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Podcasts to Power You Through the Week

We know it can be hard finding a playlist or podcast that really takes your fancy, sometimes even the thought of looking for one can seem like a little too much effort. Whether you want a little Monday motivation or something to get that Friday feeling going, we have you covered with Podcasts, Playlists & Radio Stations to Power You through the Week. Happy reading and listening… and dancing!

Podcast's to power you through the working week


Make It Happen Monday

We don’t know about you but on a Monday morning when the weekend blues have well and truly struck, we don’t want music blaring in our ears on our trip into work – because let’s face it, we’re getting old now and two day hangovers are definitely a thing.

Instead we’ve taken a liking to listening to ‘Bill Burr’s Monday Morning Podcast’ on Spotify. This podcast is sure to keep you up to date with the latest news, trends and Facebook famous video’s, as well as addressing important topics and changes that could affect you and your business with tips on how to tackle these issues. Although this is an American podcast Bill does address international issues such as Brexit and the relationship between North & South Korea – in the light hearted and funniest way possible. (We’re not entirely sure how he does it.)

This is probably the best possible medicine for that Monday morning feeling, as well as a cup of coffee from our very own La Bottega Milanese, to help power you through your working day. Make it happen Monday just got better!

Make It Happen Monday


Tired Tuesday

No more tired Tuesday’s here – it’s time to power on through the day and get shit done.

Charge through your Tuesday with Brain FM, an online radio station that plays music known to help concentrate and focus which can increase productivity by around 30%. The boss can’t argue with that surely? Not only that – but listening to this station regularly can help with a more restful night’s sleep – the perfect remedy for those tired Tuesdays!

Tired Tuesday


Is it the Weekend Yet Wednesday?

On Wednesday’s here at Wizu, we’re all about those humpday vibes. After nailing Monday and Tuesday, it’s time for a motivational boost to power through humpday and get us into the final part of the week. We’re certain there’s something on this playlist everyone in the office will love.

‘Wednesday Mix’ on Spotify is host to some of the latest chart hits, to some golden oldies. You will find everything from Beyoncé & Selena Gomez to The Bee Gee’s & Oasis, as well as an abundance of other artists. This is our favourite playlist to stick on in our break-out areas (and the Wizu office), to help us smash our way through Wednesday. An office sing song to a classic Oasis track is sure to brighten up any afternoon.

Is It The Weekend Yet Wednesday


Nearly There Thursday

We LOVE Thursdays at Wizu. It’s the day before Friday which means a Wizu social is likely to be on the cards to help get us all in the Friday spirit! But before the social strikes at 4pm, we have to put in a hard day’s work and there’s nothing like a cheeky Thursday podcast to get us in the correct mind set to power us through.

Our favourite is hosted by Alex Blumberg from Gimlet Media called ‘Without Fail’. Alex interviews people from the world of business, sport and culture and focuses on the climb back up the business ladder from a not so successful point. It sounds kinda dreary, we know, but there’s actually a lot of laughs in it.

The podcast is a great motivator especially when you’re feeling like things aren’t quite going your way, it reminds us that there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel and sometimes the best things to happen to us are a result of less fortunate events. Our favourite one so far is the one featuring Andrew Mason, the founder of Groupon, and how he got sacked from his own business.

You can listen to ‘Without Fail’ by clicking here, or finding them on Apple Music!

Nearly There Thursday



It’s Friday – we’ve smashed our way through the week and we’re tying up a few loose ends before the weekend. Let’s celebrate with a Fri-YAY office boogie!

All Out 00’s’ is the perfect Spotify playlist to take us back a few years. Nelly, Jordin Sparks and Fall Out Boy are just some of our favourite artists featured on this playlist. Some of the songs that queue you’ll have completely forgotten about for the last 10 years, yet the song plays and you will know every single word.



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