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Tips To Modernise Your Offices

By wizu | 01 December 2020

Updated 23/10/2023

Many of us spend most of our workdays at the office in front of a computer. If the working environment is boring, stifled or in other ways lacking, then it’s a fact that employees will become tired, unproductive, and possibly even unhappy. 

If this sounds like your office, then it may be time to do some renovations of your office spaces. We’ve put together some suggestions on ways to add some amazing touches to bring your workplace to live. These are sure to invigorate employees through the use of modern décor, vibrant colours, and more. 

Bring in Natural Elements

Natural elements are sure to improve productivity, collaboration and more. Employees who work in an office that includes nature are happier and more focused, which increases their overall productivity. Natural elements also make employees feel better overall. 

Including natural elements in the décor doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult. It can be as easy as including house plants, green walls, landscape prints, and more. 

Natural elements also include the use of sustainable, raw material, too. These may include stone, raw or reusable wood pieces. These can be incorporated into the overall design, as well as in office furnishings. 

And remember to bring in more natural light. Nothing lifts spirits and energises better than natural light. It may be necessary to change the type of window treatments currently in place, but it doesn’t have to break the bank. You can still have functional, beautiful windows that help control the amount of natural light in a workplace. 

Overall, including natural elements in the office not only modernises the space; it also works to reduce stress and bring energy into the space by bringing us closer to nature. 

Include Casual Areas

These days, employees prefer to work in businesses that offer modern, connected workspaces. This is one of the reasons many companies are choosing to include casual areas as they modernise their offices. 

Modern connectivity makes it possible to work from any location at work, as long as there’s a strong WiFi or wire connection available. This means employees are no longer tied down to their desks for the entire day. In fact, younger employees prefer the ability to move around during the day. 

This has led to the creation of casual workspaces such as cafes, informal meeting areas, and updated floor plans that allow for movement and increased collaboration. 

Some of the most popular casual spaces include: 

  • Flexible work areas: these areas are created with a flexible design, which may include a café area, a long, shared table for a team, sofas, and even outdoor workspaces. 
  • Open spaces: cubicles are seen as too isolating, and they’re not known for fostering that collaborative spirit. Instead, open spaces have become a popular way to update the office. This type of space is created with collaboration in mind. Here, employees are focused on working together, rather than separately. 
  • Relaxed collaboration spaces: it was believed meeting rooms were important to doing business, even to working as a team. They provided a space where everyone could easily focus on the job at hand. While a meeting room is still important, if you’re looking for increased collaboration between employees, then consider creating a relaxed setting for these meetings. It’s possible to go with bench seats, comfy leather furniture such as sofas and chairs, and more. These can all be arranged into a group, where it’s easy for each team member to participate in discussions. 
  • Wellness is important: many employees look for companies that care for their employees by incorporating wellness in office design. This may include the use of ergonomic furniture, standing desks, monitors that have adjustable heights, and more. Anything that reduces stress, repetitive strains, and improves employee health and wellbeing can be used here. You may even want to consider adding a gym or a fully stocked kitchen to help employees stay on track with weight loss. 

Update the Colours in Your Office

When employees spend much of their day working in an office that’s dull and drab, with no colour, it can create stress, as well as loss of wellbeing and productivity. Colours are that important to our overall wellbeing. For this reason, you may want to consider adding some colour during an office renovation. 

  • Use neutrals: first, you may want to consider using neutral shades such as light blue, light grey, creams, and more to create an updated, modern look for your office. These are colours that instil a sense of balance, calmness, and even security to employees and others who visit the office. In fact, these is a great way to save money on paint. By using neutrals as the backdrop, it’s easier and cheaper to add pops of colour through the use of decorations and office furniture.
  • Remember to include your branding: this is another great way to include pops of colour throughout the office. Update your office with the company logo, pillow and rug colours, and more. Get creative and have some fun when adding your brand colours to the office space. 
  • Use bright fabrics, textures and more: by using mobile furniture, in bright fabrics and beautiful textures, you’ll add to the overall ambience of your office. The space will become alive and modern through the use of comfy sofas, coffee and end tables, and more. Don’t be afraid to create casual spaces that are filled with fun. 

Update the tech

Along with décor and colours, you’ll want to consider updating your tech. This may be a larger investment but it’s one that will make employees happier and productivity in the long run. Conduct a review of the premises and see what may be needed. If your overall tech is in pretty good shape and up to date, then all you may need to modernise is to increase the ways people can connect to the Internet, giving them the ability to work from other spaces, rather than only sitting at their desks all day, every day. 

Modernising your office doesn’t have to take a big bite out of the company budget. Before you start on a renovation project, be sure to tackle those areas that will bring the most improvement to your employees’ wellbeing and happiness. Then you’ll see them become more productive and happier to come to the office!


How can I start modernising my office on a budget?
You can begin by decluttering, painting, and rearranging existing furniture. Small changes can make a significant difference.

What are the key elements of a modern office design?
Key elements include open workspaces, ergonomic furniture, technology integration, and sustainability initiatives.

How can I personalise my office space without cluttering it?
Consider using personal touches like artwork, plants, and functional decor that align with your brand’s aesthetic.

Why is natural light essential in a modern office?
Natural light reduces energy costs, enhances mood, and increases productivity.

What are the advantages of cloud-based collaboration tools?
Cloud-based tools enable remote work, increase flexibility, and enhance communication among employees.

How can I make my office more sustainable?
You can start by reducing energy consumption, implementing recycling programs, and introducing green elements to your office.

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