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10 Reasons to work in Leeds

By wizu | 23 March 2020

As the 2nd largest metropolitan district in England, Leeds is fast becoming one of the places to live and work. The city was also ranked as the top city in England to live back in 2015, due to good salaries, an excellent cost of living ratio and low unemployment rates. 

When it comes to industries, those most common in Leeds include the service and industrial sectors. It’s also one of the biggest centers for business in the UK. There are about 340,000 people employed in the legal, business support and financial professions in the Leeds City Region. 

Other important industries in the area include scientific, print & publication, creative, education, digital & retail, and health. 

With all these credits, just what makes this region a great place to work? In this article, we’re going to take a look at the reasons that make Leeds the best city for job seekers. 

1). Size

While the city is rather compact, it’s the second larges city in England. You’ll find the city offers quite a bit that will make living and working here a pleasure. For instance, you an walk all the way across the city within an hour and half. How’s that a benefit? Everything is quickly and easily accessed. No long commutes, etc. 

You’ll also find lots to do and see in Leeds such as historical landmarks like Leeds City Markets, the Corn Exchange and the Town Hall. In addition, the city offers literally hundreds of restaurants, bars and shops. 

2). Lively Job Market

Leeds is currently in a period of rapid development, with business growth of 39% over the past ten years. In addition, a number of large companies are headquartered in Leeds. You’ll find such companies as Asda, GHD, First Direct, Jet2, Leeds Building Society and Yorkshire Bank. 

The city’s also the place for Internet startups. You’ll also find this is a major place where entrepreneurs can succeed. 

3). Quality of Life

When it comes to quality of life, Leeds is tops. The city beat six other major cities in England including Manchester and Birmingham in Money Supermarket’s 2015 “Quality of Living” index. The high quality of life in Leeds is based on numerous factors including a low rate of unemployment, the low average cost of living, etc. 

4). Salaries are Rising

Higher wages are a huge draw and you can find them in Leeds. The city was ranked as one of the highest  in 2015. 

5). Affordable Housing

Leeds has one of the most affordable housing markets when it comes to home prices and rent. These prices are generally lower than in other large cities. Indeed, housing prices here tend to be more affordable than other parts of England, including Bath, Oxford and Kent. 

6). Gateway to Beautiful Nature

Leeds is the gateway to “Gods Own Country,” which is Yorkshire. Nestled in the center of Yorkshire, Leeds makes it easy to access nature and other sites in the area, such as the Yorkshire Moors, York, Harrogate, and Scarborough. 

7). Excellent Schools

Leeds has over 200 primary schools, 40+ secondary schools, eight special and alternative schools and four higher education institutions. 

You’re sure to find the best schools for your kids. 

8). Great Night Life

Leeds is famous for its excellent night life! You’ll surely find something you like in Leeds. No matter if you have sophisticated tastes, or enjoy something a little more relaxed, you’ll find it here. 

In addition, the city offers a lively music scene—which is enjoyed by many of those who live in the city. It’s home to several live music venues such as the Headrow House, Belgrave Music Hall, Wire, the First Direct Arena (that’s hosted acts such as Elton John, Prince and Bruce Springsteen, etc.). You’re sure to find something you like, as there are music events held daily in the city. 

9). Shopping & Dining

Did we mention that Leeds offers a huge variety of shops? Love to shop till you drop? Then you’ll be able to enjoy your pastime in Leeds. The city offers Trinity Shopping Centre that’s very popular. You’ll find such shops as Harvey Nichols, Louis Vuitton, Mulberry and others. 

You’ll also find a unique city center that offers everything from vintage shops to bookstores. Also in the city center, a wide variety of restaurants is ready to serve you delightful cuisine. 

The city also offers various cultural supermarkets such as a Polish deli, a Chinese supermarket, an Asian bazaar and a highly popular farmer’s market. 

10). Great People

Along with all the benefits we’ve mentioned, you’ll find the city filled with wonderful people. 

Bonus Reasons to Live & Work in Leeds

As a bonus, we’ve included a few more reasons that makes Leeds a great place to live and work. What more can we say? Read on!


When it comes to transportation, Leeds has it all. The city’s Leeds Railway Station is a hub on the British rail network and it’s one of the busiest railway stations in the North of England. It’s a great base when it comes to exploring the North, too. It’s quite easy to reach places such as Manchester, Liverpool, Newcastle and more. 

Sports & Culture

These may not go hand in hand for everyone, but if you like sports or culture (or both), it’s all available in Leeds. For instance, the city has a football team called Leeds United FC, which is one of the biggest sports clubs in the city. Leeds also has the Leeds Rhinos (rugby league), Yorkshire Carnegie (rugby union) and The Yorkshire County Cricket Club. 

The city also has much in the way of culture to lure you and your family to move there. If you enjoy museums, be sure to check out the Royal Armouries, which is home to the UK’s national collection of weaponry and armour. You’ll also find the City Museum, the Thackery Museum and others to visit. 

We weren’t kidding when we said Leeds is a great place to live and work! There’s even more to see and experience in the city than we could list here. Be sure to check out the city for yourself—you won’t be disappointed!

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