Offices to rent  Sheffield

Flexible in size and term

Are you looking for offices to rent in Sheffield?

Then check out our office spaces here, at Wizu. Not only do we offer various sites and workspaces, but we take a different approach to providing our services. We take care of the hassles, so you don’t have to. You won’t have to deal with problems when it comes to moving in, using our workspaces, or getting the services and support your business needs.

Not only that, but we offer flexible leases, so you’re not stuck in a situation that no longer benefits the business, or you’ll have the ability to scale your business as needed. If you need more space, we’ve got offices of all shapes and sizes that will fit your requirements. Our services are catered to you and your company’s needs. You’ll have everything to keep your business running smoothly.

We offer professional services, inspiring, pleasant workspaces, and the flexibility to grow your business. Our premises are perfect for freelancers, entrepreneurs, startups and established corporations.

offices to rent sheffield
sheffield offices to rent

A little about us

Who Are We?

We were founded back in 2015, when we chose to go a different way with providing office spaces. Instead of using the conventional model, we developed a unique way to provide services to our clients.

Instead of traditional, drab workspaces, you’ll find upbeat, inspiring office spaces that provide the flexibility your business needs. Along with our beautiful workspaces, we’ve created services that are available when you need them. We also have included some amazing amenities.

Our offices to rent Sheffield give you a great place to be productive, where you won’t have to worry about dealing with hassles. We take care of everything so you can focus on growing your business.

We also provide a great way to meet other business professionals through networking. You can find several communities of freelancers, small business owners and more. Within our networking communities, it’s possible to meet and connect with likeminded individuals for advice, creating partnerships and more.

Where can you find our Sheffield Offices to rent?

It turns out we have the perfect office location in Sheffield. Have a little look:

office space in sheffield

We’re located at 32 Eyre Street, in the heart of the business district of Sheffield’s city centre. The office is within the ring road, just a little way from major transportation links. The area also boasts several amenities including New Era Square and Moor Markets. Our office spaces have been completely revamped, with spaces that are functional, beautiful, and inspiring.

Inside, the office to rent are attractively designed and include bespoke private office suites, an inspiring co-working space, and meeting rooms with the latest tech. In addition, we offer fully stocked kitchens where everything is provided for a quick breakfast to premium coffee and tea. Along with wonderful workspaces, we work to bring a sense of community for our clients through curated events and more. Would you be surprised that we offer even more? There is a modern, up-to-date fitness centre onsite, so you and your employees can stay in shape, while enhancing your wellbeing.

Why choose Wizu for your next office rental?

There are several reasons to choose us:

Flexible contract: we offer a flexible contract that includes everything in one monthly payment. We mean it—you’ll have access to everything from Internet & WiFi, to office furniture and more. Plus, you’ll have an amazing office space you’ll be proud to show off. And you can count on us to deal with all the hassles, so you can focus on growing your company.

Honesty: we offer transparency in everything we do. And if we make a mistake, we’ll fix it right away. You can count on us for honest, transparent service every time.

The tech: we provide the latest technology to make sure your business has everything necessary to keep it running smoothly. This includes our lightning fast WiFi and more.

Our spaces: our offices to rent Sheffield are designed to be uplifting, engaging, functional and attractive. You’ll have a beautiful workspace where you can be productive and focused, so you can get work done.

Included in all of our offices to rent in Sheffield

Alongside fully equipped and furnished offices, you’ll also discover some brilliant perks:

telephone icon
Superfast Internet
telephone icon
checklist icon
Rent & Utilities
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aircon icon
Climate Control
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Stocked Kitchens
24 Hour Access
Speciality Coffee
Bicycle Storage

Fastest WiFi

You’ll have the fastest WiFi in Sheffield. Our Internet service keeps your business up and running, without the worries of slow Internet speeds or dropped Internet service.

Accommodation for 1-60 people

Our workspaces can accommodate from 1-60 people, with flexible offices that are sure to be a good fit for your company. We can accommodate your business comfortably with all the flexibility you need.

VOIP telephony

We provide VOIP (Voice Over Internet) services, with stable connections and features such as music on hold, call forwarding, voice mail, and more.

Fully stocked kitchens

With everything needed to grab a quick bite and enjoy unlimited coffee and tea. You’ll have everything needed to stay focused and working without having to worry about grabbing breakfast on the way in or going out for a quick lunch. Everything needed is onsite.

What else do you get?

What more do you get with our offices to rent in Sheffield?

Uplifting space

Environments which inject you with energy and say all the right things about your business. Wizu Workspace gives you total credibility… but with a wink!

Ultra flexibility

A flexible contract and one fee covers everything. You are free of all hassles like rates, cleaning and bills. You will be 100% focussed on your business from the outset.

Seamless tech

Superfast internet in two flavours – wired or wifi. The rock-solid reliability of Cisco routers, switches and firewalls.

Our team

Experience first class service from our handpicked team.

Their goal – your success.

We love being part of the Wizu Community. The team always meet our needs to make sure we have a pleasant working environment, we are very happy.

Deborah De-Vittoris, Hairy Lemon
At Wizu Leeming Building

Learn more about Wizu

Get in touch with us to discover your options at Wizu, get some ideas on cost or to arrange a viewing at one of our stunning workspaces.

What We Like About Sheffield

Sheffield is an engaging, lively city also known as “Steel City.” While it was once a place of industry and manufacturing, today the city is modern and innovative. Gone are the factories, and in their place you’ll find beautiful green spaces, with plenty of things to do and see.

You’ll find the city offers much in the way of culture including the Millennium Gallery, the Winter Garden, Sheffield Cathedral and more. The city also has a wonderful nightlight. In fact, you might find us kicking back and relaxing at the Picture House Social, where you can grab a pint and some awesome pizza.

In addition to the city spaces and places, Sheffield offers access to beautiful nature areas.

For instance, why not take a visit to Peak District National Park? You’ll find it’s only a short way from the city, with spectacular views and hikes.

Would you prefer to shop? Then check out the Moore Market and Fargate shopping area. Located near the city centre, you’ll find shops with all the big names you love. You can also check out the Meadowhall Mall, Devonshire Quarter for some great shopping experiences.

As you can see, Sheffield offers everything needed to keep you happy and active. And our workspaces come with a flexible contract, where one monthly fee includes all the services and workspace you need to run your business.

Our other locations

Iconic buildings, Prime locations, Beautiful design.

Match your business personality with design-led workspace that makes a splash with clients. Our fantastic buildings in the north of England are fit for every task, and you’ll love the impression they leave. Take a look – no two are the same.

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What are the Benefits of a Serviced Office?

So, what are the benefits you can expect from a serviced office? We’ve created a list of several benefits that automatically go with leasing one of our serviced office spaces:

1). Flexible lease: our serviced offices come with a short-term lease. How is this a benefit? It means you can choose to rent short- or long-term, which ever is best for your business. On the other hand, with a traditional lease, you’ll be expected to rent the office space for possibly one or more years. You’re locked into that space, even if your business scales up or down. With a serviced office, you’ll have flexibility to meet changing markets.

2). Everything needed to run the business: another benefit of a serviced office is that you’ll have everything needed to run the business. And we do mean everything. This includes the office furniture, equipment, infrastructure, meeting rooms, and more.

3). Professional image: working from home or a coffee shop is just fine; however, working from a serviced office in an office facility gives your business a more professional image. Plus it adds to the company’s credibility factor with clients and partners. Our serviced offices include a reception area and a professional receptionist to greet people. Your calls can also be taken by our receptionist. Your company will have a more professional image in every way.

4). Location: along with a professional image, you’ll have a prime office address in the heart of Sheffield’s business district. This is another way to create credibility for your company. Clients and partners will be impressed by a prestigious office address.

5). Managed space: your service office will be managed so there’s no need to worry about hiring maintenance or cleaning staff. Plus, the first day you move in, your serviced office space will be furnished and connected to our secure infrastructure. This means you can move in, set up and get to work. You’ll save money by not purchasing expensive office furniture. You’ll also save time by not having to arrange utility services in your new office. Everything will be done for you. Just show up, setup and get to work!

6). Increase productivity: with a serviced office, employee engagement and productivity tend to increase. This is because you’ll have a private office space set up exactly as you need it. So, all you have to do is get to work and focus on your business. There’s no need to worry about anything else, as that’s all taken care of for you.

7). Cost-effective solution: a serviced office also provides a business with a cost-effective solution. Everything is included in one monthly payment, which can help to reduce your company’s operating costs. For instance, you’ll no longer have to deal with fluctuations in utility payments caused by summer and winter. Instead, the utilities are included in the rent. And each month you’ll know exactly how much business expenses will cost. 

These are only a few of the many benefits that you can expect with a serviced office!