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Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Job

By wizu | 01 February 2021

Each and every job you’re hired to do provides value including side gigs, full-time careers, temporary work, and more. And those jobs you didn’t like? We’re pretty sure you still learned some valuable lessons from those!

However, being unhappy at work can be a problem. It drains your spirit and can make you feel taken for granted. Even so, there’s a lot you can do to get the most out of your working experience.

Go to Work with a Positive Attitude

Each day, when you head off to work, have a positive attitude and look for ways to find interest in your work. Not only could this build some enthusiasm withing yourself for the work, but it will have a positive effect on those around you, too.

What’s more, if you’re seen to have a positive attitude and enthusiasm, then you could help your image with your workmates and those in management. You’ll be inspiring everyone around you, rather than being a “Debbie Downer.”

  • Avoid gossip: rather than gossiping about others at the office, choose to avoid this behaviour. Also avoid those who love nothing better than to gossip.
  • Reduce complaints: this is another great way to improve your image and be seen as a having a positive attitude. In fact, complaining is actually counterproductive. And it can make you (and everyone around you) feel even worse. So, try to stop complaining. You’ll be seen as a more positive person.
  • Use positive words: this is another way to train yourself, as well as being seen as a positive person. Be sure to only use words that are a positive, rather than negative. Replace negative vocabulary with positive. This can take time, but it can be done!
  • Smile: do this more often and you’ll feel better, as will everyone around you.
  • Put others first: try to do some small acts of kindness for those who work with you. You’ll be surprised at the results!

Have Reasonable Expectations about the Job

Do you have realistic expectations about your job? Did you know your expectations can motivate you and how you do your job? It’s true. If you have unrealistic expectations about your work, then you won’t feel like working hard and doing a good job.

When your expectations aren’t met, it can also have a drastic effect on your mood. You may feel down, grouchy, unhappy and just generally miserable.

To find out if your expectations about the job are realistic, ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you clear about your expectations?
  • Has someone been inconsistent, such as a manager?
  • Is it possible to communicate your expectations?

It may be that you need to talk with someone in management, who has the experience to help you. Being heard and appreciated may help you to develop realistic expectations with your job. You may even be surprised to find you might actually like your work.

Manage Impressions

You may also want to consider the type of impression you give everyone at work. How are you affecting others? If you find the impression you leave isn’t favourable, consider methods to improve it:

  • Dress professionally
  • Have a positive attitude (as mentioned earlier)
  • Learn your coworkers’ names
  • Ask questions and don’t hesitate to ask for help
  • Take the initiative
  • Learn everything you can about your job and your employer
  • Arrive a little early to work, leave a little late, and don’t call in sick unnecessarily
  • Join in on after-hours activities

Build Relationships

Relationships are key with colleagues, bosses, and more. In an effort to build good relationships, be sure to help when you can and when asked. Make time for everyone you work with, not only the higher-ups. It’s also helpful to over-deliver on work, and make sure not to miss important deadlines. And always remember to follow-up with people.

And remember to take part in those after-hours activities! Those can be a lot of fun and are great ways to build relationships with colleagues.

Remember You’re More than Your Work

In our modern era, most of us tend to identify ourselves with the work we do. However, we don’t have to buy into that. Instead, remember that you’re more than your job. It’s important to have some outside interests you can work on after work and on the weekends. This can take many forms including sports, hobbies, learning new things, and more.

Get to know who you are and base your identity on that, rather than the work you do every day.

Concentrate on Your Work

This may seem like the opposite of the last point. But it’s not. Rather than focusing on how you hate your job, try to focus on the job and improving how well you can do it.

Find ways to help yourself do better at the work. This makes your job a challenge, rather than looking at it as a time sink.

Switch Off When You Leave Work

Ruminating about how bad your job is only making things worse. This is type of thinking can also lead to depression, unhappiness, and more. So, when you leave work, do everything you can to just leave all thoughts of work at the office. Don’t take them home with you.

To help yourself, you might consider arranging some fun for after work. Or you could challenge yourself to get in shape and head to the gym after work. Just try to find something that you can look forward to after work. This way, you’ll be able to relax and stop that negative thinking spiral.

Take Regular Breaks

Sometimes it can help to get away from your normal work environment. For instance, perhaps your company would allow you to work from home or from another location. That’s a great way to shake things up a bit!

Take your laptop and head to a different place to work. As long as you have a strong data plan, you’ll have plenty of bandwidth to get things done.

Then as you work, remember to take breaks. Breaks are essential for your physical and mental health. And remember to eat a healthy lunch and snacks, as well as eating lunch in a different place. You can go and have lunch at the park, try a new restaurant with friends, and more.

The main thing is to find ways to break up your workday or even get away from the normal work environment. You may find that you feel more positive about work and become more productive as a result!

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