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Ways To Organise Your Office Desk To Boost Productivity

By wizu | 02 September 2020

Have you taken a look at your desk lately? Is it neat and tidy? How about organised? Now that you’re looking around, it may come as a shock to realise your desk is disorganised and extremely untidy. If you have just now noticed that pile of folders sitting on the upper right corner of your desk, then there’s a problem.

It’s hard to keep things neat and nice when you’re faced with deadlines and 1001 tasks are waiting to be finished. However, science has proven that you can actually get more done if your desk is organised and neat!

If you’re not sure where to start when it comes to organising your space and your desk, we’re here to help. We’ve put together some tips to get you started on getting your space cleaned up and then keeping it that way. You’ll feel better and may be pleasantly surprised to find that you do get more done with a tidy desk!

1). Declutter Your Space

Your desk and workspace don’t have to look like one of those nice desk mockups you see on Instagram. However, if you know where everything is, you won’t waste time trying to find things like your stapler, or that extremely important client file the boss needs yesterday!

To get started with the decluttering process, it may be helpful to put your phone and notifications on mute. We understand this may be difficult for some but doing so will help you focus on cleaning up. When you’re finished, then you can turn the phone and notifications back on.

Next, decide to start on one space, rather than tackling the mess all at one time. Start with one corner or one drawer, then work out from there. You’ll be cleaning up but won’t be overwhelmed by it all at once.

Make piles of everything—one pile for things that need to be filed, another for items that need drawer space, and more. Oh and we can’t forget the trash pile! You’ll need that for anything that needs to be thrown out.

When you have everything sorted, then put it away neatly. Organise pens in a pen holder, keep your planners in a drawer, and more. Figure out where everything needs to be placed and put it all away.

Last step—enjoy this new space where you’ll better and be able to get more done!

2). Add a Plant or Two

Don’t panic, we’re not suggesting that you start a greenhouse! But plants do help you to feel more relaxed and they purify the air, both facts that have been proven by science.

Not only that, but they just bring a little nature into your workspace. If you have a black thumb, that’s OK. Buy a couple of artificial plants and then just keep them clean of dust. You’ll still have a touch of something that looks like nature and can be a pretty addition to your workspace.

3). Personalise Your Space

Of course, we had you declutter your space, and you’ll need to keep it tidy. While we’re suggesting your personalise your space, we don’t mean to go back to that mess. Instead, consider personalising your workspace with uplifting photos, posters, pictures of family, and more.

Before doing this, you may need to check with the boss to make sure this is OK. Most companies don’t mind if their employees want to personalise their space. The reason is that customising your desk and/or workspace can make you feel more positive, focused, and productive.

4). Keep Distractions to a Minimum

If you work in a large office, it can be difficult if the noise of those around you is distracting. In fact, science has shown that background noise that is irregular or disturbing can break your concentration. Think of those conversations people have their desks, or that person coughing due to allergies, and you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about.

To help keep your focus, try to find a way to stop all the background sounds. It may be possible to buy a good pair of active noise cancelling headphones and listen to your favourite tunes as you work. If that type of music is too distracting, then you may want to try music that’s meant to help you focus. You can find this available in many places including YouTube, and other music services.

5). Motivate with Colours

Colours can have a profound effect on your mood and productivity. This has also been proven by science. And let’s face it, with many offices done in neutral and dull colours, there’s little to inspire you as you work. In fact, these types of colours may dull your senses and your mind.

If it’s possible, add some colour to your workspace. You might consider adding a primary colour such as blue, which has a calming effect on many people. Or if you need more energy, consider a colour such as red. Choose a colour that helps you focus and be productive.

If your company doesn’t allow the addition of bright colours to the walls of your workspace, there are still ways to add a pop of colour. Try finding planters in your favourite colours, or mug with bright colour and an inspiring message. Use your creativity to find ways to add colour to your space without going against company policy. You’ll feel better for it.

6). Get the Right Chair

There’s something to be said for having an ergonomic chair, but it should also be one that you feel comfortable sitting in for a good part of the day. Consider the amount of time you spend sitting all day. If you have an uncomfortable chair, you’ll constantly be distracted by pain, muscle cramps and more. Then you’ll spend time trying to get comfortable. If you’re doing that all day long, it’s no wonder you may not get much done.

Instead, ensure you have the right type of chair. The chair should offer the right amount of support for your back and provide the ergonomic fit to keep your body healthy.

While we’re talking about sitting, remember to get up and move around every day. Take time to get up for a short walk after you’ve been sitting for an hour or so. Not only can this help your body, it will also help your mind. Those small movements or short walks could give you the respite your brain needs. When you get back to your work, you’ll be surprised at how much more focus and energy you have.

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