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The Benefits of Being Back in the Office

By wizu | 27 January 2023

Updated 15/01/24

Many companies have experienced the benefits of hybrid work; however, even more companies are returning back to the office. While this may be unappealing to some employees, businesses are finding there are several benefits to being back in the office once again.

Offices continue to be the mainstay for most businesses, so let’s take a look at the benefits of heading back to the office.

1. No More Zoom Calls

Well, that’s not entirely true; we’ll still have Zoom calls, but those calls will be fewer than before. There’s a kind of video fatigue that’s hit many people, along with plenty of frustration. Nothing is worse than seeing a colleague working in their jammies and bunny slippers or hearing the baby crying in the background. These experiences are off-putting and not conducive to productivity.

Returning to the office means the ability to rebuild human contacts and connections in person. Why is this important? For one thing, it’s much easier to read a person’s body language and cues to determine a colleague’s true feelings or thoughts.

In addition, being in the office makes it easier to see when an employee is struggling and needs support. Managers can step in quickly to offer assistance to everyone back in the office.


2. Human Connections are Essential

Human connections are essential to create community and connections at work. There’s a chance to come in contact with a broader range of personalities, cultures, backgrounds, ages, experiences, and more. The physical office is key to fostering company culture, instilling a sense of belonging, and reducing the risk of people working completely isolated from their colleagues.

In-person collaboration and socialising with colleagues are also better for everyone’s mental health and wellbeing.

3. A Sense of Purpose

Heading to the office gives each employee a sense of purpose, which is even more apparent when they work in a physical office space. They’re surrounded by their colleagues, with everyone working toward the same goal.

In addition, contributing to something they believe in is also essential. Each person works collaboratively and contributes to a purpose. What a great way to increase productivity, job satisfaction, and feelings of connection. Employees feel more connected to their company, to their colleagues, and to a sense of their own achievement and ambition.

4. Heading to the Office for a Break

Some employees don’t have homes that are conducive to focusing on working and staying productive. They may have small kids at home, pets, and disruptions that make work difficult. They may not even have a space to dedicate to their work. Nothing’s worse than having to set up your computer on the living coffee table and try to work as the kids watch TV!

On the other hand, heading to the office means time to re-establish a better work-life balance. And there’s nothing more satisfying than closing your laptop down at the end of the day and heading home. There’s a physical break between your work and your home life. You can leave work behind in the office and go home to relax with your family.

5. Creativity, Learning, & Experimentation

Nothing beats those impromptu chats at the water cooler or on break. These conversations can lead to some amazing innovations and creativity. These spontaneous meetings can help resolve problems with creative solutions, have a great time sharing ideas, and more. Unfortunately, these conversations can’t be replicated outside the office very easily.

The office is a space where opportunities and collaboration can bring out creativity and experimentation. It’s also a great place to learn and for professional development. The company may be a great source of opportunities for internal and external training and networking.

You can’t often find such opportunities when solely working remotely.

6. Reduced Stress Levels

Working from outside the office can be pretty stressful, especially if you don’t have the space to set up a dedicated work area. However, at the office, you usually have a dedicated desk, chair, and computer set up for you.

In addition, you can take breaks by leaving your desk, taking a walk outside, or heading to the breakroom to meet up with buddies and have a great cup of coffee.

In these ways, working at the office can reduce stress.

7. Improved Mental Health

Along with reducing stress, working at the office can also improve mental health. The reason for this is all the social interactions and structure that go with working in an office. These can improve mental health and stimulate your mind.

Being with other people at the office can reduce stress, while also making you feel more connected and supported.

8. Improved Physical Health

Sitting at your desk all day can be bad for your health, whether you’re working at home or at the office. However, heading to the office makes you move around, and you take breaks throughout the day. These also cause you to move around; leaving your desk and heading to the breakroom or outside for a walk count as activities.

In addition, some companies have on-site gyms for their employees. So, it’s possible to get fit at work!

9. Increased Creativity

Being at the office is also a great way to increase creativity. What could be better than brainstorming with colleagues in person and coming up with innovative ideas and solutions?

What’s more, working with colleagues can also expose you to different perspectives. You gain the ability to view problems from other perspectives. Being in the office can get your mind in the right place to help you be more creative, too, without all the distractions of working from home.

Summing It Up

The key to bringing employees back to the office is for employers to focus on the benefits of working at the office. However, it’s also essential for employers to listen to their employees’ concerns about returning to the workplace. These concerns should be addressed openly and transparently. Employers who do this show they value their employees’ input and their wellbeing.

By following the tips in this article, your company can make a smooth transition to working in the office and developing a hybrid work environment. Not all employees will want to come back to the office, and they should also be accommodated when possible.

Remember, it’s normal for employees to baulk at heading back to the office. But by emphasising the positive and addressing employee concerns, you’ll soon have a thriving workplace once again!

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is remote work completely obsolete?

No, remote work still has its place, but being back in the office provides unique benefits that remote setups might struggle to replicate.

How can the office contribute to better mental health?

The office environment facilitates social connections and a dedicated workspace, contributing positively to employees’ mental well-being.

What measures are in place to ensure a safe return to the office post-pandemic?

Companies are implementing strict hygiene protocols, vaccination policies, and flexible work arrangements to ensure a safe and gradual return.

Can the benefits of being back in the office be measured quantitatively?

Yes, various metrics such as productivity levels, employee satisfaction surveys, and project outcomes can be used to quantify the positive impact.

How can companies balance the need for remote work and the benefits of being back in the office?

Adopting a hybrid work model allows companies to enjoy the benefits of both remote work and in-person collaboration, finding a balance that suits their unique needs.

Are there any downsides to returning to the office?

While the benefits are significant, challenges may include commuting stress and the need for companies to create a comfortable and flexible working environment.

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