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Our Tips To Ensure A Smooth Office Relocation

By wizu | 21 November 2019

Do you have the experience of moving from one office to another? How did it go? Was it a smooth move, or was it a literal nightmare? The logistics of moving a business can be difficult; however, moving to a serviced office is often easier than you think!

We’ve put together some tips to help keep the sanity in your move to a serviced office. These tips will keep moving fuss to a minimum and have your business back up and running as soon as possible.

1). Choose a Project Manager

The very first thing you should do is choose someone to be the project manager in charge of moving. This person will need to have the seniority to make decisions about the move, know how to work within a budget, someone who has excellent communication skills, etc.

Putting one person in charge keeps everyone else in line with tasks, etc. The move will go a lot smoother with one person in charge, rather than if everyone thinks they’re in charge.

2). Plan Ahead

Start planning your move about 6 months ahead of the chosen moving date. Why? This gives you plenty of time to make important decisions on what can be moved, what needs to be thrown out, etc.

It doesn’t require any fancy tools; spreadsheets, documents, etc. Use these to create:

  • Office move checklist: great to keep the project manager on track and ensuring all tasks are checked off as completed. This is also a great way to make everyone feel like they’re actually making progress.
  • Budget planner: set a budget that covers all aspects of the move, including fees that may need to be paid as you transition into the serviced office space.
  • Timeline: to keep track of important deadlines.

3). Hire Professional Movers

Hiring professional movers is the way to go when moving your business. Research professional moving companies and find at least 3 or more moving companies. Look for movers who have experience moving businesses.

Once you have the list prepared, then it’s time to start making phone calls to learn exactly what services they provide. And don’t forget to make sure they’re bonded and licensed.

4). Schedule the Move-in Date

Once all of the previous details have been resolved, it’s time to contact your serviced office company and schedule a move-in date. You’ll love the way they help you get set up and operating as soon as possible. Once you’ve scheduled the move-in date, the serviced office company will start preparing for your move.

They’ll prepare and setup the things you’ll need for the office space including:

  • IT systems
  • Telecom
  • Fixtures and fittings (office furniture, some may even decorate the space in a way you’d prefer, etc.)

They’ll have your space and services all set up and ready to go. You’ll be able to move in and get everything in place. We said you’d love the way they’ll help you!

5). Check Building Access Points

Remember to check the new building’s access points, making sure there’s enough room for the moving van to park and/or if there’s a loading dock available to use. And don’t forget to ask if you’ll need to reserve an elevator the day of your move. The serviced office company will have all this information available for you—just remember to ask them about these details.

6). Let Everyone Know About the Move

  • Utility companies: At your current office location, make sure to alert the utility companies that your office is moving. Give them the date you’re planning to move out, etc.
  • Cleaning company: Next, you may also need to hire a cleaning company when you move. They’ll take care of all the cleaning once the business has moved out.
  • Change of Address notifications: you’ll need to alert clients, contacts, etc. about your business moving to a new office space. You can do this by printing up post cards to send out, prepare an outgoing email notification for everyone, etc. Make sure to include your new address, phone number(s), the move-in date and when you expect to have operations backup after the move.

7). Create an office floor plan

Next you’ll want to create an office floor plan before you move in. This cuts down on confusion on where to put everyone and everything the day you’re moving in. In the long run, you’ll save time and frustration by having a plan put together before moving day.

Things to consider:

  • Ensure you have the right amount of space to fit employees and any office equipment/furniture you’ll need.
  • Consider the amount of light you’ll need. Does the new space provide enough natural light, or will it be necessary to add other forms of lighting?
  • How will your space be used? Are you setting up an open work area, or will you have individual offices? Do you need a special space for certain activities? Decide on what you need and then be sure to discuss your needs with the service office space provider.

8). Make sure everything’s working

Once you’ve moved in, it will be necessary to work with the office support team to make sure everything is working—from telecom to IT and more. In fact, this can sometimes be done before you move in, but it’s a good idea to do this once you’re in and everything’s set up.

9). Order new equipment in advance

If you’ve decided it’s necessary to have new office equipment, it’s a good idea to order this at least 1-2 months in advance of your move. That way you’ll have everything delivered when you move in.

10). Celebrate

Once you’re all moved into the new office space, it’s time to celebrate! You made it! Now you can get back to business and enjoy the new surroundings. It might even be a nice idea to plan a special lunch to thank everyone for chipping in with the move. Maybe choose a restaurant near your new office and have lunch to celebrate! Or consider ordering in. Whatever works for you, don’t forget to celebrate your successful move and your company’s new office space!

With a serviced office, you’ll have the support you need to help make the move go smoother. Don’t forget they’re ready to assist you in many ways to help make moving easier and faster. You won’t regret choosing a serviced office space for your next move.

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