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5 Benefits of a Creative Office Space

By wizu | 26 January 2021

More and more businesses are coming to accept that a creative office space is essential for employees. A creative office is a place where employees are free to work as they need and feel best. This creates an environment where people feel unhindered and free to be creative. In fact, they become more innovative with their ideas and solutions.

Traditional offices are now seen as places that kill the spirit of employees who work there. The drab colours, everything looking the same, with no inspiration whatsoever kills the creative spirit, which leads to stagnation and worse…unhappy employees.

On the other hand, creative workspaces are colourful, vibrant spaces that are created to inspire. In addition, they’re places where employees feel taken care of.

Here are some of the benefits that creative workspaces can provide.

An Increase in Wellbeing at Work

For a long time, employees were supposed to show up to a traditional office, where they performed their tasks like robots, then went home again. Working in a drab office, with no touch of nature or colours is draining on humans and affects their mental health.

Those days, for the most part, are long gone. Instead, the modern workplace is created to be a place that cares about employees’ wellbeing. And having a creative office makes it easier to attract top talent and retain them.

Creative work environments take care of employees needs and comfort. For instance, adding ergonomic furniture, that’s adjustable, ensures everyone is comfortable as they work. Ergonomic furniture and office tools can also cut down on repetitive stress injuries, back problems, and more.

Adding colour, wall art, and touches of nature also increase employee mood and wellbeing. Plus, allowing employees to decorate their individual workstations can do wonders. Studies have shown the more control employees have over their individual work setup, the happier they are, and the more productive they are.

Other things to consider adding to a creative office are a kitchen, a coffee and tea bar, comfortable meeting rooms, bike storage, shower rooms, and more. You could even consider making a bring your pet to work policy. In addition, new furniture can lift spirits. If the budget allows, changing over to eco-friendly office furniture can make the environment healthier, plus make employees feel the company is doing its part. All of this goes a long way to improving the environment with employees’ wellbeing in mind.

Make Things Exciting

When faced with the same old office every day, employees can become bored. It can be helpful to add some visual excitement to the space and bring life, vibrancy into employees’ lives.

Creative office spaces keep things more exciting for employees by adding fresh elements on a regular basis. This might include changing out the plants, wall art, or even offering snacks. Another option is to create breakout areas where employees can take their breaks to unwind and relax after working several hours.

Creative Spaces Reflect the Work Ethic

What does this mean? It means your great work environment can be used to impress clients and business partners. They can see how innovative your business is, and how happy employees are in this type of arrangement.

When your space is set up, why not invite guests to visit? Share the story of why you’ve made the changes and have made employees a priority of the company. Show how employees are freer to move around, yet how much more they accomplish as a result of the creative space. Rather than being serfs or robots, employees feel empowered and want to make the business a success.

Creative Spaces Increase Productivity

We’ve mentioned this before, but it’s true—creative spaces increase productivity. This is because employees feel motivated to work. Rather than being separated in offices and pods, they work together in a shared space. This makes it easier for employees to collaborate with one another, solve problems together, and more.

This is where motivational artwork can be a great benefit for the creative office. Beautiful wall art can be inspiring, making people more willing to get things done. And for those who are creative, a space that’s colourful and vibrant gives them their preferred work environment.

Enhances the Imagination

Spaces that are open and uncluttered make the mind freer to innovate. There’s nothing to cause a distraction. Plus, the airiness of the space, and the freedom to work where you need also contribute to inspiring the imagination.

Another element in a creative office is comfortable furniture. This may include lovely stuffed chairs and sofas, with small tables scattered about. When you make the environment comfortable, the mind is free. Employees are allowed to move around and work in areas that are best for their productivity. Having that ability gives them an environment that contributes to enhancing the imagination.

Think of it this way. Nothing is more wearing on the imagination than working in a dull grey or beige office. Going there day after day, with no colours, beautiful art, and more. That will kill employees’ imaginations every time.

If you’re considering trading in the tradition office space, and instead renting a creative office, then we can help. Our all-inclusive creative office spaces provide your business and employees with everything needed to be productive. By choosing to rent a creative office space, you won’t have to make all the expensive changes. Instead, you can rent a space that’s done and ready for you to move in!

You can count on us for high-speed Internet, telephone services, rent & utilities in one monthly payment, and so much more. Plus, we take care of everything. That means you won’t have to worry about maintenance or hiring a cleaning service. We take care of everything.

Plus, we take working with our clients seriously. We’re provide rock solid service you can count on every time. We’re here for you—just let us know if there’s a problem and we’ll take care of it quickly.

If you’re interested in checking out a new office space, or have questions, please get in touch today! We’re looking forward to working with you!

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