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Why Use an Off-site Meeting Room?

We spend nearly 13 days a year in unproductive meetings! But meetings can be a great way to exchange information, collaborate and foster innovation.  So finding ways to make meetings more productive is really important. An Independent article from 2018 outlined some interesting points based on a survey of 2,000 employees in the UK, France and Germany.  The survey found that employees are more likely to enjoy a meeting if it is held off-site and has a relaxed atmosphere and we definitely like free refreshments in the UK!

With all of this insight in mind, here are our top 4 reasons for taking your meeting off-site:

  1. Change the scenery, boost your creativity

Approach your obstacles in team training sessions or meetings from a different angle by starting with a new set of surroundings! By switching up your physical environment you could be seeing the task at hand from a totally different perspective, sparking new ideas or an approach that you may not have considered before. Get out of the office and out of your head, having this option is great for those who flourish outside of their comfort-zone!


  1. Make it memorable

You’ve put in the graft to organise an exciting event, or a killer presentation to pitch to your peers, management or external visitors so why not take the opportunity to make it memorable and choose a unique, purposed designed space to wow your attendees? Make it the pitch they couldn’t possibly forget, or set the bar high and host the event of the year that will be talked about for months afterwards!


  1. Productivity and focus

It’s no secret that some workplace stress is to be expected in most, if not all, working environments, however, over-exposure to stressful situations can interfere massively with your productivity and performance and negatively impact your emotional and physical health.

Stepping outside of your usual surroundings removes you from space associated with the everyday stresses of the normal working environment. A clear mind is better able to focus on the task at hand with a more balanced perspective, increasing productivity and encouraging a positive relationship towards work.


  1. Specialist facilities

Another great reason to take your meeting off-site is to be able to enjoy facilities that you may not have access to otherwise. Whether that is tech equipment, more physical space, support services or even access to refreshments and catering – taking a trip outside of your office opens up many possibilities!


We have beautifully designed rooms which are perfect for pitching to clients or investors, launching products or services, running a workshop or training session, interviewing or even just checking in with your team members.

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