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Why Choose Glasgow to Live and Work?

By wizu | 23 May 2023

The historic city of Glasgow is one of the friendliest cities and has a great reputation as the former shipbuilding capital of the world. But what makes Glasgow such a great place to live and work?

In this article, we’ve gathered information about Glasgow and pointed out the reasons this city is such a great place to live and work. Let’s get started!


Facts About Glasgow

The city is Scotland’s second largest city and is famous for its rich history, excellent shopping, and lively nightlife. This ever-changing city is sure to impress with all it has to offer.

Glasgow is also one of Europe’s leading financial centres, and financial services play a large role here. Some of the biggest companies in the industry have a presence here.

The city has a population of 621,020 and sits at the heart of Scotland’s only major metropolitan area with 1.8 million people. The population of the greater Glasgow region is about 2.3 million, which is about 41% of the entire population of Scotland.


Working in Glasgow

No matter your career path or industry, you can pursue your work here, in Glasgow. It’s one of the top places to work in the UK. The city’s workforce combines the strong Scottish work ethic with the friendliness found here. This has made the city an attractive location, with some of the largest companies having a base in Glasgow.

The city also sports the largest economy in Scotland, with a GDP of 41.6 billion in 2013. There are plenty of opportunities to be found here, and there’s never been a better time to live and work in Glasgow.

Talking about business sectors, Glasgow has plenty of strength in space tech as the city looks to become a world leader. The area is also at the forefront of healthcare and innovation across the UK and Europe.


Education in Glasgow

Scotland is famous for its first-class education system. It is one of the most highly educated countries in Europe, and one of the most well-educated in the world, with over 55% of the workforce educated to at least degree level.

The city has several universities, including the University of Glasgow (one of the oldest in the world), the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow Caledonian University, and the University of the West of Scotland. The city is also home to the Glasgow School of Art and the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.

In addition, you’ll find that Glasgow has a wide variety of schools, with 149 primary schools and 29 secondary schools for children up to the age of 18. Glasgow also has 14 independent schools and three specialist schools.

And we can’t leave out the pre-school early learning and childcare! The city also offers pre-school learning and childcare aimed at kids between two and five years of age. All kids can get a free part-time place at a council nursery, or funding towards a place at a private nursery.


Living in Glasgow

Glasgow has a very high standard of living, being consistently ranked among the best in the UK and the world. You’ll also find excellent transport links, living options, and more.



Glasgow has excellent transport links to the city, the rest of the UK, and the world. Not only that, but the city is also easy to navigate on foot and there are plenty of cycle lanes connecting the city. Moreover, Glasgow has the only underground network in Scotland! These run frequently and it’s easy to use the subway system, which connects different parts of the city.

You’ll also find two main railway stations here, including Central Station and Queen Street Station. Glasgow also has the largest urban rail network in the UK, outside of London.

And we can’t forget to mention Glasgow Airport, which is Scotland’s principal long-haul airport. You can fly to North America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. The city is also well connected by road. The main motorway route is the M8, which connects the city centre to the M75, M77, and M80.



Healthcare in the city is one of the best, offering National Health Service (NHS) that provides free healthcare to people with a visa, allowing them to live in the UK for at least a year. It’s necessary to be registered with a GP to receive NHS treatment.

  • Healthcare services include:
  • Medical advice from a doctor
  • Emergency and non-emergency medical treatment in a hospital
  • Medicines prescribed by a GP

You’ll also find companies that offer private healthcare and health insurance, which tend to be more expensive than NHS services. However, they may lead to quicker, more comprehensive treatment and aftercare, too.

Dental care is offered by the NHS, with check-up appointments covered for those over 18 years. Private dental services are also available.


Culture in Glasgow

Glasgow has been called the “UK’s Coolest City” by the National Geographic Traveler magazine. With a name like that, you can count on never being bored in this city!

Speaking of things to do, if you love to shop, Glasgow’s got everything you need. It’s one of the best shopping places outside of London!

Glasgow also has a thriving food and drinks scene, with some of the best nightlife around. Glasgow is a UNESCO City of Music—the only one in Scotland. You’ll find as many as 130 music events taking place in the city every week.

There are also 20 museums and galleries in the city, most offering free entry.

And you don’t have to worry if you’re a sports fan; Glasgow has you covered, too! It’s the home of local, national, and international sports teams across a wide range of sports.

During the year, you can also head out to one of Glasgow’s many festivals and special events. These include Celtic Connections, The Glasgow Film Festival, Glasgow International Comedy Festival, and Glasgow Mela.


Summing It Up

As you can see, Glasgow is a great place to move to and work! There’s something for everyone here! Just because the city is Scotland’s second-largest city, it comes in first place.

This is a city that combines excellent facilities, infrastructure, and services with world-class talent. Is it any wonder that Glasgow is such a great place to live and work?

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