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By wizu | 15 September 2021

Many SMEs can benefit from local grants and other types of assistance. Whether a business is just starting out or is already established, there’s assistance available. However, it can sometimes be difficult to find these resources.

For this reason, we’ve put together a list of free business resources available in Bradford! You can find assistance for your business by checking out the list below!


1). Assisted Area Status

Assisted Area Status are parts of the country where businesses can access higher levels of public financial support. Even large companies may be eligible for public support.

Assistance Area Status has been provided for the following wards in the Bradford District:

  • City
  • Bowling Barkerend
  • Bradford Moor
  • Tong
  • Wyke

The table below shows the types of companies that can seek support:

Small Firms with fewer than 50 employees Medium firms with 50

to 250 employees

Large firms with more than 250 employees
Not in assisted area 20% 10% Not eligible
In assisted area 30% 20% 10%


2). Bradford Funding 4 Business

If you’re a business looking for a grant, then you can sign up here for a free account, which provides you access to a database where you can find funding opportunities and business advisory services.


3). Digital Enterprise

Here, you can get funding to help your company make a digital transformation, which improves your digital activities and broadband connectivity. You can also find assistance to develop your digital knowledge and skills by accessing free support and training.


4). Enterprise Support

This programme provides Enterprise coaching, which is designed to help businesses be the best they can. The programme works through Zoom, email, or in-person discussions that help a business develop an idea and bring it from thought into reality. Businesses can also find the confidence to overcome challenges or even find new approaches and contacts.

This service is available free of charge to anyone living or working in a BD5 postcode area.


5). University of Bradford Business Services

This is a programme meant to help businesses create innovative products/services, helping the company to run smoothly, and more. The university offers the Knowledge Transfer Network in the Faculty of Management and Law & Social Sciences. The SME Knowledge Network provides workshops, networking events, Director Support Networks, innovation days, as well as coaching and mentoring services.


6). Tool Kit

The Took Kit has been put together by York & North Yorkshire Growth Hub. Here, you’ll find a range of resources to help your business. Resources range from special events, webinars, ebooks, and more.

You can choose from topics such as:

  • Skills & Training
  • Grow Internationally
  • And more


7). Bradford Small Business Startup Centre

The Small Business Startup Portal has been created to provide a set of tools and resources to help small business owners in and around Bradford. Do you need to create a business plan or search for funding? You’ll find the support your small business needs through this portal.


8). Start Your Own Business

Start Your Own Business (SYOB) provides resources and information that can help small businesses find success. Valuable resources you’ll find here include:

  • Advice
  • Funding
  • Grants
  • Networking
  • Accountancy
  • Web design
  • Mentoring


9). Bradford City Centre Growth Scheme

The Bradford City Centre Growth Scheme was put together to help support economic growth and resilience in the City Centre. The scheme provides support for businesses through the provision of business rate rebates and capital grants for property improvements and machinery purchases.


10). Bradford District Small Business Support Scheme

The Bradford District Small Business Support Scheme has been created to help businesses manage the challenges of Covid-19 and will run until the end of January 2022.

The scheme offers advice and support through telephone one-to-ones with experts from a local business consultancy, Insight with Passion. In addition, business experts run online workshops that cover valuable business topics such as small business finance, business resilience, customer service, and more.


11). Free Debt Help Bradford

Free Debt Help Bradford has been set up to help self-employed and small businesses with personal and/or business debts. The service provides free debt advice.


12). AD:Venture

AD:Venture provides assistance for businesses that are less than three years old, trade with other businesses, and plan to grow. Your business can receive fully funded expert help and support that helps you build and grow your new business.

Services include:

  • Webinars
  • Mentoring
  • Grants
  • Finances
  • Advice


13). Free Digital Business Tools to Help Your Startup & Grow Your Business

Here, you’ll find free or low-cost tools available for startups. The site provides links to:

  • Free small business finance and accounting software
  • Free project management tools
  • Free strategic planning tools
  • Free web design & development tools
  • Free SEO tools
  • Free social media tools
  • Free marketing tools


14). Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership

The LEP helps guide small to medium-sized businesses to find the support they need. The LEP can help businesses with a number of issues:

  • Planning for future new products, processes, or services
  • Making their investments go further through grant support to purchase new equipment, plant, and machinery
  • Expanding their workforce by recruiting apprentices or finding suitable candidates through their talent matching service
  • Increasing market share by trading overseas
  • And more


16). Invest in Bradford Events

Here, Invest in Bradford lists events that can help local businesses with various problems they may be having, as well as providing information on how to grow a business and more.

Here are some example topics on the site (these will change over time):

  • Circular Economy: Opportunities for Small Businesses?
  • Staring Your Own Business – What You Need to Consider
  • Funding & Support with Invest Bradford


Summing It Up

Starting and running a business are challenging. There’s no way around that unless you can find free resources to help you and your business. You may wonder if there are truly free resources available for SMEs. Yes, you’ve just read through some of the services and resources available to businesses in Bradford.

This article contains a list of some valuable business tools and resources for free available in Bradford! Whether your business needs guidance on future growth, grants, investments, or even dealing with business debt, you’ll find free solutions available in the Bradford area.


If you are in need of a meeting room in Bradford, be sure to get in contact with us.

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