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The Benefits of Having a Virtual office in Leeds City Centre

By Wizu | 19 June 2018

The Benefits of Having a Virtual Office in Leeds City Centre

The workplace has changed rapidly over the past few years, we’ve ditched the 4 white walls and a desk 9-5 routine. Thanks to advances in technology you can just about pitch up just about anywhere and do a meaningful days work. Being able to work anywhere is great, it gives such freedom and allows us to put ourselves in any environment we like from your cosy living room to a field in the countryside – there’s no limit to where your day’s work can be carried out.

While freedom to work anywhere is a great thing we must consider our clients and customers. We still need to provide that sense of stability and security to our audience no matter where we decide to work from! Our clients want to know they are dealing with a reputable and established business but how can we do that when we don’t have an office base? The answer … a virtual office! It’s the perfect solution and here’s why …


First Impressions – An Address to Impress

We all know how important the first impression is, we’re all secretly guilty of judging a book by its cover and making our mind up in the first few seconds. That’s why we need to put our best foot forward and do all we can to make a brilliant first impression – set the tone of the relationship that you hope is to follow. That’s why a city address as opposed to a suburban address will not only add a more commercial feel to your company, but it will also add a sense of superiority and legitimacy. Consumers will be more likely persuaded to use your brand if they believe you are a well trusted, well established business. A virtual office address allows you have that prestigious and solid business office foundation and workspace in the heart of Leeds City Centre without forking out for the actual premises.

virtul office in leeds city centre

Professional Live Receptionist

Again, it all links back to that vital first impression. Having a live receptionist speaks volumes for you and your business. Not only does it add legitimacy, but it also creates an amazing impression and allows your company look even more established. A live receptionist can filter your calls and avoids you being put on the spot with a 9am crisis and not a minute to prepare yourself!


Meeting Rooms on Demand

Have an important client meeting and need to impress but don’t want to do this in your kitchen? Not to worry! Most Virtual Office providers will let you book out their meeting room facilities for a discounted charge, what more could you want? An official workspace address and friendly receptionist to compliment a fabulous meeting room really sets the tone for a successful meeting!

virtual offices in leeds


Dedicated Local Telephone Number

Using your mobile number for your main contact number is perfectly fine. However, having an identifiable area code will be a lot more attractive to potential local customers, increasing the growth of your business. People are often drawn to local businesses as they feel a sense of community and closeness.

Having a local landline number as your first point of contact gives you the option to disclose your mobile number if you feel it’s appropriate without being forced to into it. You have the ability to create that personal relationship with your client or customer as and when you need to.


No Commute Time

Avoid the rush hour traffic – there’s no need to come into the office everyday at 9am. Jump out of bed, grab your laptop, put your feet up and start your working day…

Friendly staff will sort your calls and mail in whatever way you would like. Mail can be forwarded to your home address for you to deal with at your leisure.

leeds virtual office


Eco-Friendly Choice

By avoiding the daily commute to your workplace, you will be doing your bit to help the environment. We all want to do our bit to help so why travel if you don’t have to? Big bonus – avoid the daily rush hour commute and fighting for the last seat on the bus or train!

Pick and choose the times best for you to pop into a collect any mail or even better have it forwarded on to a place of your choice!


Google Will Love You More

Adding a legitimate address to your business will allow you to make the most of ‘Google my Business.’  When people search for your business the address will appear with a pinpoint map, street view and contact details. All of this will increase your local SEO.

Just remember: get as many google reviews as possible! This will also increase your Local SEO and obviously make a statement for your business.

city centre virtual office

Maintain Privacy for your Home Address

Not only will having a City Centre address help the image of your business, but having a virtual office will also maintain privacy for your workspace at home. It allows you to keep a healthy balance between your home life and your business life, allowing the two to merge can often be counter-productive. The last thing we all want is a client turning up at our door at 9pm with a question that just couldn’t wait.

So, there you have it all the ins and outs of a Virtual Office package. Check out our Virtual Office Service here!









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