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What Are the Advantages of a Sustainable Office?

By wizu | 30 December 2022

Sustainable offices are a popular topic these days. Sustainability is all about maintaining a clean, green, pleasant work environment that works for future generations. But why choose sustainability?


Choosing Office Sustainability

The main reason for choosing sustainability is to minimise the impact of a business on the environment. Businesses and the planet depend on sustainability. After all, a planet that’s not healthy means companies will not be able to function. So, making the office more sustainable is the way to go.

In addition, a sustainable office also means financial savings, reductions in energy use, and careful use of materials. What’s more, choosing to run a sustainable business means the company cares about the future and the planet. The result can be an increase in credibility, brand awareness, and revenue.


The Benefits of a Sustainability in the Office

Here are a few of the benefits that go along with a sustainable office.


1. Competitive Advantage

Many companies would like to reduce their energy bills. Energy costs continue to increase, with many businesses looking for ways to reduce their energy costs. This can be done by switching over to green electricity, such as solar panels or wind energy. Green energy doesn’t harm the environment, and the company can save money on its energy usage.

Unfortunately, grey energy continues to be cheaper to use than renewable energy. Grey energy is produced from fossil fuels, which increases CO2 emissions. This has a harmful effect on the earth. What’s more, fossil fuels may become more scarce over the years ahead. This can lead to price increases and more scarcity.

For these reasons, it makes more sense to switch over to green energy. The company experiences a competitive advantage in terms of energy costs and improves the company brand at the same time.


2. Higher Profits

While green energy doesn’t currently provide a cost advantage, the profits will be higher in the long term. Sustainable companies can increase sales, reduce energy, waste, material, water, and labour cost, and reduce strategic and operational risks.

Sustainability also means developing an innovative policy plan. A new, green approach can help with advertising & marketing, spreading a positive company image, and more.


3. Possible Subsidies

When a company invests in sustainability, it’s contributing to a healthier, more sustainable world. Some governments around the world provide subsidies to reward businesses that invest in sustainability.

For example, in the Netherlands, this kind of effort is measured by the CO2 Performance Ladder. When a company certifies for the ladder and demonstrates its commitment to reducing CO2 in the office, the business can receive compensation in terms of lower energy costs, material savings, and innovation gains.


4. Boost Reputation & Image

Choosing to become sustainable also requires some research into a company’s carbon footprint. To achieve sustainability in the long term, it’s necessary for business policies to be adjusted. It also requires inspiring and innovative leadership and employee engagement to develop plans to become sustainable for the long term.

Businesses that choose to become more sustainable are then future-proof and progressive. Having such an inspiring vision attracts employees and makes them feel they are working for the greater good. Combining this with allowance for train travel and encouraging working remotely shows the business wants to participate in an environmentally friendly world.

What better way to bring notice to a company than for it to become a brand based on the reality and transparency of becoming more sustainable?


5. Increase Employee Satisfaction & Wellbeing

Studies have shown that employees prefer working in a sustainable work environment. Doing so tends to increase employee satisfaction and wellbeing.

For instance, working under natural light conditions improves mood. Access to fresh air reduces depression in employees. Employees are also happier working in a sustainable work environment that includes living plants.

What’s more, employee physical and mental wellbeing also increases in a sustainable work environment. Stress is one of the main issues that impact employee health. However, sustainable offices can become healthier spaces for employees.

Natural light and clean air have positive impacts on the physical and mental wellbeing of employees. Plants, non-toxic, and environmentally-friendly furniture cause no harm to human health.


6. Increased Productivity

Research also shows that a sustainable office increases working productivity. These office spaces have more capacity to improve the thought-processing, problem-solving, and decision-making abilities of employees. This can give a huge boost to productivity, innovation, and more.


7. More Comfort

In addition, sustainable workspaces increase the levels of like-ability and comfort. Employees who feel comfortable in the office are usually less irritable, not as easily distracted, and are better able to concentrate for long periods.


8. Makes It Easier for an Office to Comply with Regulations

Offices that focus on sustainability and long-term success have an easier time following some of the government’s legal requirements. Because so many companies have a negative impact on the environment, governments around the world are moving to solve these issues.


9. Improved Reputation

More customers and investors are searching for companies that take the lead on environmental issues and conduct work that makes the world a better place.

Businesses that become environmentally responsible are more competitive and better placed to attract more business and top talent.

Sustainable offices are also more attractive to employees who want to have a purpose and work in a place that cares for their wellbeing.


Concluding Thoughts

Sustainable offices are places where employees can be happier and healthier than ever before. They’re also great for the environment. Investing in a sustainable office also shows that the business is thinking about the future wellbeing of the environment and society.

There’s much to be gained by changing an office from a traditional energy-hungry place made with toxic materials to one made with green, sustainable materials.

It takes time and effort to become more sustainable; however, with dedication, commitment, and persistence, offices can gain a reputation for becoming more sustainable.

Everyone and the environment benefit when an office chooses to become sustainable. Sustainable actions ensure the world will be a better place now and in the future.

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