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5 Office Trends for 2022 – Updated for 2023!

By wizu | 07 February 2022

Much has changed in office design and layouts in recent years, and this year will also see some new office trends! While working remotely continues to be popular, the office is still where building relationships with colleagues and company culture happens. And nothing beats face-to-face communications.

With all of that in mind, office trends this year are about the humans working in them and the technology needed to bring offices into the 21st century. So we’ve put together a list of the most popular office trends for 2022!


1. Coworking Spaces Are on the Rise This Year

2022 sees an increase in the number and popularity of coworking spaces! They’re fast becoming part of the hybrid working trend. The trend is marked with some employees working at the office most of the time, while others divide their work hours between home and the office. This flexible work model requires a flexible office. And this is where coworking spaces make their appearance.

A business may choose to have a central office with satellite offices in other locations. A satellite office is an additional office location that you could also call a branch office. It’s part of the main company but is physically separated from the central office. This type of model is becoming more popular.

Many businesses have found keeping a traditional office, where all employees come to work, is unsustainable. It’s not particularly good for the environment. The costs of maintaining a large, central office can eat a massive chunk of the company budget. And employees are happier with a shorter commute. For these reasons, businesses are choosing to use satellite offices, which are also better for employees who have flexible work schedules.

Coworking spaces are becoming the satellite office these businesses are choosing. There are many benefits to going with a coworking space. The main advantage is that a company only has to pay for the workspaces they need. Along with flexible contracts, coworking spaces also offer an all-inclusive monthly fee. This fee includes everything from utilities, Internet service, cleaning, and more. Of course, there are plenty of perks for employees to enjoy, too.

Coworking spaces make the perfect satellite office without the costs that go even with smaller traditional offices. Coworking offices provide the flexibility and cost savings companies need.


2. Hybrid Working

We briefly touched on hybrid working in the previous section. The main concept here is that hybrid working provides businesses and their employees more flexibility. For example, some companies may allow some employees to divide their working hours between the office and working from home. Other companies may choose to have some employees working full-time at home or full-time onsite.

The popularity of hybrid work is the flexibility it brings to businesses and their employees. In addition, surveys have shown that employees are happier if they have a hybrid working model. They find it brings them better work-life balance, working when they’re most productive and more.

Hybrid working can help companies save money on leasing or buying an office. With some employees working remotely, a business no longer has to lease or buy a large space. Instead, they can rent or buy a smaller office and save money.

Businesses also save money in other areas, as well. For example, they no longer have to buy as much office furniture & equipment, save on utilities, and so much more.

The hybrid working model will continue to mature and become more popular in 2022.


3. Office Color Trends

Office colours are also changing this year. Businesses are paying attention to the effect that workspace environments have on their employees. They’ve learned the colours used in the office can significantly impact employee mood, wellbeing, focus, and productivity. As a result, companies are now choosing better colours to improve the work environment for their employees.

Here are the top colours for 2022:

Soft Pinks

Softening the workplace environment has been in process for the past few years. This movement also falls into colours used in the office.

Shades of pink becoming more popular this year include rose, hot pink, blush, and salmon. Each of these colours blends with wood and can make a space more vibrant.

Calming Blues

Blue is one of the most calming colours for the work environment. It produces a sense of calm and makes employees want to stay in the workplace for more extended periods.

This colour also signifies safety and comfort, making the office a more comfortable space.

Natural Greens

The colour green and its various shades also help relax the mind and improve mood. And it’s a colour that induces vibrancy, which can lead to increased focus and productivity.

Greens also relieve stress, which is often found in the work environment. Everything from the noise of office machines and talking in the background to getting things done can be stressful. Green and shades of green can help relax the mind and body.


4. Working Solo in 2022

Shared spaces can be an excellent option for some businesses. However, solo workspaces may be a better option for companies in certain industries. For this reason, many companies are choosing to use acoustic work pods. In addition, acoustic work pods may be arranged for individuals or small groups.

The pods provide a calm, quiet place where employees can work. The pods are especially beneficial for those distracted by a noisy open office. Acoustic pods become an island of quiet for these employees, improving wellbeing, focus, and productivity.


5. Technology

As you can see, offices are choosing more flexible work environments. However, flexible workspaces require the correct technology to make the workplace usable. As a result, many businesses choose to use smart technology in the office in 2022.

A smart office uses the same tech we use in our smart homes. However, the tech uses a combination of data-driven and digital services to improve employee experience and productivity. In addition, businesses can save money by using smart technology to drive efficient energy use.

The tech includes the Internet of Things (IoT), data analytics, cloud computing, and other technologies that make a flexible workspace functional. The same tech makes it possible to have a hybrid office setup, too.


Summing It Up

We didn’t have time to include even more trends here, such as biophilic design (bringing plants into the office), use of flexible furniture, and more.

These office design trends for 2022 have one thing in common—a flexible workplace. Even with a flexible workplace, businesses still need a place where employees can come to work. The workspace is no longer the drab office of a decade ago. Today, the office provides more comfort and a taste of home, along with better technology and a flexible work environment.

These are the major office trends of 2022. You might say these are the “new normal.” We’re happy to see these changes coming to office spaces in 2022!

Be sure to check out our office offerings and get in touch if you have any questions at all.


Update on Office Trends for 2023

Many of the office design trends for 2022 have continued into 2023; however, there are some new trends to consider for office design this year!


1. Sustainable Office Design

One of the major updates this year is sustainable office design. More businesses are becoming concerned about their effects on the environment. They’re searching for new ways to make the office design more efficient and better for their employees.

Not only that, but employees also want their companies to become more sustainable. So, many organisations are choosing green appliances such as energy efficient coolers, vending machines, printers, and more. They’re also investing some of the following:

  • Upcycled furniture rather than buying new
  • Materials with high recycled content
  • LED lighting
  • Paper-free policies
  • Reusable coffee cups and plates

These and other methods can help a business reduce its carbon footprint and become more sustainable.


2. Smart Technology

Another major trend for 2023 is the use of smart technology in the office. Smart technology allows companies to use both technology and data to design the workplace. For instance, sensors can be used to monitor air quality, space utilisation, and natural light levels.

Smart technology, such as desk booking, is also essential to determine desk occupancy at any one time. The data can be compiled to help management make decisions on the number of desks needed, where they should be placed, and more.

Smart lighting systems are also popular; they work to mimic natural light in the office. These systems improve employee focus and productivity and enhance their wellbeing.


3. Spaces Designed for Humans

Office design trends for 2023 also include creating spaces designed specifically for humans. This means learning the different ways people work and interact, as well as taking into account each individual’s needs and preferences.

What’s needed for spaces designed for humans? The addition of biophilic design can bring elements of nature into the office. The elements may include furniture made from natural materials, design elements such as plant walls, water fountains, and more.

Another idea is to create flexible workspaces or zones. Each space or zone is adapted to different types of work. For instance, most companies require a collaboration space in their office design. It’s also necessary to create a relaxation zone (breakout space), quiet space, and more.

The goal is to create areas that support human wellbeing and productivity.


4. Better Sound Control

Offices that have an open-floor layout can be pretty noisy. Businesses that are dealing with too much noise may try the following design trends to better control sound in the workplace.

Some companies allow their employees to wear noise-cancelling headphones. These can make an open office seem quieter and make it easier to focus on tasks.

Another option is to broadcast white noise throughout the office. This can be done through white noise machines or through office sound masking systems, which broadcast white noise all through the space.


5. Hospitality

Finally, organisations are creating spaces tailored to employees where they can feel pampered and stay productive at the same time. One way to accomplish this is by adding concierge-like services.

What could be better than a little TLC at the office?

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