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Make Your Old Office More Modern

By wizu | 17 February 2022

Have you recently taken a good look around your office? Does your office seem outdated and cluttered? Have you noticed a fall in employee productivity or other issues? If so, it could be time for your office to have an update!

It might not be possible for your office to look like an office in the most recent magazine spread. However, there are some things you can do to bring your office up to date and make it more modern. Keep reading to learn about how you can update your office!


1. Clean It Up

The first place to start is to clean and tidy up the office. Of course, we understand no one wants to go through this process. It’s not fun and takes up precious time needed for other tasks. However, it’s impossible to update if the place is a wreck.

The process can begin with cleaning up clutter and removing items no longer needed or wanted. Once this process is done, it’s time to clean up the surfaces. Surfaces gather more dirt and debris than you might realise.

Start by cleaning anything that’s above the floor. There’s a method where you start with everything up high and work your way down to the floor. This method is logical. For instance, cleaning dust off window casings high up on the wall allows dirt and dust to gather on anything below. If you have a desk near the window, it could be covered with dust! So, start by cleaning everything up high first and then working down to the floor. With this method, you won’t have to worry as much about re-cleaning surfaces.

When everything is nice and clean, it’s possible to see the bare bones of the room. As a result, anything amiss will be clearer. And it’s also possible to see where modern touches are needed or best applied.


2. Take Down Corporate Art

Corporate art has been a “thing” for decades. Sure, the motivations are admirable; however, they’ve become quite blasé. No one pays attention to them anymore, including employees. Such art has become much too familiar.

It’s time to look for new art to update and modernise your office while energising and inspiring employees.


3. Connect with Local Arts Community

Now you’re ready for new art. So, where can you find contemporary, inspiring wall art? Why not connect with your local arts community? You can find them by reaching out to galleries and other art facilities in your area. Your company may even want to consider reaching out to street artists to create bespoke wall art.

The goal is to find artists who have a style that works with your brand and company culture. The artist(s) should work with you to create art that fits your needs while creating a modern, upbeat workspace.


4. Knock Down Walls

While we’re on the subject of walls, why not consider taking down a few? Removing walls takes down obstacles and opens up the workspace. This office style has a name and is known as an open-plan office.

An open-plan office creates a collaborative environment where employees can work together or individually. This is a very modern office layout. The key is to provide areas where some employees can work without distractions that may go with an open office design.


5. Add Texture

This tip may sound a bit strange. How do you add texture to an office space? The goal is to add interest to the workspace.

Texture can be added through the use of fabric, wall treatments, sculptural works of art, and more. For instance, the addition of pillows, rugs, and throws can make a breakout space more like home. But this process doesn’t stop there!

Texture creates focal points on walls, uses exposed architecture, and more. One way to add texture is to use brick accent walls, along with patterned carpet, exposed steel, and other textures. Here, you want to go for a homey feel and use thoughtful elements that bring more texture to the office.


7. Use Acoustic Tiles

Another way to add texture to walls is through acoustic tiles. For instance, acoustic tiles are used to cut down on the noise in an open plan office. They come in a wide range of shapes and colours and can be used to create visually interesting patterns.

Your business might even consider using acoustic tiles in the company’s brand colours to add texture and create an interest in the workspace.


8. Add Surprising Touches

An office should reflect the company’s personality and values. To add some personality to a workspace and make it more modern, it can help to add some surprising touches. What types of surprising touches can you use?

You might consider adding handmade or kitschy items to your office décor. Of course, these should be appropriate for a business office; however, they can add just the right touch of interest to a workspace!

The key is to find the right mix of elements that work to convey your company’s personality and values. These elements also need to inspire employees and update the office. That sounds like a lot to expect, but this can work when done in the right way.


9. Update Office Furniture

Another way to update and modernise the office is with office furniture. Unfortunately, if your office is filled with old office furniture, these furnishings may be worse than just drab. They may be harming employee health and wellbeing, too.

Modern office furniture is made ergonomic and supports the human body properly. Unfortunately, traditional office chairs (from the past) don’t have the features needed to keep humans comfortable and healthy.

Ergonomic chairs need to be adjustable. For instance, seat height, back, and armrests should be flexible. These chairs make it easy and fast to adjust an office chair to fit an individual correctly. When the chair is correctly adjusted, the individual feels more comfortable, has more support, and sits in an ergonomically correct position.

The same can be said for workstations and desks. Sit and stand desks are becoming more popular, as studies show that sitting for long hours is harmful to our health. Sit and stand desks are adjustable and can to an individual. That employee then has the choice to sit and work for a while and then work standing for a time. Again, this is healthier and improves focus and productivity.


Concluding Thoughts

We understand it’s not always easy to update an old office. It can be a significant project; however, a major effort isn’t always needed to modernise your workspace.

Use our tips to easily clean and update your office space. You may be surprised by the results!

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