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What Makes A Workspace Unique?

By Wizu | 05 July 2019

The advent of many new business features, architectures and professional figures have also changed the way an office workspace is normally structured. With remote working becoming more and more popular, especially within the tech and, in general, the digital field, it’s important to understand how important having a unique office is. Let’s analyse the major factors that are making a workspace “unique”.

Common Spaces > Big Spaces

If there’s one thing that boosts workers’ productivity, that would definitely be communication. Since 2015, offices with common areas have significantly risen within the tech sphere, given the fact that this business realm, especially in regards to development teams, has always lacked communications. The advent of platforms like Github, where developers could share their worktables has definitely helped, but moving from boring cubicles to common, sociable spaces is proven to help the majority of development teams.

What’s Unique In A Workspace?

Uniqueness is very much a subjective matter. There are a variety of things which should be taken into consideration: for example, quirkiness and originality when it comes to decorations, the level of technology used for each employee and, in general, how customised every workstation is for workers are all extremely important matters. In 2019, having a unique workspace would be, in simpler terms, related to having a place which could be enjoyable for both the employees and the clients who are visiting it. Having healthy drinks, themed decorations in particular times of the year and weekly social activities are all things which should help a workspace massively in boosting its uniqueness.

Why Digital Businesses Are Forgetting About It

As mentioned above, the advent of digitally-driven businesses has drastically changed the way workspaces are organised and, sometimes, in a bad way. Many eCommerce companies have in fact zero (or almost zero) willing to customise their work spaces, which results in an extremely fast employee’s turnover, peaking sometimes at over 60% within the first year. With this being said, many businesses have acknowledged how important is having a unique workspace, especially if their digital division is related to “corporate” environments such as finance, for example. In the UK, which has recently elected as the best European country for what concerns workspaces setups, companies ranging from fintech to insurance have built separate offices for their digital divisions, with big open spaces, technologically advances workstations and high-tech relax areas. In 2019, especially when it comes to digitally-driven offices, uniqueness is everything, to boost the employees’ morale.

To conclude

Defining unique workspaces isn’t an easy task, especially with a variety of different setups (both architecturally-speaking and strictly business-related) and fields. In 2019, open spaces themed decorations and social activities planned weekly are definitely major factors for what concerns having a “unique” workspace.

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