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Find the Best Co-Working Space for Your Business

By wizu | 26 November 2020

Are you looking for just the right co-working space for your business? Are getting ready to expand from a home office and hire employees? Then you’ve come to the right place. 

We’ve put together some tips to help you find the co-working space that fits your company. By following these tips, you’re sure to find a co-working space that offers an effective and productive environment for you and your employees. 

1). Find the Best Location for Your Coworking Office Space

What does it mean to find the best location for your business coworking space? This means you’ll want to find an office location that’s optimal for your business, employees, clients and partners. Here’s what you’ll need to consider when searching for the best coworking space: 

  • Choose the right location: make sure your new office is located in an area that suits your business. For instance, is your company better suited to a major business district, or one near suburbs? 
  • Choose an area with local amenities: any business requires the right amenities be nearby. These generally include restaurants, shopping, entertainment and more. Consider the types of amenities your employees and visitors need, then search for an office with easy access to these facilities and services. 
  • Transportation links: another key to finding a suitable office location is to ensure everyone can find and get to the office without much trouble. This means the site for your business should be near major transportation hubs such as public transport, highways, and railway services. The office should also be easy for those arriving from the airport to find easily. 

Our coworking spaces at Wizu are located in prime business locations, which are easy to find and offer the best connections to all major transportation links. 

2). Choose the Best Coworking Space

What makes the best coworking space for your business? It’s a solution that provides everything needed to run your business. Consider the fact that some coworking solutions, such as cafes, can be extremely distracting due to the noise levels. Not only that, but they’re expensive for what they actually provide. Services, amenities and more may be expensive and you don’t really get much for what you pay. \

On the other hand, choosing a coworking space with Wizu garners you many benefits. Aside from having a beautiful, vibrant place to work, you’ll also find that one payment includes: 

  • A flexible lease
  • An amazing space where you can get work done
  • Plenty of amenities

3). Coworking Spaces Set Up for Professionals

You may be used to working on your own from a home office. That can be lonely, as well as draining when working alone day in and day out. So, when looking for the right coworking space, consider the others you’ll be working alongside. 

A coworking space is a wonderful place to work with others who are like-minded. This means professionals who are entrepreneurs, startups, freelancers, and more. If you find the right coworking office solution, you’ll find a solution that offers a lively, motivating collaborative spirit, too. 

In fact, at Wizu we work to create and support such a lively meeting of the minds. We do this through networking and events to help you meet others as you work side by side. You’ll find a rich atmosphere that’s geared to getting work done with other business professionals right alongside. If you need advice, want to discuss options, and more there will be a like-minded professional nearby to talk with. 

5). Look for the Right Facilities

When you’re looking for the right coworking office space, be sure to consider the other types of office services they provide. The reason is that when your business begins to grow, it will be necessary to plan ahead for the space needed to accommodate employees and more. 

At Wizu we offer the following office solutions for businesses of all types & sizes: 

By choosing our office facility, your business will have space to grow. And if the economy changes and you need to downsize, we’re still here for you with the space your business requires. 

6). Look for Coworking Spaces with the Right Amenities

Next, it’s important to consider the amenities that you, your employees, and business need. These can include: 

  • Professional reception team
  • Fully stocked kitchen, with unlimited tea and specialty coffee
  • Breakfast on us
  • Beer and pizza nights
  • Discounts with local businesses
  • Access to curated events
  • Monthly treat days
  • Dedicated professionally trained business team to support you (they’ll even know your name)
  • Lightning fast Internet, with both wired/WiFi connection
  • Shower
  • Bike storage
  • 24/7 access (if you and employees sometimes need to work off-hours)

You’ve probably already guessed that all of this can be found with us, at Wizu. You’re right!

7). Consider the Services Included with the Coworking Space

Each business centre offers their own services. At Wizu, you can count on us to be there for you when you need us—day or night, every day of the year. You’ll find these services are included with our coworking leases: 

  • Daily cleaning
  • Utilities
  • Events
  • Meeting rooms 
  • Flexible hot desking
  • Dedicated desk
  • And more

We make it easy—everything’s included in one monthly fee. You’ll have a space that is flexible, comes with zero hassles, and provides you with a workspace that helps you get things done.

8). Check the Prices 

When it feels like you’ve found a potential coworking space that may meet your needs, it’s time to consider the prices. Look for a coworking solution that fits your budget from the start. With Wizu, we offer a flexible lease that covers everything under one fee. You pay the monthly fee for wonderful place to work, without having to worry about: 

  • Separate utility bills
  • Maintenance
  • Hiring a cleaning team
  • No parking spaces

We ensure you’ll have everything needed to support your business as it grows and expands. Everything, including all the amenities, events, and more are covered in one simple monthly fee. That’s it! All you need to do is move in and get to work, while we take care of everything else. 

If you’re interested, why not give us a call and set up a tour of our coworking spaces today?  We’re looking forward to meeting you!

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