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Lawnswood Business Park

Premier business location

Wizu is happy to announce our new offices North Leeds! If your company is looking for a new home outside of the city, then why not come by our new offices?

Located at Lawnswood Business Park, just north of Leeds, you’ll find a premier business location. Our business park is already home to some impressive businesses, including Handelsbanken, Fuel Card, Brenntag, and more. When you see our new offices, then you’ll understand why these major companies have chosen Lawnswood Business Park as their business home.

offices north leeds
north leeds offices

Situated in North Leeds, our offices provide easy access to a wide range of amenities. These include the amazing Red Bean Café, which offers some of the best fresh coffee and food around! What’s more, they’re ready to serve you all through the day. The surrounding locale provides amenities such as retail, leisure, healthcare, fitness, and hotel facilities. Everything you need during a work day is only a few minutes away.

What’s more, it’s only about five minutes from Lawnswood Business Park to Leeds city centre. Your office will be outside the city, in a beautiful park, surrounded by some wonderful amenities. What more could you want?

Wizu Dedication & Customer Service No Matter Which Location You Choose

We understand you may wonder if we’re the same Wizu you’ve come to know over the years. And we’re here to tell you yes. No matter which location you choose – our offices in North Leeds or another business centre – you can expect the same dedication and customer service we’ve provided from the beginning.

At Wizu, we take extra care of our clients. We understand it takes a lot of time and effort to keep your business running each day. There’s no extra time in your schedule to deal with hassles and problems. So, we make every effort to ensure you have everything needed to keep your business running smoothly and efficiently, day in and day out.

What’s more, each of our business locations provides your company with the space it needs. Whether you need to scale up or down, we can easily accommodate these changes. That’s because we offer a flexible lease and have the space you need at any time.

In addition to all of this, you can count on us to provide brilliant offices and workspaces. Each of our locations, including our North Leeds offices, has all the furniture, the tech, and more your business requires.
We back all of this with our promise of support. We’re here for you every time.

What’s Different About Our spaces?

 Lawnswood Business Park includes eight high-quality detached office buildings, offering almost 150,000 sq ft. These office buildings are set in a beautiful park, with over 9 acres of landscaped environment, excellent car parking, cycle storage, and 24-hour security.

The park also offers a broad range of building and suite sizes, which means we can easily meet your company’s need for space. What’s more, each building offers completely refurbished office spaces with the very highest specifications. Each office space is flexible and offers a modern open plan layout. Each space is also fitted out with climate control and contemporary fittings throughout.

Raised access floors
Comfort cooling
Quality carpeting & decoration
Suspended ceilings with integrated LED lighting
Full DDA compliance
Male, female, and disabled WCs
Bicycle storage
24-hour security
Car parking
Onsite management

What other facilities do we offer?

We offer the same service and customer support as we do in our other facilities. At Wizu, we’re dedicated to providing our clients with only the best customer support possible. You can expect the same perfect office spaces that enhance innovation and collaboration while keeping you and your employees productive.

You can also expect the following from Wizu at each of our locations:



What do we mean by “ultra-flexibility?” We offer flexible contracts, which provide you with everything your business needs to thrive and succeed. You’ll no longer need to worry about paying each and every monthly bill. Instead, our contracts come with one, easy all-inclusive payment that includes plenty of valuable amenities!

Rather than paying separately for services such as maintenance, cleaning, utilities, and more, you only have one bill to pay. That’s to us. Everything else is included in that one monthly payment. What could be easier or better than that?

Space for 1 to 60 people

Space for 1 to 60 People

No matter whether your company needs space for one to sixty people, we’ve got you covered. You can choose just the right office to fit your business at Wizu.

In addition, each office and workspace can be fully customised to meet your company’s needs. Even our workspaces come with the flexibility your company requires.

Our Other Leeds Business Centre Locations

In addition to our North Leeds location, we offer the following business centre locations in Leeds:

north leeds offices park cross street


Park Cross Street

Our Park Cross Street business centre location features a brilliant, versatile workspace in a beautiful Victorian building. But don’t expect the interior of the building to be old-fashioned. Instead, you can look forward to a completely renovated building, which offers everything contemporary that your business expects and needs. Our Park Cross Street location will take your business into the future with its 21-century décor and fittings.


The Leeming Building

Located near the Victoria Gate, the Leeming Building is beautifully fitted with lovely Victorian windows. These large windows allow plenty of natural light into our office spaces. What’s more, each office environment has been specifically designed with productivity in mind. The building is also located near transportation links, as well as plenty of nearby amenities.

north leeds offices leeming building
offices north leeds park place


Park Place

Park Place is located near the heart of Leeds, at one of our most prestigious city business addresses. The interior features a boutique design with elegant, clean lines. This business centre is also located near excellent transportation links. And our business centre offers a mix of meeting rooms and private offices. Each space is beautifully designed and furnished.

If you’d like to learn more about our offices North Leeds, or any of our other business centre locations, then contact us today.

We’ll be happy to answer your questions and even arrange a tour so you can see our beautiful new offices North Leeds.

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