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Moving Office, the Right Way: Use a Checklist

By wizu | 19 November 2020

Are you contemplating making a huge move to a new office location? Many businesses are currently in the same place and aren’t sure where to even begin the relocation process. However, making the big move for your business doesn’t have to be a daunting challenge. 

If you’re considering changing office locations, why not also consider making the move to a serviced office, such as the type we offer at Wizu? Serviced offices are an optimal way to move, where your office space can be tailored to fit every aspect of your business. The greatest benefit is there’s less downtime, no loss of business and customers. In fact, pretty much all you have to do to make this move is bring your devices, plug in and get back to work. This is because everything is set up for you and it’s all waiting the day you move in. 

Making the move to a new business location will still need a plan. So, to help you get started, we’ve put together some practical steps. Following these steps will ensure everything gets done, no matter where you choose to relocate the business. 

How to Plan for an Office Relocation

Any major business relocation project must start off with a plan. A plan helps to ensure each step of the move is covered, keeps downtime to a minimum, and avoids mistakes and chaos. It’s imperative to view the relocation plan as if it were a client’s project. This is an important time for your company, and an efficient, planned move will get you back up and running, while ensuring every step is accomplished at just the right time. 

The relocation plan should include these parts in order to be successful: 

  • Project to-do list
  • Timeline
  • Budget
  • Project manager
  • An end goal

All successful projects include these elements. In order for the move to be successful, it will be necessary that every step is laid out with a date attached. Each part of the project will have a due date, and each step must be done in the right order. Relocating your business is a huge job.

You’ll also need to let your business partners and clients know about the move and how much downtime will be needed before the company’s back up and running in the new location. This helps build credibility and trust with your clients and partners, while showing your company has what it takes to make a momentous move to a new location.

With Wizu, we make it easy to relocate your business. If you choose one of our serviced office solutions, you’ll find moving is a breeze. It can be that easy. Why? It’s because we do everything to ensure all your business needs to operate is set up when you move in. This means the WiFi, furniture, and more. It’s all ready to go—just bring your devices, plug in and get to work. There’s no need to move or purchase furniture, set up a company network, utilities, and more. 

How to Move Your Business

Now you have the planning done, it’s time to begin implementation of the relocation plan. At Wizu, we’re here to help you with whatever your company needs during the relocation. Our promise is to keep it as simple as possible. This means on the day you move in everything will be set up and ready to go. 

With our serviced office solution, you’ll be able to bring your devices, plug in and get down to business. Need to have a meeting right away? Then one of meeting rooms can be set up and ready for the start time you require. It’s that easy. Not only does a serviced office reduce the downtime needed to make a move, it also means you get back to work sooner, with fewer interruptions for business processes and clients. 

However, you may still want to allow a one or two days of downtime during the relocation. This way you’ll have a little breathing room to make sure each step of the move is taken care of. You’ll have time to hand in the keys, ensure the old office location is cleaned and in good order, and more. 

What’s more, our service offices include furniture, too. There’s no need to move old furniture into your new office space. Instead, our offices are fully furnished with everything your business needs. You’ll find the office furniture is beautiful as well as contemporary. This way, there’s no need to move all that big, clunky old office furniture. No more backbreaking efforts to move every stick and piece of furniture and equipment. Instead, all of this will set up and ready the day you move into one of our Wizu serviced offices. 

What Will be Needed at the New Office? 

A serviced office typically includes everything needed to run your business. This means that everything needed to keep your employees happy and productive are also waiting at Wizu when you move in. 

Any office relocation must consider amenities needed by employees. With one of our serviced offices, you can expect to find break rooms, climate controls, showers, fully stocked kitchens, 24/7 access, bicycle storage and some wonderful specialty coffee. All of this, and more, is included in one monthly fee. What could be easier? Move in, get started to work right away, in a serviced office that has it all. 

And what about utilities, maintenance, and cleaning services? You’ll need to factor these into your relocation project, too. However, with one of our service offices, all of this is also included in the monthly fee. You read that correctly. 

While you may need to consider these services when moving out of the old office, you won’t need to worry about budgeting utilities. You will be responsible for taking care of these at the old office. But with Wizu, utilities are all taken care of. They’ll be on and running when you move in. And utilities are covered in the monthly fee. What could be easier? 

The same applies to maintenance and cleaning services. You’ll need to take care of these after moving from your current office location. However, with a service office at Wizu, these are all included in the monthly fee. 

We stand by our zero-hassle promise. We make relocating as easy as possible, and then our goal is to ensure you’re happy in the new serviced office space. While a relocation plan is still essential for any business move, you’ll find it’s much easier to move right into one of our serviced offices. We take the hassle out of business relocation projects.

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