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The Importance of an Office Kitchen

By wizu | 17 September 2022

Updated 23/10/2023

One of the latest trends in office design is to include a kitchen! Yes, we say kitchens are now essential in office design. It’s not only necessary to focus on spaces for collaboration, ergonomic office furniture, and more. Office kitchens are now essential in the workplace. They make wonderful communal areas for employees.


What is an Office Kitchen?

An office kitchen is also known as a tea or coffee kitchen. This is the place where employees get together with colleagues to enjoy some coffee, tea, milk, and more. These spaces can be small or large and include the same appliances you use in the kitchen at home.

Office kitchens offer a space where employees can take a break from their screens and recharge. When they head back to their desks, employees may have enough energy to finish the task they’re working on. With the right customised office kitchen, it’s also possible to increase employee happiness and productivity.

Many businesses are choosing to have bespoke office kitchens installed. They understand the importance of an office kitchen and what it can mean to employee wellbeing.


How to Design a Customised Office Kitchen

1. Choose the Right Appliances

One of the first places to start is to choose the right appliances. These are crucial to an office kitchen, so it’s imperative to consider how many kitchen appliances are needed and specifically what appliances to purchase. You’ll need to consider employee needs before buying office kitchen appliances.

In addition, the kitchen layout needs to be convenient for employees. For this reason, it’s a good idea to ensure all appliances are placed in accessible parts of the kitchen to minimise standing in line, while optimising the space. You want to ensure the appliances don’t make conditions crowded, which only causes stress and other issues.

Space is another important consideration in the office kitchen. For instance, it’s necessary to determine how much space employees may need to leave their food in the office. So, having plenty of space in the fridge and freezer can go a long way.

With the right appliances, your office kitchen will become a space where employees enjoy spending time with one another. You’ll see a huge boost in their happiness and productivity as a result.


2. Match Interior Design

The office kitchen should also match your office design. Choose kitchen elements that complement the rest of your office. This can include the countertop, wallpaper, paint, and even the kitchen furniture. Choose these design elements in colours that match your office.

Ensuring your office kitchen design matches your interior design presents a professional image and creates the right work environment for employees and visitors.


3. Install The Right Seating

The office kitchen is a great communal space for employees. They can sit, relax, eat, and enjoy time with friends and colleagues. This is why high-quality kitchen furniture is essential. Communal seating encourages employees to interact by creating a centre point, improving morale, and encouraging collaboration between employees.

Ergonomic seating also takes care of employee health and wellbeing. This kind of kitchen furniture reduces fatigue and discomfort, so employees have the most comfortable possible when working. With furniture that supports the natural shape of the spine, employees will feel better and more comfortable. This all goes a long way to reduce stress and more.


4. Workplace Health, Safety, & Welfare Regulations 1992

The workplace regulations 1992 applies to most office spaces and were passed to protect employee health, safety, and welfare. However, there are a few places where these regulations don’t apply, including construction sites, ship work, and work below ground (such as in a mine) which were created to prevent harm in the office or work environment.

The regulations are put in place to help employees receive the rest and eating facilities they need at work. The result is an increase in both employee happiness and satisfaction.


5. Sustainable Kitchen Office Design

Sustainability is becoming more important for businesses. They’re looking for ways to reduce their impact on the environment while saving money in the process. That’s a tall order; however, it’s imperative to protect the environment, even when designing the office kitchen.

It only takes small changes to make a huge difference in a company’s carbon footprint. For instance, installing a hot water tape is extremely cost-effective and saves energy. Especially when you consider the amount of energy needed to heat water for coffee and tea.

Integrated waste systems also make recycling easier and save space in the kitchen. With disposal bins in place, along with signage on what goes in the bins, not much effort is needed for employees to choose the right bin. Plus, it makes the job of the recycler that much easier.

And don’t forget the lighting in the office kitchen. If possible, experts recommended allowing more natural light into the space. You may want to consider the placement of windows and how to get the most light from them. More natural light can perk up employees while also increasing strength and health.


Other Considerations for the Office Kitchen

As you go through the creation of an office kitchen, it’s also important to consider other factors for the space:

Choose Easy-care Surfaces

These are designed to keep stains from damaging the surface while also making them easier to clean. It’s a fact that an office kitchen will be an active space that’s used quite a bit. So, ensuring all surfaces are easy to clean is important. Avoid recessed handles on cabinets and drawer pulls, as these are more challenging to keep clean.


Sufficient Tableware & Utensils

Will your office kitchen provide tableware and utensils for employees? If so, it will be necessary that someone ensures all tableware and utensils are clean and put in their proper places each day. In addition, it’s important to ensure there are enough knives, forks, and spoons for everyone who uses the office kitchen. Think of all those birthdays, office parties, and more.


Entertaining guests

Will your office kitchen be used to entertain guests? If so, it’s important to pay close attention to the appearance of the space. You may want to include a warming drawer, a coffee maker, and other essentials for an office kitchen where you entertain visitors.


Summing It Up

Investing in an office kitchen makes sense. For one thing, it’s a place where employees can relax and recharge during their busy workdays. In addition, the space can be used for collaboration, visiting with others in the office, and even entertaining guests. And what could be better than an office kitchen for all those employee birthdays?

Take the time to ensure that you consider all the important factors that go into designing an office kitchen. And if you need assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out to an interior design professional. Then you’ll be sure to have an office kitchen that improves employee wellbeing and makes a great place to get away from work for a while!


How can an office kitchen improve employee relationships?
An office kitchen offers a casual setting for employees to interact, fostering stronger bonds and improving working relationships.

What are the benefits of offering healthy snacks in the office kitchen?
Healthy snacks can lead to better eating habits, increased energy levels, and reduced stress among employees.

How does an office kitchen boost sustainability?
By reducing single-use plastics and promoting the use of reusable containers, an office kitchen can contribute to a more sustainable workplace.

What is the connection between a well-designed office kitchen and employee retention?
An appealing office kitchen can enhance employee satisfaction, making them more likely to stay with the company.

How can an office kitchen support remote workers?
The office kitchen becomes a point of connection for remote workers visiting the office, allowing them to engage with in-house colleagues and experience the office culture.

Is it essential to have appliances in the office kitchen?
Yes, essential appliances like a refrigerator, microwave, coffee machine, and toaster make the office kitchen more functional and convenient.

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