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Meeting Room Hire – What are the benefits?

Why Use a Meeting Room Instead of a Coffee Shop?

Coffee shops have become the go-to places to hold a comfortable meeting with clients and colleagues. They offer a casual setting with caffeine perks. In addition, coffee shops offer a free place to meet. But have you ever considered how meeting in such an environment could impact your business?

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Coffee shops do have a place in the business environment but using a meeting room can offer many benefits. Let’s take a look.

The Pros & Cons of Using a Coffee Shop

Coffee shops are great for casual meetings and they’re cost-effective. They’re great for freelancers, entrepreneurs, those working from home, etc. These spaces are generally free, so you don’t have to fork out precious money to rent a space. There’s also an unlimited supply of coffee and snacks, too. It’s perfectly acceptable to have meetings in these spaces. However, there are some downsides, too.

Meetings in public places are not confidential but are held in an environment where anyone can hear or even eavesdrop. Coffee shops are typically noisy, and it’s easy to become distracted by all the activity going on around you when trying to conduct a meeting. In addition, there may be no seats or outlets available, making it difficult to run devices you need for the conference.  You have no control when meeting in a coffee shop.

In addition to lack of space and distractions, you’ll also find a lack of support services, including printers, projectors or even support staff.

Not only that, but your company’s identity can be lost in the midst of the coffee shop. Coffee shops are full of advertisements for their business—your colleague or client could be distracted and not even remember the name of your business. Think of a major coffee shop chain, and you’ll know what we’re talking about.

Coffee shops can be a great option if you don’t have a traditional office, but the downsides of lack of privacy, noise and distractions could actually hurt your business.

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Benefits of Renting a Meeting Room

Renting a meeting room can have many benefits for your company—not only can they be used for meetings with clients and colleagues. A meeting room can be a great space in which to conduct interviews with job candidates and more.

The benefits you can expect from hiring a meeting room are numerous:

1). Prestigious location: not only may you enjoy a prestigious address for your meeting, but you’ll find modern, up-to-date facilities available. Meeting rooms are often equipped with the latest in technology and furnishings, providing a distinguished environment for your business discussions.

2). Professional image: your client or colleague will be impressed by that you hired a meeting room for your talks. Conducting business in a modern environment creates an image of distinction. For one, your company has taken care to only conduct business in an impressive meeting room. Your clients and colleagues will be impressed that you’ve gone to great lengths to obtain a meeting facility that provides comfort and more.

Hiring a meeting room also gives you a clean, well-maintained area to conduct business, when compared to the chaos of a coffee shop. Your business will present a very professional image, which is always a benefit when working with clients and colleagues. Your client will leave with a long-lasting positive impression of your company’s business professionalism.

3). Privacy: hiring a meeting room also provides a private setting, one where you’ll be sure no one is overhearing or eavesdropping on conversations. Privacy is important—you want to keep competitors in the dark as to your business plans, etc. With a rented meeting room, you can rest assured of the privacy you require.

4). Support services: a meeting room also offers the benefit of support staff, along with secure and fast Internet connections, and possibly the use of projectors and other office equipment. You’ll also find support staff ready to help you with everything from reception of guests to coffee during the meeting. All of this is covered in your rental fee.

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5). Guaranteed space: booking a meeting room, with full support services, also guarantees you’ll have the right amount of space for your meeting. You won’t have to worry about arriving at a coffee shop only to find all the spaces are already occupied. You have control and a space that’s ready and waiting when you hire a meeting room.

6). Distractions: with a dedicated meeting room you won’t have to worry about the distractions of a public area. Coffee shops can be noisy, busy places. You just never know when a group could come in and take up the whole place with their boisterous, loud discussions. Instead, with a meeting room, you and your guests will have the focus necessary to get business done.

7). Productivity: without the distractions of a coffee shop, you’ll also find it’s easier to be more productive in a dedicated meeting room. When people enter a conference room, they know exactly what to expect—that it’s time to get down to business. Everyone focuses on the tasks and discussion at hand, rather than on the distractions that could erupt in a coffee shop environment. In addition, you’ll be able to conduct your meeting for as long as necessary (for the amount of time you’ve booked).

Whereas in a coffee shop, people may tend to leave a bit earlier due to the need to leave and make room for other customers. You won’t have to worry about this with a hired meeting room. No distractions mean you can get down to busy and work until everything’s been worked out. No rushing, no distractions. You’ll have a professional environment to conduct business and stay productive throughout the your business discussions.

As you can see, a coffee shop can be a good place to hold discussions; however, hiring a meeting room will offer your business a more professional image, privacy and an area where you can get down to business. Your clients and colleagues will leave with a positive image of your company—knowing that you take care of guests and provide only the very best when it comes to your business.

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