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Office design tricks that will boost your productivity

By wizu | 04 July 2021

Updated 23/10/2023

Where you work has a direct bearing on your productivity. This is a fact that’s been supported by numerous scientific studies. Research has consistently shown that office design and layout effect overall productivity.

Employee engagement and productivity are directly influenced by the physical environment. An office that’s built for humans can increase productivity. Even so, only a small percentage of employers consider it important to provide a healthy, comfortable workplace for their employees. Updating the office is sometimes not seen as a good investment for the company.

So, how can the workplace be made more productive?

In this article, we’ll review ways to increase productivity through office design. While you may not be able to implement each of these suggestions, using even a few of them can have a positive impact where you work.


Studies have shown that clutter is a huge distraction when it comes to being productive. What’s the problem with clutter? For most people, clutter and a messy desk are distractions. When an employee is distracted by clutter, dust, and a messy work area, it’s more challenging to focus. When an individual is distracted, their productivity automatically falls.

You can solve this problem by:

You may not be able to control the overall clutter in the office. However, it is possible to keep your own work area cleaned up and de-cluttered. Start by going through everything in your personal area. Ensure the filing is done, any garbage (like those leftover takeout containers) is thrown away properly, and more. Once the area has been de-cluttered, do some cleaning. Dust off your desk, shelves, and everything in your area. Once everything is cleaned up and put away, be sure to take a few minutes each day to keep your work area cleaned up.

Noise Levels

Noise levels in the workplace can have a drastic effect on how much employees can get done. Each employee is an individual, which means each person’s noise tolerance varies. Some people thrive in a noisy environment, while others suffer and struggle to focus. Not only that, high levels of noise create more stress in some employees.

You can solve this problem by:

Allow employees to bring noise-cancelling headphones (or even supply them!), and then allow them to use music services (such as Spotify) to choose sounds and music that increase their focus. If your office has an open office layout, then it may be helpful to create quiet zones where employees can focus and be more productive.


The lighting in an office has a huge bearing on staying focused and inspired. Even so, this is sometimes one of the last issues employers consider when dealing with productivity issues. Consider that poor lighting can cause everything from eyestrain, fatigue, headaches, and even irritability. What’s more, a dark workplace can even lead to depression in some employees.

You can solve this issue by:

If you have no control over the lighting in your office, then check to see if it’s allowed to bring your own desk lamp or area lighting. A desk lamp with controlled LED lighting is one solution. You control the amount and type of light coming from the lamp. Another solution is to use a light therapy device to bring more light to your workspace. These can help provide more light and improve mood. Many light therapy devices are small these days, some no larger than a tablet. And they’re easy to find at reasonable prices.

Chair & Desk/Table

Are your chair and desk/table comfortable? Do you stretch a lot, get up and move around very often? If so, your workstation may not be set up correctly. Ergonomic workplace furnishings are essential to keeping employees comfortable, healthy, and productive.

A workstation is ergonomically correct if it fits these standards:

  • Feet are flat on the floor or resting on a footrest.
  • Eyes are 24-36 inches away from the computer screen. The top of the monitor is at or below eye level.
  • An office chair should be slightly reclined, which reduces pressure on the spine and lower back.
You can solve ergonomic issues by:

Using an adjustable chair. You might also consider using pillows to make the chair more comfortable and relieve the pressure on your back. It’s also possible to put your computer on an adjustable height riser and use a separate keyboard to keep hands and wrists in the right position.

Room Temperature

Room temperature is another overlooked issue when it comes to loss of productivity. When an office is too warm or cold, employees have a difficult time staying focused. While it’s true that warmer rooms can make people more productive, remember that everyone is different. Warmer temperatures may make some people feel sick and tired, which decreases their focus.

You can solve this problem by:

Workplace temps are usually controlled by the company (unless you’re in a Wizu office, in which you are in full control!). So, it’s essential to find ways to keep your workspace comfortable. If your office is too cold, then consider wearing more layers.

Summing It Up

Improving your workspace is a great way to increase focus and productivity. While you may not be in control of your work environment in a company office, there are still options to make the space more comfortable. The same can be said for working from home.

The goal is to improve the work environment for you and your employees. Doing so leads to improved focus and inspiration, as well as productivity.


How can I maximise natural light in my office?
Position your desk near windows, use sheer curtains, and keep windows clean for the best natural light.

What should I look for in an ergonomic chair?
Look for lumbar support, adjustable armrests, and a comfortable cushion.

How can I reduce clutter in my office?
Invest in storage solutions like shelves, drawers, and organisers to keep things in their place.

Are there any low-maintenance plants suitable for offices?
Yes, consider snake plants, peace lilies, and succulents that require minimal care.

What’s the ideal colour for an energetic workspace?
Red and orange accents can add energy to your office, but use them sparingly to avoid overstimulation.

How can I soundproof my office on a budget?
Use area rugs, wall hangings, and bookshelves to absorb sound and reduce noise.

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