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Why Are Wizu Event Spaces Perfect For Your Next Conference?

By wizu | 15 February 2021

We understand finding the right event venue can be challenging, and rightfully so. Consider that attention to detail is crucial for any event’s success. This is why Wizu has taken particular care to create event spaces that are sure to impress your guests. 

Wizu offers event spaces that fit a wide range of events. Are you having a training event or a conference? Then they have the perfect space for you. What’s more, you’ll find their event spaces are affordably priced, and are fully customisable to meet your requirements. 

This is a company that takes all the hassle out of planning your next event. They make sure to take care of you through the entire process—from planning to the successful finish of your event. And they take care of everything, so you don’t have to. They take care of planning and implantation, along with promotion of the event. Plus, they even set everything up to your specifications. On the day of your event, everything will be ready and in place. 

Wizu is the best place for your next event. Why? There are several reasons we’re sure you’ll be convinced that they’re the facility that’s right for you. 


Wizu’s business centre is located at 32 Eyre Street, in Sheffield. This is a prestigious address right in the middle of the city. The Eyre Street location is a prominent landmark, which the company has completely redeveloped. You’ll find this is a modern, beautifully designed business centre, perfect for your next event. 

Holding your event at Wizu’s Eyre Street location ensures event attendees will be able to find the address and location with ease. It’s centrally located near public transportation links and the motorway. Plus, the area is filled with amenities of all types including restaurants, pubs, shops, and more. 


Another important consideration when choosing the right event space is capacity. The right venue needs to have plenty of space for the number of attendees. They shouldn’t feel crowded or cramped during the event, but the space should allow flow and movement throughout the room. 

At Wizu, they will customise your event space as required for your specific event. This means they’re able to alter their event space to accommodate the number of attendees. They’ll take care moving and arranging the furniture as needed. So, everyone attending the event will feel comfortable. Plus, the space will allow for people to flow naturally, making it easier to catch up with colleagues or discuss that important deal. 

The Latest Technology

Another important aspect of events is that the venue needs to have the right technology in place. Attendees will expect strong, stable WiFi connectivity, while presenters will rely on the presence of screens, microphones, and more. 

Having the right technology will increase attendee engagement, allow for reliable, consistent communication during the event, and more. 

With Wizu, you can count on having access to the latest tech. What’s more, the technology provides a seamless flow between you and attendees. Event rooms at Wizu include plasma screens, super-fast WiFi that’s stable and secure, and more. 

You’ll have all the latest tech to make sure your event is a complete success. 

Reception Services

Event staff are another important aspect to consider when searching for the right venue for your next event. Staff can make all the difference with a friendly smile and attitude. Not only will attendees feel more welcome, but staff can also ensure they find the right venue. Event staff can also direct attendees to other necessities such as toilets and more. 

When you rent an event space with Wizu, you’ll have access to their friendly, helpful staff. Their team will greet attendees and guide them through to your event space. They’re also available to help you with anything else that may be needed during the event. 

Wizu’s team includes trained professionals who will be happy to see that you and your guests have everything needed. And if you need help during the event, the team will be there to assist you. 

Climate Control

In the past, event spaces were climate controlled; however, it was the business facility that controlled the climate. Attendees suffered with being too warm or cold or had to deal with bad air quality as a result. Nothing makes an event more difficult to enjoy than not being comfortable. 

You won’t have to worry about being uncomfortable at Wizu’s event spaces. The reason is that you’ll have complete control of the climate. Whether you need to keep it cooler or warmer, you’ll be in control. You and your attendees will be more comfortable, which makes it much easier to focus and get things done. 

Full Catering & Refreshments

When planning your event, don’t forget to arrange for catering & refreshments. For one thing, attendees will be on site for several hours. This means they’ll need to eat and drink, otherwise they’ll become tired and irritable. These are not the keys to a successful event. 

On the other hand, with the right refreshments and foods, attendees will stay hydrated and energised to get things done. Plus, the right catering services can provide attendees with a high impression of your company. This means success for your business. 

At Wizu, you’ll find full catering and refreshment services available. They understand that your guests need to stay focused and have the energy to collaborate, and more. Your attendees won’t have to go hungry or leave the venue to find something great to eat. Everything can be provided during your event, so everyone stays happy and healthy. 

The key to a successful event is ensuring the venue has everything needed to keep attendees engaged and focused. You’ll find this with Wizu. 

From their friendly, helpful team to the event space, Wizu provides everything you need. No matter the size of the event, they can arrange the venue to fit the number of attendees. Plus, they make sure you have access to the latest tech needed for the event. We’re serious when we say Wizu provides everything you need. With Wizu your event is sure to be a great success.

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