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World Entrepreneur Day 2019

Happy World Entrepreneur Day 2019!

It’s our purpose, and pleasure, being there to support you in your journey, as we know (from experience!) that building a business is about more than just having a physical space with desks and a few chairs.

To all of the Entrepreneurs grafting hard under our roof and around the world – keep up the good work!

For this post, we’ve sought the business wisdom of our very own John Guggenheim, here from Day One as one of our Wizu Founders.



So, John, why did you decide to start Wizu Workspace?

“Ten years ago I left an office job to set up a new business, working from home. I quickly realised a solitary existence working from home was not for me and that being part of a vibrant workspace community, with cool design was what I craved and saw a growing demand for.”

What would you consider to be your main business attribute?

“A desire to go for things that seem too ambitious/out of reach, coupled with an ability to break it down into granular steps to work with a team to make it happen.”

What about when you’re faced with obstacles at work, what motivates you to keep going?

“Working in a team and achieving the end result together. I’ve been around long enough to know that each new project, business opportunity etc involves more unknowns, more effort and more hurdles than you can initially plan for, so when they arise it’s no huge surprise and simply a case of “let’s work together through these obstacles/challenges, one at a time”.”

And, finally, what one key piece of advice would you offer for making the most of a Wizu membership?

“Speak to other members about your business and who you know. These conversations and connections will open new doors and opportunities. These chats with Wizu members have started some new projects for the Wizu Group and me personally.”


For details of all our membership options, including Serviced Office space, Co-working and Virtual Office speak to a member of the team on 0113 468 9300.

World Entrepreneur Day 2019
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World Entrepreneur Day 2019
We celebrate World Entrepreneur Day 2019 with a short interview with one of our Wizu Founders - John Guggenheim.
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