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Working in Sheffield

20 Things you didn’t know about Sheffield

While you may be familiar with Sheffield’s industrial past, there are some interesting, unusual facts you may not realise that make this city quite unique!

The city is home to over 600,000 people and is known as “Steel City.” Sheffield is also an amazing destination. It’s also a very interesting place and is filled with facts you may not believe. Sheffield truly is a unique city, as you’ll see in this article.

Our Favourite Things to do in Sheffield

Many people, when they think of Sheffield, think of the Industrial Revolution and large manufacturing companies. They may believe this beautiful urban center is nothing more than a tired-out city with a dying downtown. However, nothing could be further from the truth. This beautiful city has much to offer visitors, though don’t expect the traditional types of tourist sites.

What will you find? A beautiful city steeped in history, which also offers trekkers wild countryside to explore when outside of the city.

Three reasons why Sheffield is the perfect home for your business

In case you haven’t heard the latest news; we’re opening a BRAND-NEW co-working space in Sheffield in just a few weeks’ time, and from the moment we cast our eyes over 32 Eyre Street, we knew it was would make a perfect home for new and existing members to grow their business.

Well, according to SCR Growth Hub, Sheffield City Region’s economy has an output of more than £34bn pounds per year and is home to approximately 68,000 businesses which have created and sustained approximately 700,000 jobs. Given this information, it’s safe to say that Sheffield is a thriving hub for business and the perfect choice for business owners looking to expand.

Here we explore just three of the many reasons why this may be.