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Wellbeing Wednesday: Making a connection

By wizu | 14 August 2019

Wellbeing Wednesday

Well-being tips for your personal and professional life, brought to you on Wednesdays via the Wizu blog.


Making a connection

It’s no secret that we humans are sociable creatures and benefit hugely from interacting with others. For those who work remotely or from home, this may be more challenging than for those who work in an office setting, surrounded by colleagues every day.

Here are some of our top tips for engaging with people better in the workplace!

Office based employees:

Break the habit of communicating everything via email and go over and talk to people face to face, where you can, after which you can always follow up with an email summarizing anything important.

Email messaging services are, without a doubt, a straight-forward and time and cost efficient method of communication used in most modern-day workplaces with good reason.

They do, however, lack the personal touch of simply getting up from your desk to speak to someone face to face, not to mention the possibility for misunderstandings as a result of the absence of nonverbal communication.

Have you ever received an email littered with the typical, these days almost comical, passive aggressive phrases that achieve very little other than creating unnecessary workplace tension? (see link below to Business Insider article on how to respond to such emails).


Speaking to your colleagues directly you’ll find that the quality of the communication is more meaningful and personal on both sides, avoiding the temptation to unintentionally offload onto each other from behind your desktop screen and instead allowing you to strengthen bonds and build better, healthier connections with the people with whom you work.

In your downtime, make the most of communal areas in your workspace and take the opportunity to speak to someone new over a brew – even if you just ask them what they did at the weekend!

Set yourself goals for the week, for example, find out something new about a different person every day, or, spend at least two lunch breaks a week getting to know a colleague, rather than eating alone sat at your desk.

Taking an active interest in the people around us helps us to see the bigger picture, removing the focus away from the negative things we have to deal with so we can acknowledge the many wonderful aspects of our lives!

Freelancers and remote workers:

Working from home has its upsides and downsides, as we outlined in a previous post Should I work from home? One of the key points we discussed was the potential for loneliness, not having the support of a team of people around you to boost your mood and bounce ideas off of throughout the day.

Co-working spaces are an excellent way for freelancers and remote workers to beat loneliness, whilst also having access to all of the facilities and amenities that you may struggle to find in your local coffee shop, such as private meeting space, secure storage for your laptop and super-fast Wi-Fi.

The idea of building connections from scratch with apparent strangers in a communal workspace may initially sound like a daunting prospect for some, and understandably so, however, approaching the situation with an open, positive mindset and an invitation to chat over coffee could end up being the highlight of your day.

Once you’ve chosen a desk and set up your gear, the world really is your oyster! Make eye contact, smile and introduce yourself – you won’t know until you try it – and besides, it feels good when others recognize qualities that appreciate about ourselves. 

Make the most of the opportunity to observe and get to know the people around you!

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