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How to Create a Happy Office & Increase Employee Engagement

By wizu | 17 August 2020

It’s a fact that most of us spend up to one third of our lives at work, in the office. Let that sink in for a minute. That’s a surprise to most people. The result of “living” at work is that we end up spending more time at work than we do with our families.

What happens when we’re not happy at work? It leads to a loss of morale, a decrease in productivity and disengagement with the work. Ultimately, this can lead to a downturn in company revenues. Wow, none of this is good!

This is the reason it’s important to create a happy work environment for employees. An environment that is supportive, encouraging, and happy leads to improved mood, productive and employees who are engaged with their work.

Are you looking for ways to increase happiness in the office, or to reduce absenteeism and other issues? Then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together a guide that will help you create the happiest office around!

1). Praise and Recognition

When an employee doesn’t feel appreciated at work, it can lead to reduced quality of work, or even a high rate of employee turnover. However, when an employee feels appreciated, they will be more productive and engaged with their work.

It can be helpful for managers, or even those in upper management, to offer praise for work well-done. This can be done by speaking with the employee privately, or via email, or even a meeting. Those who have done excellent work can be highlighted at staff meetings and/or receive appreciation from those upper managers. All of this can help increase happiness in the employee and in the office.

2). Develop an Individual Development Plan

An Individual Development Plan (IDP) can be a great way to improve employee happiness. An IDP plan generally focuses on an employee’s career and personal development and includes both long- and short-term goals. Not only does this type of program improve employee happiness, but it gives managers more insight into their employees’ strengths and weaknesses. And even more, the program encourages employees to grow and improve their skills, which could lead to higher positions and responsibilities in the future.

This is a great method to show employees you care and believe in them and the abilities. To develop this plan, it’s a good idea to first interview each employee and ask what they would like to do. With this information, you’ll be able to create ways for them to develop and grow as individuals and employees.

3). Bring Your Pet to Work Day

Nothing makes people happier than bringing their pets to work! Pets have a great way of decreasing stress and increasing happiness, which work together to create a more positive environment. Plus, bringing pets to work is a great perk for employees. They will have their best buds with them for the day and may be saving money on a pet sitter or doggie daycare at the same time.

Brining pets to work helps everyone to take a few minutes away from their work to enjoy some sweet time with our furry friends. A dog or cat at the office can work to lower stress, while increasing happiness.

However, one issue may be that there are some employees who may not feel comfortable around animals, or who may have health issues (such as allergies and asthma) that could be set off by a furry friend.

It’s best to work out the details ahead of time to ensure these employees are able to have the space they need to feel comfortable on those days when pets come to the office. You might consider alternative workspaces for that day, or possibly allow these employees to work from home that day or week. Just make sure everyone’s comfortable and accommodated when pets are brought to work. You’ll all be happy!

4). Make Work Fulfilling

What does this mean? It means helping employees and team members to feel their work matters and that they are contributing to the overall good of the business. It’s important to ensure they feel their work fulfils the company’s mission and purpose.

One way to accomplish this is to create a department map, which includes details on what each department does, and how it contributes to the business. This can help employees see where they fit in the big picture, while reassuring them their work is important at the same time.

5). Develop a Workplace Wellness Plan

Sitting at a desk from 9-5 takes a toll on employees’ health. A sedentary life can lead to being overweight, becoming obese, heart trouble and more. It can even contribute to depression. As a result, many businesses have begun developing workplace wellness plans for their employees.

A workplace wellness plan can include a space to exercise at work (which also includes showers), promoting a healthy diet by making healthy snacks available, a quiet room to relax and de-stress, and more. Plus, the plan can be incentivised, which gets employees to take part in the wellness effort.

6). Avoid Micromanagement

Nothing is more disheartening than being micromanaged. This can lead employees to feeling like they’re not trusted to do a good job, which can then lead them to feeling down, or depressed at work. No one likes to be micromanaged.

Instead, provide the trust and support your employees need to feel appreciated and supported. Allow them to be creative in their approach to tackling problems and avoid hovering over them as they work. Employees won’t just feel happier, but they’ll also be more engaged with their work, as well as more productive.

7). Shake Up the Work Routine

If you’d like to surprise your employees, why not consider shaking up their work routine once in a while? You could try having a meeting outside, or all get together at a favourite restaurant for lunch.

Another option is to hold a company-wide event, such as a company picnic. While this may seem like an old-fashioned idea, a company picnic is still popular. Employees get the chance to have fun together, while also bringing their families and significant others to the event. You could even get everyone involved by assigning each department a task for the picnic, such as arranging entertainment, games, and more.

These are all suggestions that can help make your employees feel appreciated and happy at work. It’s not hard to improve the office mood. It only takes some small efforts and creative thinking, along with consistent efforts, to help your employees feel happy at work. Not only are you investing in your company, but more importantly, you’re investing in your employees.

A happy employee is more likely to stay with the company, which cuts down on employee turnover, and ensures you’ll have up and coming staff to take on more important work in the future.

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