlled via iPad.

Whether you’re a dynamic solo entrepreneur or a well-established corporation, become part of our flourishing business community in Newcastle. It’s time to elevate your work experience, enhance productivity, and achieve greater milestones with Wizu.

Our coworking spaces Newcastle genuinely provides all the essentials for your business to grow and flourish!


At Wizu, we streamline your work experience in our environment. Using our coworking space in Newcastle means entrusting us with everything essential. Our aim is to deliver the professional services your business requires. Additionally, our dedicated business team stands ready to assist whenever you need support. Should anything fall short of expectations, just inform us, and we’ll promptly address it.

Leasing a coworking space from Wizu means partnering with us in complete honesty and integrity. Your business needs take precedence over our own, ensuring we equip you with all the essentials to foster growth and success.

Curious about our coworking space in Newcastle and its benefits for your business? Get in touch today! We’re eager to answer your inquiries, arrange facility tours, and support your business expansion. Let us know how we can contribute to your business’s growth!

We love being part of the Wizu Community. The team always meet our needs to make sure we have a pleasant working environment, we are very happy.

Deborah De-Vittoris, Hairy Lemon
At Wizu Leeming Building

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Our other locations

Iconic buildings, Prime locations, Beautiful design.

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What is a coworking space?

A coworking space is a shared workspace where individuals from different companies or professions work alongside each other in a collaborative environment.

Are coworking spaces suitable for freelancers and remote workers?

Yes, coworking spaces are ideal for freelancers, remote workers, and independent professionals seeking a productive work environment outside of traditional offices or home settings.

Can I rent a coworking space for short periods?

Many coworking spaces offer flexible membership options, including daily, weekly, and monthly passes, allowing individuals to use the space as needed without long-term commitments.

Are there private offices available in coworking spaces?

Yes, some coworking spaces offer private offices or dedicated desk options for individuals or small teams who require more privacy or a consistent workspace.

Are coworking spaces suitable for hosting meetings or events?

Many coworking spaces have meeting rooms or event spaces available for rent, making them suitable venues for hosting client meetings, workshops, seminars, or networking events.

What are the Benefits of a Coworking Space?

Coworking has become highly popular in recent years and has become an alternative to working in coffee shops and home offices. But why are so many people choosing coworking spaces?

We’ve put together a list of the main benefits you can experience with a coworking space.

1. Adaptability

One of the primary advantages of utilising a coworking space lies in its adaptability. These spaces typically provide a range of desks and areas that can be reserved according to individual needs. Whether for exclusive use or shared arrangements, these spaces cater to diverse requirements.

Moreover, they offer the flexibility for individuals and teams to adjust their coworking plans based on varying team sizes. This agility allows businesses to pay only for the space they utilise, eliminating the burden of unused office areas common in traditional setups.

2. Community Engagement

Coworking spaces foster a sense of community akin to traditional office settings. They facilitate interactions among professionals, enabling collaboration among like-minded individuals from diverse fields.

For those fatigued by solitary work from home, coworking spaces present an opportunity to experience the camaraderie often absent in independent work environments.

3. Networking Opportunities

Coworking spaces serve as social hubs conducive to meeting and exchanging ideas with fellow business owners. They offer platforms for networking and forging meaningful relationships with other professionals.

Furthermore, some coworking spaces organise networking events and skill-sharing sessions. They might also sponsor breakfast or lunch gatherings, as well as casual social events like beer and pizza nights. Each of these occasions presents valuable opportunities to connect within the coworking community.


5. Enhanced Productivity & Creativity

Professionals often experience heightened productivity and creativity in coworking spaces. These environments are thoughtfully designed to spark inspiration and foster a sense of motivation among workers collaborating in proximity. As a result, individuals tend to witness a noticeable boost in their productivity levels.

6. Cost Efficiency

Traditional office rentals come with considerable expenses, encompassing rent, utilities, maintenance, and cleaning costs. Conversely, coworking spaces streamline these expenditures into a single, all-inclusive monthly fee, offering a cost-effective alternative.

7. Stepping Beyond Comfort Zones

Coworking spaces serve as catalysts for pushing boundaries and venturing beyond comfort zones. While initially daunting, these spaces gradually enable individuals to network, heighten productivity, nurture creativity, and more.

Moreover, engaging with the diverse coworking community presents an excellent opportunity to invigorate productivity and creativity by stepping out of one’s comfort zone.

8. Enhanced Work-Life Balance

Choosing a coworking space contributes significantly to establishing a healthier work-life balance. Transitioning from a home office allows for a clearer demarcation between work and personal time. This demarcation becomes challenging while working from home, where the temptation to continually check emails often blurs the lines between work hours and personal time, extending into evenings and weekends.

Embracing a coworking environment facilitates a structured schedule and fosters a healthier work-life balance.

Considering these myriad advantages, what’s holding you back from embracing a coworking space?


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