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7 Reasons Why Co-working Trumps Working From Home

Co-working is big business in 2017 with the number of entrepreneurs taking advantage of its many benefits on the rise. Earlier this year, The Guardian reported that the number of people renting shared office space is predicted to jump from 1m in 2016 to 4m by 2020.

So, what’s the attraction? Well, besides from the fact that it provides a more relaxed workspace that can be tailored to suit individual taste, it presents numerous opportunities that simply can’t be had working from home. Here are 10 reasons why we think co-working rocks.

A Home From Home

Setting up a home office not only takes up space, but can be expensive when you factor in all the mod-cons. A co-working space worth its weight in gold should come fully-equipped with desks, bottomless premium coffee, comfy chairs, chill-out zones and super-fast WIFI to ensure you can be your best and get on with the task at hand in a professional environment.A work life balance that suits you

Co-working gives you all the benefits of working alongside likeminded people with the reassurance that you can go find a quiet spot if needed, hit the local gym or go grab a bite to eat at your favourite deli. And, if you do need a day at home while your boiler is being serviced then so be it – you’re the boss after all.

Inspire and Be Inspired

Working alongside such a diverse mix of business folk can sometimes present you with inspiration from the most unlikely of places. In the Wizu Leeds office alone we have a nutritionist, sports statistics analyst, PR gurus and web designers conversing with recruiters, accountants and broadcasters, creating a unique melting pot of ideas you simply won’t find anywhere else. New friendships and business ideas are born every week at Wizu

Impress Your Guests

One of the many pluses of being your own boss is being able to saunter into the office in your sneakers and scruffs if you so please, but for days when you need to impress a guest, there’s private meeting rooms for hire. This allows you to wow your VIP’s in a professional setting, where all the video and tele-conference tech is on hand to dial in any additional attendees.

Mind, Body and Soul

Spending too much time working home alone, or likewise surrounded by noise in a more traditional, corporate office environment can both impact negatively on mental health and overall well-being. According to The Huffington Post, 70% of co-workers reported they felt healthier than when they did working in old-school office environment, with 60% saying it also made them more relaxed at home. Co-working allows you to separate your work from your personal life, so that home really does feel like home and not an extension of work.

Location Is Everything

If you choose a quality co-working space in the heart of the city, then you more or less have the world on your doorstep. Not only is this perfect for taking a leisurely hour out to sample the hottest new sushi or BBQ joint in town, but makes client visits all the more convenient, whether they are located a train journey away or just a few blocks down the road.

Network More Naturally

We’ve all been there. You’ve had a long, hard, busy day at work but then you’re invited to a     networking event where you’re expected to mingle with a bunch of people you either don’t know or don’t want to know. With co-working, you can grow more natural relationships with the people you get along with, giving you the chance to share contacts, and take advantage of new business opportunities you never knew existed.

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