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Some of the Biggest Office Design Trends to Look For

By wizu | 05 September 2022

It’s a fact that office design trends change on a regular basis. As we understand more about the dynamics of the workplace and how these affect the humans who work there, it’s necessary to make design changes in the workplace.

And it’s a good thing that office interior designers watch the current trends, choosing those that are most beneficial to the humans who work in the office!

We’ve created a list of office design trends you may want to consider, especially if you’re doing a redesign or update of the workplace.


Key Office Design Trends to Look For

Here are some of the most current design trends you may find right now.


Sustainable Work Practices

Sustainable work practices are increasingly growing in importance for businesses around the world. Businesses are beginning to understand the need for employee wellbeing in the workplace and the need for more environmentally-friendly work practices.

Sustainable work practices are those that reduce a company’s carbon footprint and can incorporate sustainable design trends. More workplaces are choosing to promote ecological and environmental balance by reducing the depletion of natural resources.

This trend can mean using sustainable materials, recycling, repurposing, and more to support and protect the environment. What’s more, this trend is also focused on increasing the wellbeing of employees in the office.

Some examples of sustainable work practices and design include:

  • Using more natural lighting and switching to lower energy, efficient LED lights where possible.
  • The use of high-efficiency systems for cooling & heating
  • Choosing natural materials for office furniture, including desks, chairs, and more.
  • Placing bins for recycling.
  • Going paper-free, when possible.
  • Going with reusable coffee cups instead of paper or Styrofoam cups.

Sustainable work practices will become even more popular in the next few years. This is the standard to help companies become more conscious of how they work with the environment to its benefit.


Flexible Work Practices

Next on our list is flexible work practices. These work to create more flexibility in the workplace. Rather than thinking about the number of desks in a space, the idea is to encourage different ways of working within that space.

Some employees may work in the office most of the time, while others may work remotely part of the time or permanently. The office must reflect these changes. In addition, the office can be set up with different areas, so employees may use a different area depending on the tasks they need to get done. It’s possible to create different “zones” in an office to provide the flexibility most employees need and want.


Offices Designed with Wellbeing in Mind

Another trend in office design is creating a workplace that provides employees with the wellbeing they need. This has become a priority for companies in recent years.

Offices designed with wellbeing in mind focus on the physical and mental health of their employees. Businesses are recognising the tie between wellbeing, employee happiness, and productivity.

Consider the fact that employees spend much of their time at work and in an office. Studies show that we work about 1/3 of our lifetime. That’s a huge chunk of time, and it’s essential for a company to take their employees’ well being seriously.

With wellbeing in mind, design elements should include the following:

  • Ergonomics
  • Biophilic design elements
  • Reduction of sound
  • Natural and improved task lighting
  • Cleaner air
  • Temperature control

In addition, providing employees with the flexibility to move around the office to work, interior designers have moved to create spaces to:

  • Concentrate
  • Collaborate
  • Connect
  • Recharge

Each of these elements can easily be implemented in a redesigned workplace, and they work to increase wellbeing and productivity at the same time. All of these changes are to improve office aesthetics, reduce stress, and make the office a more pleasant, comfortable place to work.


Smart Offices

Next on our list of workplace design trends is smart offices. Smart offices use a broad range of technologies to make the office smart. This can go a long way to increasing both employee happiness and productivity.

Smart offices use analytics and connected devices to help employees work more efficiently and productively. Analytics help a company learn how its employees are using the space and what may make the workplace even better.

Technology creates integrated connections within the office to help employees work more confidently and effectively.

A smart office may include a combination of the following:

  • Air purification systems
  • Occupancy sensors & people counting
  • Automated systems for lights and more
  • Access to systems & door locks
  • Conference room scheduling
  • Video conferencing tools
  • And more

Smart technology helps create a workplace without borders, in that there’s not as much distinction between working in the office or remotely. Work doesn’t always require a physical presence in the office. And this consideration is moving into the interior design of office spaces.

What’s more, employees now depend on digital tools now more than ever before. For this reason, more innovative technologies will develop over time – perhaps even to offices in the metaverse!


Making the Office More Like Home

Another office design trend is making the office more like home. With more employees working flexible schedules and remotely, touches of home in the office have become essential.

Office designers are focused on making the office more comfortable and home-like for everyone in the office. They also understand the importance of designing spaces that allow employees to relax and get away from work for a bit during the day.

Interior designs may use the following to make the workplace more home-like:

  • Sofas
  • Chairs
  • Proper lighting
  • Coffee tables
  • Side tables
  • Throw pillows
  • Rugs
  • And more


Mix of Colours

Colours and lighting are also essential in creating a workplace focused on employee wellbeing. Colours in all areas of the office are important, including those used on the ceiling, flooring, and more.

The trend has gone toward brighter and lighter colours to help employees feel more comfortable in the office. These colours are conducive to creating a positive, cheerful office space.

In addition, businesses are also turning to the use of branding colours in their workplaces. And vibrant colours are also becoming more popular as a way to bring more life and energy to the workplace.


Summing It Up

These are the major office design trends to look for in your office redesign. Each of these trends has something to offer not only your employees but also makes your office a better place to work. What company couldn’t benefit when their office design means employees are happier and more productive?

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