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Monday Morning Productivity Tips to Start Your Week

By wizu | 21 August 2020

We understand that for some people Mondays can be hard, so we put together this list of science-backed methods to help get your week off to a better, more productive start.

Why are Monday’s So Hard for some people?

One theory is that because we don’t get enough sleep during the week, many of us try to get caught up with extra sleep on the weekends. The thought is that an extra hour or so will help us; however, science has shown that the extra sleep only confuses our body clock. By Monday, we’re so messed up that it’s hard to get up and revved for the week!

Another reason Monday’s are difficult is because we’re basically social animals. We tend to use weekends to socialise and have fun, which is important for our wellbeing. However, when we head back to work, it’s time to get caught up with our work “tribe,” which a way to re-integrate with our social lives at work. If you don’t do this on Monday, science proves you’ll regret it.

One more thing that makes Monday’s hard is the sudden change in our emotional shift from the weekend to Monday morning. On Friday, we all look forward to being off work and having fun on the weekend. Then Sunday evening, it dawns on us that we have to go back to the grindstone on Monday morning. That can be a real downer, making Monday feel like the worst day of the week.

We understand Mondays can be hard, so we put together this list of science-backed methods to help get your week off to a better, more productive start.

Get Productive on Monday Morning

We promised—here are some tips to help you start off on a better foot on Monday mornings! These tips are sure to help you get more productive not only on Monday, but through the week, too!

1). Create a Routine

You may not like to hear this, but creating a routine is a great way to improve your Monday. The reason is that when you create a routine, you actually have more freedom. Don’t believe us? The freedom comes when you reduce the number of decisions you have to make at the start of the day.

Establishing a routine also helps you make the switch from the weekend to the weekday. You might think of this as similar to switching gears on your car as you drive. What happens if you don’t switch into the right gear at the right time? Your call stalls! This is exactly what happens when you’re overwhelmed by too many decisions. Monday mornings are filled with so many decisions when you head back to work.

Take some of the pain out of making the switch from the weekend to Monday mornings. On Sunday evening, for instance, make it a habit to plan your wardrobe for the week. This way, you’ll have everything clean and ready to wear—no decisions to make! You might also consider planning meals for the week, and more. This way, you’ll always know what’s next on the your schedule. In fact, you may even consider using a weekly or daily planner to help keep everything organised and in one place.

Do whatever help you to create a new routine heading into Monday morning. You’ll have a more productive day, and a better week, too.

2). Create a To-Do List or Use a Weekly Planner

OK, we understand, you may not want to create a to-do list or a planner. But just as creating a routine can help you start off Monday in the right way, a planner can keep you on track Monday and all through the week.

When you write things down on a list or in a planner, you don’t have to use brain power to remember everything. In fact, you can even use a planner and a reminder on your smartphone to help you get things done on time.

Not only will you start off Monday in a better frame of mind, but you’ll find it easier to achieve your goals, too. You’ll have a sense of excitement as you get things done, which is a great motivator come Monday morning.

3). Turn Off Your Devices

When you hit the office on Monday morning, turn off your devices. Well, if you can’t turn them off, at least put your device notifications on “silent.” This way you won’t have as many distractions and will be able to focus on your work. You’ll get more done, without all the interruptions.

And remember, if a text message or phone call isn’t an emergency, you can get back to them a little later. However, please don’t tell your significant other we told you to do that!

4). Learn to Say No

This is something that’s very difficult for a lot of people. It can be difficult when people ask for your help. You want to do them a favour, but then you may find you don’t have enough time to get your own work done.

Instead of saying yes to everything, be more selective and try to say no more often. It’s simply not possible to do everything, but if you’d still like to offer some help, see if it might be possible to delegate the task or if another colleague can help them out. This way, you’ll still be getting them help, but you’ll also have more time to care of your own responsibilities.

5). Develop a Healthier Lifestyle

On the weekends, along with more sleep we often tend to indulge in too much alcohol and food that’s not very healthy. So, how on earth can expect to feel productive on Monday morning?

Instead, try to eat healthy all the time and get plenty of exercise during the week (including on the weekends). You’ll feel better and be ready to start to work on Monday morning!

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