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Why Companies are Embracing Environmental Graphics

By wizu | 18 July 2021

Updated 16/02/24

Have you thought about how your company’s use of environmental graphics could inspire culture and creativity in the office? If not, then you may be missing out on an effective, meaningful way to develop culture and creativity in your employees. 

Think about it for a moment. Does your own home just have blank white walls? Have they remained completely devoid of decorations? Most people, after moving into a new space, begin hanging things on the walls right away. They may also paint the walls, hang motivational prints and more, as a way to make the new space over with their own style. These efforts have a direct impact on you and even visitors to your home. 

The same can be said for the workplace environment. When the workplace is dark, dingy, and decorated in unattractive ways, employees may feel dispirited. And you can also count on the fact they really don’t feel part of the company culture. Employees who feel this way may also lack creativity, which means the development of innovative ideas falls behind. When this happens, it’s more challenging for the company to be a success. 

What are Environmental Graphics? 

Environmental graphics are sometimes referred to as experiential graphic design, supergraphics, or just called EGD (Environmental Graphic Design) for short. Environmental graphics, by any name, are displays that work to enhance the workplace environment. 

EDGs may include signage, banners, wall murals, window graphics, or even elevator wraps, and more. The designs can be used on all types of surfaces, including walls, floors, windows, and ceilings. 

Environmental graphics are a growing trend found in businesses around the world, first starting with the large technology companies. However, today, any business can benefit from using EDGs. This is seen as a movement that will continue to increase in use, as it provides a significant aesthetic to the workplace. 

Why Use Environmental Graphics in Your Company? 

Here are several reasons your company can benefit from using environmental graphics!

1). Navigational Signage 

When a company is based across a sprawling campus or in a large office building, navigational signage can be a huge benefit. This type of EGD can help employees and visitors find their way around. Nothing is worse than being lost or traveling in endless circles trying to find your way. 

What’s more, when employees or visitors do reach their desired destination, it’s helpful to have a sign saying they’ve arrived at the right place. Think of this much like being lost in a huge airport. Without the signs pointing where to you, you’re hopelessly lost. 

Navigational signage isn’t just for large businesses; it can also work for smaller companies too. You can have signs that point to the elevator, restrooms, breakout rooms, stairs, exits, and more. What’s more, the signs can be filled with colours that bring peace and calmness. What a great way to help relieve stress in the workplace!

2). Educate Employees About Company History

EDG is also a great way to help employees learn about the history of their company. This can work for newer or more established companies. There’s a story to tell, and it can be told through the use of environmental graphics. 

One of the most effective methods for telling your company history with EDGs is to use timelines, which provide a chronological history of the business. Major milestones can be featured and important photos included. The timeline can be an accent wall in the lobby or in the break room. You can even have it stretched out in a prominent hallway. 

No matter the placement or the configuration you choose, EDGs are a great way to share your company’s history with both employees and visitors. 

3). Instill Company Mission and Values

Building your company culture can include the creative use of environmental graphics. Not only does this work with employees, but it can help visitors learn more about the company’s mission and values, as well. These days, it’s not enough to have your mission statement and values on the website. Having your mission and values featured in EDGs makes everyone more aware of your company and what it stands for. 

A mission statement and company values can be attractively presented on walls. These should be in areas where employees and visitors can see them. This makes the signage more effective. If the art is created in a place not many people see, then the effect is lost. 

4). Create a Sense of Community

In addition to making it easier for employees to learn about the company, environmental graphics can also play a role in creating a sense of community in the workplace. Art in the workplace can foster social interactions and make it easier to connect with others in the company. 

You’re already familiar with this idea! Think back to your school days. Colours and art were infused with a school theme, which brought everyone together. 

This is how the process should work in your workplace, too. Using environmental graphics can have the effect of increasing brand identity through a logo and other visuals. These should all use the same colours and be placed strategically where everyone will see them. This can work to increase the sense of community in any kind of company. 

5). Promote Productivity & Positivity

Finally, employees work better in an environment that’s decorated attractively. They will be more positive, have creative ideas, and their productivity increases, too, in a workplace filled with art and green plants. 

Environmental graphics can stimulate employees through vibrant, lively visuals to increase inspiration. And this can work with any company in any industry.

What’s more, colours have been proven to have a psychological effect on people. So, bringing more of the right colours into the workplace can boost everyone’s mood, creativity, and productivity. 

Summing It Up

Enhancing your workplace with environmental graphics is sure to make a huge difference to all aspects of your company. The main benefits will be for employees who work there every day. Creating a workplace that’s colourful and has a specific shared identity goes a long way to improving mood, community, and so much more.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do environmental graphics contribute to brand identity?
Environmental graphics infuse physical spaces with brand elements such as logos, colours, and messaging, creating immersive environments that reinforce brand identity.

What role do environmental graphics play in enhancing customer experience?
Environmental graphics contribute to the overall customer experience by creating dynamic and immersive spaces that delight customers and differentiate businesses from competitors.

Are environmental graphics sustainable?
Many businesses opt for eco-friendly materials and printing methods when creating environmental graphics to minimise their environmental footprint and resonate with environmentally conscious consumers.

How can businesses ensure the quality and durability of environmental graphics? Companies should invest in high-quality materials and craftsmanship and prioritise proper installation to ensure the longevity and effectiveness of environmental graphics.

What are some innovative technologies used in environmental graphic design?
Advancements in technology have led to the adoption of innovative techniques such as augmented reality experiences and dynamic digital displays, which enhance the impact of environmental graphics and provide unique interactive opportunities for customers.

How do environmental graphics contribute to social media engagement?
By designing spaces that are inherently “Instagrammable” or share-worthy, environmental graphics can generate buzz on social media platforms, amplifying brand reach and fostering user-generated content.

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