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Meet Tom Almas…

By wizu | 02 December 2019

Wizu Workspace is all about building communities of businesses, we’re proud to create flexible workspaces where companies and entrepreneurs of all shapes, sizes and experience can mix and truly achieve great things.

With that community feel in mind, we thought it would be a good idea to let you know more about the people behind Wizu Workspace. We began at the top with our CEO and Co-Founder, Tom Almas. We spoke to him recently to find what drives him, and we found a little known fact about him too…

What did you do before taking the plunge and running your own business?

The flexible workspace sector has grown massively over the last 10 years. I got into this business about seven years ago, and I worked for another operator. While I worked there, I did a couple of new builds with them, which were successful projects, and it gave me the opportunity to really learn my craft and gave me the foundation to set up this business.

What’s the best thing about working for yourself?

I think the best thing about working for yourself is people enjoying what you’ve created. I think that is an amazing feeling. When I walk into one of our buildings, and I see people working, collaborating, doing business, and growing their business and their passion in a space that we’ve created, that is a great feeling. I think the other thing is, it’s what you become on the journey of growing a business, and I think it’s what you become in the struggle, is really what makes you the person you are, and has made me the person I am. It’s the way that I’ve had to find answers in the struggles of growing the business to where it is today.

What part of being and entrepreneur keeps you awake at night?

I think as an entrepreneur you’re constantly spinning lots of plates, and you never want to drop one of those plates. I think the plate I’m most afraid of dropping is my family. I never want business to come before my commitment and my responsibilities to my family. That’s a constant juggling act. I always want my children to know that I’m there for them, and for my wife to know that I’m there for her. I think that is a constant thing that you have to balance them on all the other responsibilities of growing a business and bringing clients in and growing a team.

What’s the driving force behind Wizu Workspace that gets you out of bed in the morning?

It’s the opportunities that we have to create a space that is world-class and market-leading. I think the people that we have in our space is what makes it what it is. We have an amazing team and seeing them grow, seeing them serve our members, really gets me out of bed in the morning. I love seeing that.

Tell us something about you that few people know

I used to be in a ska punk band. I’d been a drummer for 20 plus years and, out of uni, we set up a band. We toured the country. We set up our own record label. It was a fantastic five years or so, and yeah, had an absolutely great time.

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