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6 Things To Bare In Mind When Finding The Perfect Meeting Venue

By wizu | 22 February 2021

Finding the right venue is essential to a successful meeting. Unfortunately, it can be a challenge finding the right venue. It’s an intimidating job, so where do you start? 

We’ve put together a list of essentials to look for when searching for the proper venue for your next event. 

Your Budget

Before you even begin the search for the best event venue, it’s crucial to figure out your budget. So, go over your budget to see exactly what you can afford. Once you’ve calculated what to spend on the event, then stick to this figure and don’t go over. 

When you do begin searching for an event space, it’s not always the cheaper venues that are the best choice. While the event space may be nice, a cheap price may not guarantee you have all the services and support needed for your event. 

In addition, look for a facility that guarantees there are no hidden costs. The price quoted should include all services and support in an all-inclusive quote. If not, you may run into extra costs that your budget won’t be able to cover. Avoid this issue by choosing a venue that’s upfront about the costs involved. And be sure to stick to the budget you’ve established. 


Nothing’s worse than guests and attendees getting lost on the way to your event. They lose time when lost and may arrive late. This makes people flustered, unhappy, and irritable. Not only does this affect their experience at your event, but they may also have a poor impression of your company. They may have the mistaken belief that your company simply doesn’t have money for a better facility. This doesn’t bode well for your business. So, be sure to choose an event facility that’s centrally located and easy to reach. 

Look for an event facility that’s located in the city centre. It should be located near public transport links, as well as the motorway. You may even want to ask if the facility has GPS coordinates or if the business/venue is featured on digital maps, such as Google. Another good idea is to check to see if the streets in the location are clearly marked. 

These factors will help attendees arrive in time and without feeling frustrated at being lost. 

Sufficient Parking

Along with the location, it’s necessary to ensure the area provides sufficient parking near the venue. Here, again, attendees can quickly become frustrated if they have to spend thirty minutes looking for a parking place. They may also not be happy if the venue is a thirty minute walk (or more) from their parking area. This is another way guests and attendees could become flustered and unhappy. 

When checking out a specific venue, as if they provide parking or if parking is available nearby. There should be enough parking to accommodate attendees. Parking near the venue will ensure guests are relaxed and ready to get to work at the event. 

Space & Layout

Along with location and plenty of parking, it’s important to find a venue that has enough space to accommodate the number of attendees. Nothing is worse than having a crowded, cramped venue, where everyone feels uncomfortable. On the other hand, an event space that’s too large may present a cavernous area, where it feels some attendees may not have shown up. So, look for a venue that has just the right amount of space for your attendees. Everyone will feel better and have a very good impression about your event. 

Also consider the layout of the event space. It’s essential to find a space that will allow a layout that allows movement and flow. You’ll want a mix of seating areas and space where people can go to relax or talk. The atmosphere needs to be relaxed and comfortable. So, look for a venue that allows for a flexible arrangement of the space. 

The right event venue will have enough space for attendees, and be able to accommodate flexible arrangement of the space. 


Have you thought about the support staff needed for your event? If not, then now’s the time. It takes a lot of planning and effort to create an amazing event for attendees. To get this done a little help can go a long way. How much easier it would be to have more than a little help to prepare for the event. 

What if something goes wrong during the event? Then a supportive team would sure come in handy. 

For this reason, look for an event facility that has a trained, professional team to support your event. This means staff will greet and receive attendees, show them where your event is in the building, and more. The event support team needs to be ready to help when you need it. They may be able to assist with preparing event seating in advance, setting up tech, and more. During the event, the team should also be available to help with any technical issues that come, or other problems that require assistance. 

Having an excellent, friendly support team will make your event a success, and take some of the worries off you, too. 

Technology & Support

No matter the type of event you’re having, it’s a sure thing you’ll need technology to pull it all together. Attendees these days expect strong, reliable, secure WiFi connections and speakers will need access to microphones, plasma screens, and more. 

So, it’s important to find an event venue that offers the latest tech. What’s more, their tech team should be available to help prepare everything needed in advance. They should also be available during the event in case there’s a tech failure. Having the right tech and the right tech team can mean all the difference between a failed meeting, or one that’s a success. 

These are tips that can help you find the right accommodations for your next event. The right space can mean the difference between failure or success. Attendees will have a very good impression of your business when they feel comfortable and relaxed in a space where they can get things done.

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