Coworking Space Glasgow

Inspiring Coworking Space Glasgow

Are you looking for an inspiring coworking space Glasgow? Then consider the coworking spaces we provide in Glasgow. Our coworking spaces are second to none and include everything needed to run your business. You’ll also enjoy unlimited access to some of the best specialty coffee in town!

Our spaces are beautifully designed to increase productivity and provide just the right environment to focus and scale your business. Enjoy our superfast Internet, a wonderful collaborative atmosphere, and more.

We offer both hot-desking and named desk options to fit your needs. All you have to do is pick a spot and get to work or sit down and work in a space that’s always reserved for you. We’re certain you’ll have an exceptional experience working in our coworking space Glasgow.

Coworking Space Glasgow

Who Are We?

Wizu is a specialist in providing vibrant, engaging workspaces. We understand that your workspace environment affects the way you work and how productive you are. To that end, our workspaces are specially designed to inspire and energise. And you’ll have everything needed to run your business.

We never compromise on honesty, flexibility, reliability, or integrity. And we don’t tie you in with a long-term contract. Instead, we offer a flexible contract that comes with an all-inclusive monthly fee. Your monthly fee covers everything you need. Our aim is to ensure you want to stay with us because you want to.

Wizu Workspace also strives to offer your business the credibility it needs. You won’t have to deal with any hassles such as paying separate bills, cleaning, maintenance, and more. Just focus on your business and leave the rest to us.

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Who are we?

At Wizu we specialise in providing purposefully designed, vibrant and interesting spaces. Environments which inject you with energy and say all the right things about your business. We do this without sacrificing honesty, flexibility, reliability or integrity. We promise you’ll enjoy working with us and love our coworking spaces in Leeds even more.

Wizu Workspace gives you total credibility… but with a wink! A flexible contract and one fee covers everything. You are free of all hassles like rates, cleaning and bills. You will be 100% focussed on your business from the outset.


What Comes With Your Coworking Space Glasgow?

The answer is obvious—everything you need! Your flexible lease and all-inclusive payment provide access to the valuable amenities below:

Unlimited Specialist Coffee

When you’re working hard, there comes a time when you need a little perking up. So, we offer free access to unlimited amounts of specialist coffee. Not a coffee drinker? That’s OK, because we also offer free access to tea, milk, and juice at no additional cost. We make sure to keep you energised and hydrated as you work.

Superfast Internet

We have some of the fastest Internet in Glasgow and offer just the right backup solutions through our network. You can choose between wired or wireless connectivity and have Internet service that’s always up and running. With our superfast Internet, you’ll never have to worry about a slow connection again!

Cycle Store

Do you bike to the office? Then you’ll be happy to learn that we also offer plenty of storage for your bicycle. Our storage is secure, so your bicycle will stay safe and will be ready when you head home again.
We also offer the following perks, which are included in your monthly fee:

Collaborative Environment

Coworking spaces are all about making important connections and collaborating with others. We’re here to help each business grow and work together. Our coworking spaces Glasgow are the very place you need to easily network with other business professionals. We make it easy, too! You can attend our curated business events and be supported by our friendly community. What a great way to find and build new connections!

We also offer the following perks, which are included in your monthly fee:

aircon icon
Climate control
desk icon
Comfortable hot desking spaces
telephone icon
Private phone booths
calendar icon
Networking events & skill sharing
A dedicated team who knows your name


Our Location

What could be better than working in the heart of Glasgow in a beautiful, inspiring coworking space? Our business centre is located at 2 West Regent Street, in an iconic building that offers you an impressive place to work.

You’ll also love to learn our location also provides access to amenities outside our business centre. If you need to run some errands during lunch and grab a bite to eat, you can do so at any number of shops and pubs.

We’re also within easy walking distance of the Princes Square Shopping Centre, a mall where you can find a number of amazing stores. And if you need to take a client or partner to dinner, there are a number of great restaurants nearby, too.
We’re serious when we say our coworking space Glasgow offers everything you and your business need to scale and thrive!


Why Choose Us?

We offer one of the best coworking spaces around. No matter what type of business you run, we offer everything you need to scale. Our spaces come with a flexible lease, so there’s no worry about getting stuck in a collaborative work environment that doesn’t work for you.

When we say everything’s included, we’re serious! Our flexible lease also comes with an all-inclusive monthly fee that gives you access to valuable amenities every business needs. You’ll have a comfortable hot desking space (choose to sit anywhere or have a dedicated, reserved space), an upbeat, inspiring collaborative environment, and more. We can’t forget to mention you’ll also have access to our rock solid network with the fastest Internet around. And you can choose between wired and wireless connectivity!

Wizu makes working in our environment a hassle-free process. When you use our coworking space Glasgow, you can count on us to take care of everything. We aim to provide the professional services you and your business need. What’s more, we also have a professional business team ready to help when you need it. And if something’s not right, just let us know, and we’ll take care of it right away.

When you lease a coworking space from Wizu, you can count on us to work with you in complete honesty and integrity. We place your needs above our own, ensuring you have everything your business needs to grow and thrive.

If you’d like to learn more about our coworking space Glasgow and what we have to offer your business, contact us today! We’re always happy to answer your questions and even arrange a tour of our facilities. Let us know how we can help your business grow!

We love being part of the Wizu Community. The team always meet our needs to make sure we have a pleasant working environment, we are very happy.

Deborah De-Vittoris, Hairy Lemon
At Wizu Leeming Building

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What are the Benefits of a Coworking Space?

Coworking has become highly popular in recent years and has become an alternative to working in coffee shops and home offices. But why are so many people choosing coworking spaces?

We’ve put together a list of the main benefits you can experience with a coworking space.

1. Flexibility

One of the main benefits of a coworking space is the flexibility it provides. Coworking spaces usually have a variety of desks and spaces that you can reserve based on your requirements. These spaces can be reserved for you alone or shared with others.

In addition, it’s possible to share space with other individuals and teams. In addition, a business has the ability to change its coworking plan to accommodate the number of teammates who will work there. This number may change from month to month; however, these companies only pay for the space they need rather than having unused office space in a traditional office.

2. Community

Coworking spaces usually recreate a sense of community, similar to working in a traditional office. They allow workers to interact with other like-minded business professionals and those who may be from different sectors.

If you’re tired of working alone from home, a coworking space may offer the sense of community you’re missing.

3. Networking

Coworking spaces are social environments where it’s possible to meet and share ideas with other business owners. The spaces offer a way to network and create meaningful connections with other professionals.

In addition, some coworking spaces offer networking events and skill sharing. They may also sponsor breakfast or lunch and beer and pizza nights! Each of these events offers a great opportunity to connect with others in the coworking community.


4. Increased Productivity & Creativity

Professionals find that coworking spaces offer increased productivity and creativity. The spaces are usually designed to be inspiring and uplifting. And workers may be more motivated when working with others around them. These individuals may also see their productivity increase, too.

5. Lower Costs

Rent for a traditional offer can be quite expensive. In addition, there are other expenses to cover, such as utilities, maintenance, cleaning, and more. However, with a coworking space, all of these expenses are covered by one monthly fee.

6. Breaking Out of Your Comfort Zone

Coworking spaces help you break out of your comfort zone. Sure, it can be challenging at first; however, over time, you may find that a coworking space helps you meet others, be more productive & creative, and more.

In addition, you have the opportunity to meet others in the coworking community. What could be better to spur your productivity and creativity than breaking out of your comfort zone?

7. Improved Work-Life Balance

Finally, coworking spaces help you develop a better work-life balance. When you’re no longer working from home, it’s easier to close your laptop at the office and know you’re done working for the day. That’s pretty hard to do when you work from home.

Working from home, there’s always the temptation to check your emails one more time. And you may find yourself working evenings and on weekends.

Your schedule and work-life balance may both improve when you choose to work from a coworking space.

With all of these benefits, what’s stopping you from renting a coworking space?

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