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What is Corpoworking?

By wizu | 27 October 2022

You’ve probably become very familiar with the idea of coworking spaces. They’ve been extremely popular in the last few years. Well, now there’s a new guy on the block called corpoworking.

Corpoworking is a newer concept that’s similar to coworking, but different.


What is Corpoworking? 

The term “corpoworking” is made up of two words, “corporate” and “working.” A company using corpoworking creates a space within its facility where employees can work together. The whole concept creates a space that’s geared to talent retention, minimising costs, and increasing agility in the workplace.

The corpoworking space is similar to a coworking space in the way it’s set up. The space can include different work zones or areas designated for different purposes. With a space like this, employees can book their workspace(s) when and where they need and prefer to work.

The space doesn’t have to take up the entire building; instead, it might be located on one floor of a company’s office premises. The goal is to create a space that resembles a coworking space without employees having to work with strangers.

Employees often feel more relaxed in such an environment and enjoy the flexible work environment. The space can also be used to meet with clients, partners, and more. However, these are not traditional meeting spaces.


Rules for the Corpoworking Space

Corpoworking spaces have designated rules that can vary by company. However, most are set up only to allow a company’s own employees to work there. In addition, the space runs according to a company’s business hours. In addition, anyone using the space must respect the rules and processes.

And when it comes to information handling, it must be dealt with according to the company’s rules. And prior reservation is needed to access the corpoworking environment.


What are the Advantages of a Corpoworking Space? 

There several advantages to these new workspaces, including:

  • It’s easy for partners, employees, and visitors to book desks or meeting rooms.
  • The space may be monetised and rented out by the space
  • Allows more flexibility for employees
  • Attract new hires more easily
  • Strengthens a company’s community and culture

The corpowork space also increases employee happiness more than they’d experience working in a traditional office. That’s the main reason this workspace is becoming more popular. While coworking spaces can be pretty effective, a company having its own corpoworking space is often better.

Employees are happier, and there’s also improved security for the workers and the data they’re working with. The same environment of collaboration and creativity are also produced in the corpowork space. It’s a space where employees can freely chat, brainstorm, and interact with complete freedom. There’s no need to worry about competitors overhearing sensitive conversations. When employees are happy, their productivity also increases.

Hybrid workers also find more support in the corpoworking space. Many large entities have digital nomads working for them today. These employees or contractors regularly move from place to place, so they don’t have an office to call home. With a corpoworking environment, they can easily book a space with their client and get to work.

Finally, another benefit that’s sometimes overlooked is that a corpoworking space is a great way to elevate a company’s brand and work culture. Large companies that offer flexible workspaces for their employees are not too common. So, developing a workspace like this will be some unique and sought after by new hires.


How to Incorporate Corpoworking?

1. Define Your Users

The first step is to define who will be using your corpoworking space. Will it be your employees or paying tenants? It’s important to be clear about who is using the space. And we’d recommend creating profiles for your target users, including their needs and expectations. This way, you’ll have a good idea of the people using the space and what they need for success.

Understanding your users also determines how the corpoworking spaces will be set up. For instance, some employees or tenants may need a specific setup for their computers. However, others may need dedicated rooms where they can focus in a quiet space to get things done.

If you’re creating the space for your employees, you already have a good idea of who will be using the space and what they need. However, it’s still a good idea to make sure your parameters are clear so you have a true understanding of your users before making investments in the corpoworking space.


2. Key Considerations

As you think about what needs to be in the corpoworking space and how to divide it up, consider these aspects:

Member wellbeing & engagement: how easy will it be for users to book and interact with the space? What technologies and services will be on offer?

Maximum occupancy: how many users will be allowed in the space at one time? Take time to carefully consider how many people would use the space and adjust booking capabilities as necessary. Double bookings should be impossible to make.

Monitoring use: what system will be needed to monitor how the spaces are used? Carefully consider this because the data from monitoring can be important to make targeted improvements.

How to Divide the Space? 

The way the space is divided up in a corpoworking space depends on your business and the users. Here are a few ideas to consider on how to divide the space:

  • Communal spaces
  • Dedicated desks/hot desks/open seating
  • Collaboration zones
  • Private rooms or booths for video calls
  • Working islands or zones


Summing It Up

Corpoworking is starting to become more popular, and for a good reason. Like their cousins, the coworking spaces, corpoworking environments are developed to provide much the same atmosphere, but one established on the company premises.

A business that develops this concept will be seen as innovative and experience all the benefits of happier employees who are more productive. And these new workspaces are a great way to entice new hires while promoting company branding and culture. Corpoworking is the next step in flexible work environments.

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