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Return to work safely with peace of mind


Firstly, we would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has continued to support us during these difficult times. We are also grateful to those members who have been using our workspaces during this period for doing so in a safe and responsible manner. 

We are looking forward to seeing you all again once the government announces the easing of lockdown measures for workspaces.

We wanted to share with you the plans and practical measures we are taking at Wizu Workspace to safeguard your health and well-being once restrictions are lifted by the government.

These guidelines will be continually developed and updated in line with government guidance….

We will incorporate any future post-lockdown rules which are introduced and we have also planned on the basis that we are likely to see a staged return to workspaces.  

Many of you will be understandably anxious about transitioning back to the workspace and so we hope that the arrangements which we are implementing will give you some comfort that your safety and well-being remains a top priority for us.  We will also need your proactive support to ensure that the measures we are implementing can have maximum benefit for all.

We will be contacting each of our members to understand if our plans help to address your concerns and if there is anything more we can do to make your transition back to Wizu Workspace easier.  We will continue to send updates on this document as we get more clarity on post lockdown rules for workspaces.

The core areas we have focused on to keep our members and team safe are below. These apply to all buildings and all clients big and small: 

      • Systems and processes 
      • Cleaning enhancements 
      • Building preparations 
      • Preparing the Wizu team
      • Getting to and from work 
      • Environment
      • Meeting rooms

Systems and processes supporting physical distancing 

We have reviewed all our systems and processes and we have enhanced a number of them to help us prevent, monitor and react quickly to reduce any risks of transmission. This includes managing access to the workspace through the following enhanced protocols:

      • We have paused the selling of all new co-working memberships until further notice.
      • We are asking all members to keep external visitors to a minimum. All visitors will be asked to complete an online screening questionnaire prior to visiting any of our workspaces. This includes confirmation that a temperature check has been conducted.
      • Close monitoring of the number of people within the building at any one time to ensure social distancing measures can be safely implemented throughout the building.  
      • Our entry points will have social distancing markers and behavior signage to remind all visitors about their role in helping to keep us all safe.

Cleaning enhancements 

We will be maintaining and enhancing our cleaning regimes to ensure we adhere to the recommended guidance issued by the government and the NHS.  Our enhanced protocol will include the following:

      • A minimum 50% increase in our daytime cleaning across the portfolio with an increased focus on high traffic areas and toilets/showers.
      • We will continue to use medical grade cleaning materials (Public Health England approved) and high frequency touch points in client offices will be thoroughly cleaned each evening (light switches, door handles etc.)
      • We will be introducing free standing touch-free hand sanitizer dispensers & wipe stations on every floor throughout the building.
      • Hand sanitizer and anti-bacterial surface wipes provided in every office for first day back. These can be re-ordered from us at your cost going forward
      • Disposable but recyclable cutlery and paper cups
      • We will introduce ways to reduce touch points at the kitchen bar and coffee/tea workstations which includes the use of sachets and non-automatic dispensers

Building preparations 

Before your return, deep cleans and full mechanical checks will be completed within all buildings. This will include water flushing, air filtration and mechanical checks. Health & Safety signage will be displayed in all appropriate areas. Maintenance of our mechanical systems will be increased to ensure clean and fresh air throughout our buildings wherever we can. 

Preparing the Wizu team

We will be training and upskilling our team to ensure they are ready to handle new procedures, including new Health and Safety protocols and Covid-19 escalation and communication processes. There will be a new staff rota in place and our teams will, as far as possible, ensure safe physical distancing can take place at all times.

Getting to and from work 

All our buildings are accessible 24/7 if you are renting an office. We recognize that working hours may change for many of our members.  Members may wish to change their commuting patterns to avoid public transport, particularly at busy rush hour times.  Members may also choose to implement shift patterns to rotate team members in the workspace and reduce density within their office space. 

To accommodate potential changes to working patterns we are making the following adjustments:

      • Reception hours may change so we can support people working outside of rush hours in our busiest city center locations. 
      • Enhanced bike storage areas to make them more accessible and comfortable
      • More lockers will be provided to minimize the number of belongings in offices or communal workspaces
      • Partnerships developed with local retailers and delivery services to allow members to order breakfast, lunch and/or delivery services at discounted rates to reduce the need to leave the workspace.


Our environment within Wizu Workspace has always been designed with the health and well-being of our members in mind.  We will be adapting our physical space and asking our members to adhere to new behavioural protocols to allow us to maintain to social distancing and to prioritise personal space.  In particular, in the co-working areas and kitchen bar area we will be implementing the following:

      • Reviewing furniture layouts in co-working areas to ensure each member is able to social distance comfortably from other co-workers 
      • Creating behavioural signage reminding people to socially distance
      • Enhanced wayfinding, managing the flow of people in communal areas so that everyone goes in the same direction and reduces chance of hot spots or traffic jams
      • Introducing enhanced cleaning of the phone booths
      • Systems and protocols for washing hands in addition to hand sanitisers particularly in communal areas
      • Measures to improve air quality

Meeting Rooms

We are introducing a client portal which will allow members to book their meeting rooms online without the need for contact with our member hosts.  We will also be introducing the following changes to keep meeting room users safe:

      • New capacity and seating guidelines to maintain social distancing
      • Hand sanitizers and antibacterial wipes in the meeting rooms
      • Member hosts will provide teas and coffees for your guests to minimize numbers of people in the communal area
      • Behavioral signage to support social distancing 
      • Expanded bandwidth in meeting rooms to facilitate better online meetings 
      • Web cameras and microphones available
      • Zoom technology installed to encourage you to keep meeting sizes down and limit in-person interaction.We have been working hard behind the scenes to make sure that the transition from lockdown back to work is a smooth one for our members.  The success of many of the protocols and enhancements we are introducing will rely on the cooperation and commitment from our members that we will all comply with the behavioral recommendations we are making to keep us all safe.

        We would be grateful for your continued support in keeping our Wizu Workspace safe when the restrictions are lifted and we would really value your feedback on our planned actions to give our members peace of mind when returning back to work.

Keep safe and well and we look forward to seeing you all again.

The Wizu Workspace Team


What if there’s a suspected or confirmed case?
Please continue to let us know if you have a suspected or confirmed case. We will action deep cleans for confirmed cases. If you need a deep clean of your office for a suspected case, we can arrange this
How do I access the building after lockdown – is my fob still active?
Yes, your fob will still be active. All buildings are accessible the same way they were prior to and during the lock down period.
How do I access the building out of hours?
Basically the same as during reception hours. You will need your fob and front door key (if applicable). Each building has slightly different front door access so you will be contacted by the centre manager to go through the open/ lock up procedure for your building.
What if there’s an emergency out of hours?

Call our emergency number on 0113 4334 324

Will your team be manning reception?

Our building teams will be on hand, in person, via phone and on email to help you. We anticipate more people will want to work early and come in late to avoid peak travel times. In this regard we may look to extend reception hours in our busiest city centre sites.

Please note we will be adhering to social distancing practices and our staff may be wearing PPE.

How will you improve air quality?
We acknowledge the need to provide enhanced air quality within our spaces.
All of our buildings have been newly refurbished within the last 3 years. This includes brand new fully independent and individually controlled 3-pipe Inverter VRF air conditioning systems.
This means you may choose at the same time heating for some rooms of a building and cooling for some others. There are no shared vents or controls between offices.
So, in combination with the DC Inverter compressors and the electronic control of the installation, this will create the best air and comfort in each of the rooms.
We have recently changed our service providers, introduced additional maintenance visits and increased our engineering resource to deliver improved standards of air quality to our members.
How will you make sure co-working space is not too busy?
As a commitment to our existing members’ safety, we have introduced a limit to the number of co-working membership spaces available in every site.
In order to better control the number of people in our buildings and make physical distancing more effective, spaces in hot desking areas will have to be pre booked online, and subject to availability based on lower density.
How will you manage showers and bathrooms?
Best practice is still to wash hands thoroughly for at least 20 seconds as the most effective way to maintain personal hygiene. Signage to remind members to maintain good personal hygiene will be installed
We are undertaking flushing in line with legislative guidance and will fully flush the buildings prior to members returning. The toilets are ready for use on day one.
We anticipate showers being busier due to people wanting to cycle/run to work to avoid public transport. As such we are advising members to bring and use their own flip flops when using our showers. We will ensure there is an appropriate cleaning regime in place. Additionally, we are increasing the availability of lockers to store kit.
Can I have visitors?
We are discouraging visitors from coming to the buildings but accept that for some businesses this is essential. Where this is the case, each person visiting the building will be required to fill in a questionnaire online prior to visiting site. We are also setting a limit on the number of visitors that can attend at any one time.
Will you be protecting the Wizu team?
We will introduce a phased return to work and staggered hours initially to enable our teams to take advantage of quieter commuting periods. Hand sanitiser will be provided along with antibacterial wipes for them to sanitise phones, laptops and work surfaces throughout the working day. PPE will be provided if required and we will also be temperature checking all our building staff daily on entry to the buildings.
Can you help with our office? What are other companies doing to ensure safe return to work that you know of?

We will be contacting all our office members individually to explore how we can assist.
Generally, throughout our buildings we will be providing signage for you to display in your office advising of best practice.
You may wish to consider returning your staff to work in phases or introducing shift patterns and looking to alternate seating in your offices, increasing the space in-between desks or introducing panels between desks.
We will provide some ‘welcome back’ cleaning materials to our clients but not on an ongoing basis. It is highly recommended that you provide hand sanitiser and antibacterial wipes for your office so your staff can sanitise keyboards, desks and phones regularly.
We have invited our members to complete a survey and we will share the findings from this soon. We’re aiming gather all the concerns and priorities to make the right decisions regarding how we manage our buildings going forward and everyone within them can feel reassured, safe and secure.

How will it work with lifts?
The lifts will be in use, but we would ask for you to act responsibly in trying to respect social distancing. We recommend you use the stairs were possible. Hand sanitiser stations will be installed in lift lobbies.
How will you manage suppliers and contractors?
We have mandated control measures that all contractors must adopt. These have been issued to our contractors and we will enforce a strict monitoring and inspection regime to ensure high standards are adhered to.
All contractors have been made aware of the need to work in a manner that takes into consideration enhanced safety and hygiene protocols.
What about post and deliveries?

Our team will distribute post to individual offices or post boxes. In regards to deliveries, we are asking all our members to stop personal deliveries and therefore help us to manage visits to the building. We will hold essential deliveries and designate collection times at each site.