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The North: The Choice Of Growth For Businesses

By Wizu | 22 January 2024

The North – the home of northern slang and a reyt good cuppa. But what else? Why should it be the choice of location for your business?

The choice of location for your first, or growing office can play a huge role in shaping the growth and path of your business success.

As noted by MANY media outlets and commercial awareness organisations, there has been a rise in companies and individuals moving out of the business capital (London) in the last few years. There are many reasons that businesses are favouring space outside of London; rising property costs (for businesses and employees), the availability of high-quality flexible office spaces, the growth of innovative business hubs and much more.

But let’s dig a bit deeper than that, and explore why the North is becoming the exclusive destination for growth and expansion for companies and a long-term home for employees.

Why the North Is the Ideal Hub for Your Office and Business Growth

1. No Need to Break the Bank

  • Affordable Workspace: One of the big factors. The North has a growing pot of high quality flexible workspaces that don’t break the bank and can provide employees with inspiring spaces to spend their time in.
  • Lower House Prices: House prices have gone up almost everywhere in the last few years, but compared to London, the North can be a friendly and cheaper alternative for employees searching for a new place to call their own.
  • Cost of Living: No £10 pints in the North! Get the buzz of city life without the huge price tag that comes from stepping out your front door.

2. Thriving Business Ecosystem:

  • Collaboration Opportunities: The North is a hotbed for collaboration, with networking events happening every month across the industries. An added bonus is that serviced office and coworking spaces put you in the same buildings as great companies cross-industry, which means you can seamlessly integrate into a readily thriving ecosystem.

3. Talent Pool and Universities:

  • Access to Talent: Top level universities and research institutions in the North consistently contribute to the growing talent pool that you can pull from. You have doorstep access to a diverse and skilled workforce that can really add to your team colours, with Gen-Z and the coming Gen Alpha possessing a completely different set of traits that can diversify your team.
  • Freelancers galore: The North has a truly incredible amount of freelancers and consultants who are always ready to network and to speak to you about collaboration opportunities.

4. Quality of Life:

  • Work-Life Balance: The North can offer an exceptional quality of life, with cities like Leeds, Sheffield and Newcastle providing all the factors you’d want for a balanced lifestyle, at a price that won’t break the bank. With cafe’s, restaurants, gyms, green spaces, shops and venues, what more could you want? Employees can enjoy a balanced lifestyle that contributes hugely to overall job satisfaction.

5. Connectivity

  • Great for public transport: When it sticks to schedule, the North has excellent transport connectivity, with a lot of areas positioned as a central point in the UK. You can get where you need, whether by road, rail, or air, in a reasonable time, so you can effortlessly connect with clients and partners across the country and beyond.

6. Innovation and Creativity:

  • Cultural Hubs: Cities in the North are somewhat known for their incredible arts and music scenes. Businesses based in the North are able to be immersed in an environment that sparks creativity and innovation, which not only increases quality of life, but also can support business creativity and cross-industry collaboration.

8. Get your walking boots on: 

  • Natural surroundings: Beyond the city centre landscape, the North is truly blessed with some stunning natural beauty. Access to gorgeous green landscapes and outdoor activities ensures that employees can enjoy a refreshing break from work, whether that be before or after work, or on the weekend.


The North isn’t just a location; it’s a positive and strategic choice for businesses who are aspiring to grow and thrive in an environment that works for everyone. Regional strengths can be embraced and employees can enjoy amenities and surrounding spaces without worrying about working paycheck to paycheck.

Maybe your journey to an office in the North starts now? Let us know – we’ve got some great spaces that could be the ones for you.

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