Serviced Offices Harrogate

Ultra-flexible with spaces from one to 100 desks!

If you’re looking for a new home for your business, then consider our serviced offices. We offer private offices that are ultra-flexible with spaces from one to 100 desks! In addition, we’ve gone the extra mile to ensure our serviced offices are beautifully designed, inspiring spaces. Your new office can be customised to fit your needs, with an environment created to help you focus and get more done.

How are our serviced offices flexible? We’ve already mentioned our private offices can be customised for your company. These amazing spaces also come with a flexible lease, which won’t tie you down for years to come. A traditional office usually comes with a long-term lease that lasts for one or more years. Instead, we offer a flexible lease that provides excellent services you can enjoy by choosing either a short-term or a long-term commitment. Choose a lease that works for you!

serviced offices harrogate
harrogate serviced offices

Who is Wizu?

Wizu Workspace was built on the foundations of an entrepreneurial spirit. Our goal was to build beautiful workspaces, which provided just the right environment to focus and stay productive. And we wanted to ensure our workspaces also came with unlimited cups of Yorkshire tea! How can you work without our great tea?

In 2016, our founders Tom Almas and John Guggenheim recognised the lack of trust that existed between businesses and corporate landlords. When this was coupled with uninspiring, drab workspaces, the result was unpleasant for everyone.

It’s from these ideas and concerns that Wizu was started. Our founders wanted to create unique workspaces that inspired people to do their best work. Not only that, but they also wanted to show that the relationship between businesses and landlords could become a partnership with genuine collaboration and trust.

serviced offices in harrogate
serviced offices in harrogate

Through the years, Wizu has gained the knowledge and expertise of helping businesses find their dream workspaces. Wizu has also expanded to other locations, offering dynamic, stunning workspaces for businesses of all sizes.

The company has accomplished this by providing excellent services with a no-hassle promise. Wizu and their staff are there to meet your needs and ensure you have a pleasant working environment every time. What’s more, all of this is available at affordable prices that include a flexible lease. What could be better?

Why Choose Wizu Serviced Offices Harrogate?


We take pride in providing our workspaces and services with integrity and honesty. We always place your interests ahead of our own. Our goal is to get things right the first time; however, we’re quick to fix it if we make a mistake.

Our Spaces

Our serviced offices provide exceptional spaces for you and your employees. Our workspaces are specifically designed to promote productivity and increase inspiration. But, if you don’t believe us, we can take you on a tour of our business centre, so you can see for yourself!


We provide businesses with flexibility in our contracts. What does that mean? Our contracts won’t tie you down for the long term. You can choose between short-term and long-term contracts, whichever is best for your business. What’s more, our serviced offices include plenty of valuable amenities. And all of this is available through one single monthly fee. You won’t ever have to worry about hidden charges with us. In addition, you won’t have to worry about cleaning, maintenance, and other bills. That’s because everything’s included in one monthly fee. Without all the worry and concerns, you’re free to focus on growing your business.

The Latest Tech

We understand a business needs access to the latest technology to be successful and operate effectively. For this reason, you can count on our superfast Internet, which uses secure Cisco routers, switches, and firewalls. What’s more, you won’t have to worry about slow connections or significant downtime with our network.

What Do You Get with a Wizu Office?

We offer the following services with our Harrogate serviced offices:

Superfast Internet

We have some of the fastest Internet services around! You can choose a wired or wireless connection without sacrificing speed!

Space for 1-100 People

Our serviced office can provide space for 1-100 people. What’s more, our serviced office can be tailored to your company’s needs. So, if you’re a freelancer or a growing business, our serviced offices Harrogate have the flexibility and services you need. 

24/7 Access

No more working only regular 9-5 business hours. That’s because you can access your serviced office any time. That’s right—you’ll have 24/7 access to your site every day. Your work schedule no longer needs to be set by your office’s opening hours. This is yet another way our serviced offices provide your business the flexibility it needs to scale and succeed. 

VOIP Telephony

Our serviced offices Harrogate also include access to VOIP (Voice Over Internet) telephony services, which are reliable and robust. Along with the ability to make and receive calls, your VOIP service also includes voicemail, hold music, call forwarding & diverting, and more. All of this is included with our serviced office package. 

Stocked Kitchens

Enjoy snacks and meals in our fully stocked kitchens! You can choose fruit and cereal for breakfast and more. And you’ll also find free access to unlimited amounts of our Yorkshire tea and coffee. And if you need to add a bit of milk to your tea or coffee, we provide that, too!


Put an end to the clutter in your serviced office by using our ample storage space. It’s even possible to securely store your bike there, too!

We’re Here for You?

Wizu is here to support you and your business in all ways. We are dedicated to providing excellent services you can count on every time. What’s more, our team is available to assist when you need extra hands to get things done.

Finally, we offer rock-solid service. This applies to our network and all of our services. If you need anything in particular, just let us know, and we’ll take care of it right away. We’ve got your back!

If you’d like to learn more about our serviced offices Harrogate, then contact us today! Let us know how we can help your business. We’re looking forward to talking with you!

What to Look for in a Great Serviced Office

If you’re searching for a great serviced office, do you know what to look for? If not, read on to learn some of the most important features to consider when deciding on the right serviced office for your business.

1. Convenient & Easy to Reach

The first consideration is the location of a serviced office. A great serviced office has a location that’s right for your business. This may be in the heart of a city’s business district or a location outside the city. The key is to find a location that’s easy for employees to reach and visitors to find.

In addition, the location should be near public transport, such as trains, buses, the Metro, and more. It’s also necessary to find a location that offers plenty of nearby parking for employees and guests.

Finally, a great serviced office should be located near local amenities, such as shops, restaurants, pubs, and more.

2. All-Inclusive Fees

As you search for a great serviced office, it’s essential to choose an office that fits your budget. In addition, many serviced office providers offer all-inclusive fees. What does this mean? All-inclusive fees cover a wide range of services, such as:

  • Rent & utilities
  • Furniture & access to office equipment
  • Internet connectivity
  • Cleaning & maintenance fees
  • 24/7 access
  • Telephony services
  • Reduced rates for meeting rooms
  • Fully stocked kitchens
  • And more

One monthly fee offers access to these and other valuable services.

3. Onsite Team

An onsite team is also essential when choosing a great serviced office. Many serviced offices include access to a professional team that provides administrative support, takes care of maintenance problems, greets guests, and more.

The benefits of a professional onsite team are many, but the main benefit is increasing your company’s efficiency without having to hire additional employees and bear the costs that go with them.

4. The Technology

When you choose a serviced office, be sure to check out the facility’s technology offerings. A serviced office should include reliable, stable connectivity that allows you to work efficiently. The network also needs to be secure to keep your company data safe from hackers and other cyber threats.

In addition, meeting rooms should come equipped with the technology needed for a successful meeting. The tech may include plasma screens, flipcharts, telephones & superfast WiFi, climate control, and more.

5. Flexibility

A great serviced office also provides your business with the flexibility it needs to grow and evolve. Many serviced office providers offer short- and long-term leases, so you’re not tied to a long lease. That means you have the ability to respond quickly to market changes, whether you need to scale up or down.

6. No Downtime When Moving In

Moving from one office to another can cause major downtime and disruptions to business operations. However, with a serviced office, it’s easy to move in and get to work. A serviced office provider has everything ready and set up on the day you move in.

This means all you need to do is bring your laptop, plug-in and get to work. That’s it! Everything else is taken care of for you. You don’t even need to bring your office furniture.

So, these are a few of the essentials to look for when searching for a great serviced office. If you can find all of these with one provider, your business is sure to thrive in its new home!

We love being part of the Wizu Community. The team always meet our needs to make sure we have a pleasant working environment, we are very happy.

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