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Workplace Trends for 2022

By wizu | 24 March 2022

We’ve seen many changes in the workplace in the last couple of years. So, maybe it’s time to give your office space a sprucing up! Office design trends for 2022 work to encompass the changes in the workplace and are also made to introduce more employee comfort and wellbeing.

Here are some of the workplace trends we found for 2022 that may be a good fit for your office!


1. Hybrid Working

Hybrid working has become a “thing” in the last couple of years. It’s all about creating flexibility in the workplace, with some employees working in the office full-time, while others may work at home and at the office. Businesses that take a more flexible approach to work are finding their employees are happier, less stressed, and more engaged with their work.

The hybrid office is a space that may resemble a traditional office; however, it offers more flexibility. Some businesses choose to go with creating “zones” or spaces in their offices. Each zone or space has a different purpose. For example, the office may include a collaborative space, a quiet zone or privacy pods, breakout spaces, and more. Each space has a different use. The flexible office set up allows employees to move around as they work.

Each zone or space will require different types of furniture. For instance, a quiet zone may have traditional desks and ergonomic chairs, while a collaborative space makes use of modular desks that can be used to create a conference table. It’s all about flexibility.

Some companies worry about sound bouncing around the office. That can be a problem; however, sound can be controlled by using rugs in some spaces, acoustic wall or ceiling panels, and more. Even plants can help with sound issues and they can clean indoor air.


2. Culture & Wellbeing

Another office workplace trend for 2022 is employee wellbeing. Many employers are making the move to provide employee benefits designed to provide physical, emotional, and social support.

These benefits are amazing when everyone is feeling frazzled and drained. Employers who offer these benefits may find their employees are happier and healthier, with lower employee absentee rates.


3. Sustainability 

Sustainability is a growing trend that shows no stopping in 2022. When it comes to workplace trends, businesses are beginning to choose office furniture and décor that has a lower impact on the environment.

So, how do you go about making your workplace more sustainable? First, you may consider investing in used office furniture. This is a great way to become more eco-friendly. If that’s not an option, then make a commitment to buy only office furniture and fittings from recognised sustainable sources.

In addition, check to see if office elements could be somehow reused. And don’t forget to recycle.

What’s more, you can also choose responsible manufacturers and encourage clients to invest in recycled pieces and reusing them whenever possible.


4. Comfort

We can’t forget to cover comfort in the workplace. Some may wonder how employees can be comfortable at work and still get things done. But it is possible.

Workplaces are going with a softer look and pale colours. In addition, flexible workplaces include spaces that have a homey vibe. These areas are furnished with comfy sofas and chairs that include pretty throw pillows. The space may also include subdued lighting, a soft rug, and more.

Colours are in neutrals or calming shades. Soft tones can be used in painted walls, upholstery, and more. In other spaces, you may want to use more vibrant colours. It all depends on how the space is used.


5. The Right Tech

Along with these workplace trends, technology must also be a consideration. The move to move flexible workspaces increases the need for the right tech throughout the office.

Flexible office spaces may use private booths, meeting rooms, and more. This means each area will need to offer Internet connectivity (both wired and wireless), along with plenty of power outlets and charging ports.

In addition, adding smart technology is another workplace trend this year. These days, we have self-driving cars, smart light bulbs, and more that we can control from home. Well, smart tech is also making its way to the office.

One example is the use of Microsoft Teams to digitally book meeting rooms. Companies can also track office capacity that makes it possible to ensure spaces are not overly crowded. Lights, climate control, and more can also be managed with smart technology. These all work to make everyone in the office more comfortable and productive.

Employees are more dependent than ever on digital tools used for collaboration and tasks. There’s a need for connectivity all through the office and a company network and cloud services. It’s all about staying connected and ensuring employees have the technology to collaborate and get things done.


6. Neurodiverse Spaces

You may not have heard this term, but it’s a growing trend in workplaces for 2022. Neurodiversity is all about how each individual’s brain functions. Each of us is a unique individual and our brains work in slightly different ways than others. That’s OK!

Neurodiversity means that people who have different ways of thinking are included in the workplace. Spaces geared to help these employees are more essential now than ever. These spaces are all about providing employees with different places to work depending on their welling and psychological needs.

Some companies have started including prayer rooms, yoga spaces, mothering rooms, and more. These spaces allow employees to relax from their work and regroup during the workday.

With neurodiverse spaces, the workplace becomes even more inclusive. These spaces can also be a great way to attract and retain top talent.


Summing It Up

As you can see, there are many new trends in workplaces for 2022. The current trends in office design and technology are all about making everyone feel more comfortable and get more done. In addition, sustainability is becoming ever more important for all businesses.

So, choose the workplace trends for 2022 that work for you and your employees. We’re pretty sure the result will be happier, healthier, and engaged employees!

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