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Why Bother With A Virtual Office?

By wizu | 04 July 2019

Updated 23/10/2023

Setting up a virtual office is becoming the go-to-solution for many types of businesses. In fact, a virtual office could be the perfect solution for small business owners, freelancers and start-ups. It’s also a great solution for businesses that run remotely, but sometimes need a physical space to conduct meetings with staff and clients.

What’s so great about having a virtual office? Let’s take a look.

Benefits of a Virtual Office

Here are a few of the benefits you can expect when choosing to use a virtual office:

1). Lends credibility to your business: by choosing a virtual office provider, you have a choice of addresses anywhere in the world. While you may not be able to afford even a small office at a prestigious location, a virtual office with an impressive address makes your business look credible.

Not only that, but your business will look more legitimate, with post and calls being professionally handled by trained staff. You can use the physical address on business cards, your website and more to build trust with clients and customers, too.

2). Flexibility to work from anywhere: with virtual office, you and your colleagues are free to work from anywhere, be that home, at the beach, or anyplace you have an Internet connection. With virtual office, you’ll have access to an office setting when you need it, as your business will also have a place for you and your colleagues to come together for work sessions or meeting with clients.

3). Save money: a virtual office membership can also save you money, as there’s no need to rent office space in an expensive location. Not only that, but you won’t have to worry about buying or renting office furniture, office machines or other needed equipment. Virtual office services are affordable and easy to set up.

This affordable option will also give you a space to work with others when you need it and many providers even offer discounted meeting room rates to virtual office clients.

4). Improves productivity: With virtual office there’s need to worry about missing calls and “sorry we missed you” cards in the letter box. This helps you and your staff reduce stress and improve work-life balance. Working remotely, with dedicated hours, help to give your staff the flexibility they need.

5). Improves employee satisfaction: In turn, all of the above helps with employee satisfaction. In other words, this can help reduce employee turnover rates. Employees who are happy and satisfied have a tendency to stay with a company where they feel appreciated. You’ll see productivity and efficiency increase, too.

6). Easy step to expand your business: if your company’s growing, then major congrats are in order! Did you know a virtual office can help when your business begins to grow? Virtual office services provide a cost-effective alternative to moving into a physical office, which entails more costs.

You may face high rent costs, long leases and need additional office furniture and other equipment, etc. With virtual office, it’s easy to find a prestigious location that can offer the services and support staff needed to do business when you need.

7). No long-term commitments: another great benefit of virtual office is you won’t have to worry about long-term commitments since your company won’t have to sign on to a lengthy rental agreement for physical office space. You’ll reduce costs and avoid long term contracts, as you only pay for the virtual office services as and when you need it.

8). Relocation is easy: if your current virtual office location fails to meet your business needs, then it’s easy to relocate to another provider. Or if you need meeting space in another town or state, it’s very simple to find virtual office locations in alternative locations. You’ll be able to find a new location if necessary, or meet clients where they’re located, rather than them traveling to you. Another benefit is you’ll get to keep the same employees—they move with your virtual office.

9). Eco-friendly: virtual offices are also eco-friendly. More and more companies are looking to reduce their carbon footprint on the environment. Booking meeting space, when you need it, is very friendly for the environment in terms of energy usage and with commute time cut down, you and your staff will also cut down on car emissions. In addition, a virtual office can also reduce the amount of waste you would typically create on a day to day basis, such as paper and packaging, etc.

Things to Consider with a Virtual Office

While a virtual office comes with many benefits, there are a few things to consider before signing yourself up.

Location: you’ll need to look for an office space that is accessable, to make it easy for you and staff to drive and travel to in order to collect any post or deliveries, otherwise you will need to have agree to have any items forwarded to an alternative address, which may come at a small additional cost.

Total costs: make sure to consider all the costs involved with signing up to a virtual office service. Make a list of expenses for things you’ll need, so that you know exactly what you’ll be paying for before signing any contracts.

Find out what office infrastructure the firm provides, if there’s support staff available if you need/want assistance, etc. You’ll also want to check out local parking availability at that location if you plan on using meeting space or if you’re collecting post in person.

Cutting edge technology: this is important—you’ll want to find a firm that includes a full suite of office tech and infrastructure, including high-speed Internet, office printers, and more. These resources need to be available for your business when needed. Make sure to choose a virtual office that can meet these needs.

Modern meeting rooms: look for a virtual office that offers modern, comfortable meeting rooms and conference spaces. Here, it’s important to actually visit the site to see the facilities before you decide to sign up. Meeting rooms should be versatile enough to hold training sessions, meetings with clients, or hold work sessions with your staff.

Virtual office with style: look for a virtual office that meets your style and aesthetic needs. You’ll want to look for a space that’s decorated in way that fits your company and your brand. Shop around until you find a virtual office with the style and appearance that suits you and your company’s needs.

Make the most of what’s out there

As outlined, virtual office services can offer many benefits to your business, so you can continue to work remotely without being tied down by one single physical location or long term commitments, whilst also saving on costs and commute times.

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What exactly is a virtual office?
A virtual office is a service that provides businesses with a prestigious address, mail handling, phone services, and meeting room access without the need for physical office space.

How does a virtual office enhance professionalism?
A virtual office allows businesses to have a prime address, making them appear established and reputable, even if they operate remotely.

Can I use a virtual office for a startup business?
Absolutely! Virtual offices are a cost-effective solution for startups looking to establish a professional presence without heavy upfront expenses.

Are virtual offices suitable for freelancers and remote workers?
Yes, virtual offices are ideal for freelancers and remote workers looking for a professional image and access to business services.

What is the cost comparison between a virtual office and a traditional office?
Virtual offices are significantly more cost-effective, as they eliminate the need for rent, utilities, and maintenance associated with traditional offices.

How can I receive my mail and packages with a virtual office?
Virtual office providers offer mail handling services, allowing you to receive, forward, or scan your mail and packages.

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